Top 10 Scary Haunted Train Urban Legends

Top 10 Scary Haunted Train Urban Legends

10. Disappearing Train in China
What on earth is going on at the Bataou Station? Legend has it that a ghost train passes up and down the tracks, picking up ghostly passengers and moving forwards through the station. Until March 2018, it was just a rumour, but then THIS CCTV footage was captured of a transparent, ghostly looking train moving along the tracks, slowing to a halt as if allowing passengers to embark and disembark, and then start up again. The footage was uploaded to youtube by The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 and has been watched over 2.3 million times. Some critics say that the footage isn’t legit, others say it looks like a retaping over old cctv tapes. Some people said it looks like reflection in a window while others are straight up going parallel universe.

9. The White Sari Ghost of Beg-un-kodor Station
In the Indian Ayodhya hills sits Bengunkodor Station. The station has laid empty and defunct from 1967 to 2009 reportedly because of the fate that met the former station master! The station employee reported that he saw a woman in a white sari dancing in the middle of the night. He thought her to be a ghost of a woman killed by a train. He told other people in the village about it, and a few days later he and his family were found dead. His replacement at the station also went missing just days into the job. With word filtering around the village, people started avoiding the station, eventually leading to its closure. Railway officials have always denied the ghost story, and the station has been re-opened, however trains stop running after 5pm, reportedly so that no one every comes across the sari clad ghost!

8. San Antonio Train
Track children Legend has it that once upon a time in San Antonio there was a horrifying crash between a train and a bus filled with children. According to the tales in the area, a school bus stalled on train lines as the warning lights signaling the approach of the train lit up. The driver was unable to start the bus and drive off in time and sadly the two vehicles collided, killing all on board the bus. The legend, dating back to the 70s, goes that if a car halts on the same piece of track, the ghosts of the children will push the car forward to safety.

On top of that, many have reported seeing the imprints of little children’s hands on their cars afterwards. Freakier still, the road where the ghosts are supposed to haunt is surrounded by a set of streets named after children, such as Cindy Sue, Laura Lee and Bobbie Allen…could these be the bus crash victims? Snopes said that the movement of the vehicles at the crossing is down to a slight incline at the site, which rolls cars in neutral forwards and that the street names were of the developers grand children. However with so many ghostly reports, the legend of the San Antonio Train Track Children lives on.

7. The 100