Top 10 Scary Disney Urban Legends

Top 10 Scary Disney Urban Legends

10. Walt Disney Haunts Disneyland California
Walt Disney opened the original Disneyland in 1955 and he LOVED the place. In fact, saying he loved the place is a huge understatement. He doted on the place, he spent the majority of his time there until his death in 1966. Walt had an apartment above the Fire Station on Main Street. When he was in residence it is said he always kept a lamp burning in the window so everyone knew he was there. When he died, the lamp was switched off. Eerily, it seemed that the lamp would turn itself back on. One day, a staff member was cleaning the apartment when she heard a voice that said “I’m still here.” From that day on, Disney’s lamp keeps burning in the window as a mark of respect and acknowledgement for his ghost.

9. Real Skeletons on the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride
So according to legend, REAL human skeletons are used in the Pirates of the Caribbean Rides, and this is exactly what Walt Disney Ordered. Guess, this makes riding on the scary themed log ride even spookier, knowing you are surrounded by actual skeletons. Some people even say that Walt Disney’s own skeleton is hidden amongst the bodies on the ride. Now actually do know the truth behind this creepy urban legend – like most stories that have been passed down over the years, there is some truth in it. When the ride first opened in 1967, one year after Disney’s death, fake skeletons looked pretty rubbish….pretty…well..fake… so in the planning and building stage, Walt Disney wanted real skeletons to be used. He never got to see the finished product, but true to his wishes, real skeletons were indeed used. Eventually, though, they were replaced. Not only was it kind of morbid to have a bunch of dead people in a Disney ride, fake skeletons started looking a lot better. Now the only real human skull that still exists is on the headboard of a bed at Disney World, Florida…which is weird as that ride was never fully human skeletoned like California was.

8. Ghost Hitchhiker on Space
Mountain Legend has it that a red haired man who died on the ride still enjoys a spin today. The man, often dubbed Mr One Way, is said to have died in the 1970s while on the attraction. It is said that he sits next to single riders, but by the time the ride ends, there is absolutely no sign of him. For those that don’t see him, they say they can feel him behind them if there is an empty seat at the back. There have been a number of reports of the hitcher, and he may or may not have been caught on camera a couple of times, check this out.

7. Mowgli’s Palace
So this is kind of an urban legend creepypasta surrounding an abandoned Disney attraction. Redditor Slimebeast, aka Christopher Howard Wolf, write a post about an illicit visit to the grounds of a defunct Disney Theme Park in North Carolina. So allegedly, Disney wanted to open a Junglebook resort in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. From the very beginning it seemed to be fraught with issue, with locals not wanting Disney to but the land. None the less, it was bought and primed for opening when all of a sudden, the project just stopped.

The park was closed, employees were dismissed, the whole place was shut up and hushed up. According to the urban legend, a dude goes to explore, camera in hand, and finds the place in a state of expected disarray. He finds the words Abandoned by Disney graffitied in a number of areas. Eventually the intrepid explorer finds staff areas and deduces that the place was not just simply abandoned, it was evacuated. It is then the explorer finds mascot costumes. They are actually alive…or where…it seemed the costumes had skeletons inside them…as the explorer was trying to escape…he said he a mickey mouse chased him. While there have been some arial images posted of the secret park.

6. Sacrificed Snow White
A story submitted on Reddit four years ago really gives me the chills. Posted in the no sleep subreddit, Redditor Bleetch1994 shared his experience of working for the Magic Kingdom. Upvoted over 2 thousand times, the poster kept his real name anonymous. He said that 99 percent of all the work at Walt Disney World goes on after the show is over. He was working construction on the park for a while, mainly working on the Seven Dwarves Mine Train Ride which was set to open up. Long reddit story short, the guy said that a lot of the crew were sketchy about being alone in various places. They had to take their lunch breaks at 3am and one day the guy forgot his lunch bag and headed back to get it, but stumbled across what can only be described as a sacrificial cult scene.

Robed figures were crowded around a snow white character who was bound, gagged and crying. The guy said a half moon was carved into her forehead and she was cut by the figures. The guy said he turned and ran. The next day he told his older foreman what he had seen, now this man had worked at the park for nearly 4 decades. The foreman told him that he had seen a lot in his time at Disney and the land was brought from a lot of groups who required special payment in the form of blood sacrifice. He urged the construction worker to never discuss what he had seen, mentioning that the executives at club 33 were more powerful than he could ever imagine. He finished the reddit post by saying that he quit.

5. Platform D Bellhop on the Tower of Terror
In 2017, Walt Disney’s Hollywood Studios Tower of terror took its final plunge…but what will happen to the ghost of the Bellhop said to haunt the Twilight Zone? Built in **, legend has it that one of the Disney Cast Members who operated the ride as a Bellhop dropped dead one day on their shift. The Tower of Terror has 4 elevators, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta. The Bellhop died on Platform Delta as he loaded guests into the attraction. It seems that the man may never have clocked out from his shift. Disney cast members test the rides before they open to the public, and some have reported someone else sitting with them in the elevator when testing from Delta. There have even been pictures of a ghostlike figure sitting in the back of the ride. Again, a photo was taken after hours of the tower and some people have spotted a ghostly figure. The ride is currently being torn down to make way for a marvel attraction, so who knows what will happen to the ghost, perhaps it will make him angry.

4. Disney is Cryogenically Frozen
Don’t really know where this one comes from, but a lot of people seem to believe it! When the topic of freezing comes up, a lot of people cite Walt Disney as a main contender. Disney died of lung cancer in December of 1966 age just 65. The urban legend seems to come from a comment made by the president of the California Cyrogenics society in the 1970s. Bob Nelson told the LA tomes that Walt Disney Wanted to be frozen. This led to Disney’s daughter Diana making a public statement to target the claims, saying : There is absolutely no truth to the rumour that my father, Walt Disney, wished to be frozen. If he had been frozen and we eventually found a cure for lung cancer, a whole new generation could enjoy Disney movies. Wonder how it would feel to be woken up over 50 years after you died.

3. Disney used Mind Control
Kids watching his movies because the illuminati told him to. There have been so so many Disney conspiracy theories out there that Walk Disney wanted to turn kids into sex crazed teenagers. Movies including Aladdin, the Lion King, who framed Roger Rabbit, Ariel the Little Mermaid and the Rescuers have all been accused of trying to brain wash kids with non pg content. So called truth seekers have tried to expose Disney for his sexual content, saying there is Sex written in the sky in The Lion King, that the genie in Aladdin tells teens to take off their clothes, and of course, there is Jessica rabbits vajay flash. Some say that Disney wanted to sexualise children from a young age as the illuminati wanted them to be targets of abuse. Disney’s club 33 has also been amid pedophile ring claims…but we’ll get to that later.

2. Small World Dolls
Move and Switch Places I think we can all agree that the It’s A Small World Ride is pretty creepy. It just is. Tiny Dolls scare me at the best of times, but tiny singing dolls…eeesh. It is also one of the oldest Disney attractions, which somehow makes the whole thing creepier. Anyway, legend has it that the dolls come alive when no one is looking. How do we know? Well, it seems that they have often been found in switched positions. Employees at Disney have mentioned it on several occasions, with many too freaked out to go near the ride. Some even go as far as to say the dolls keep singing after hours. Author Ridley Pearson is one of the more high profile people who swears he saw the dolls move… he was on a VIP afterhours tour and is convinced they have a life of their own.

1. Club 33 is the Illuminati Headquarters
There have been a lot of links between Walt Disney and the Illuminati. When Walt Disney was alive, many people accused him of being part of the freemasons, a group that is constantly linked to the illuminati. There definitely seems to be something shifty going on at Club 33, the exclusive club house in the Disneyland California location. It is the only place in Disneyland that serves alcohol. It actually seems that these days, clubhouses exist across the parks. Officially the club was intended for use by Disneyland’s corporate sponsors and industry VIPS. The location is somewhat hidden in New Orleans Square and gaining membership is by invite only. Paul Mcartney and Elton John are said to be members, although a lot of people are totally convinced something very suspicious and culty is going on behind those doors.

Source: MostAmazingTop10 Youtube Channel

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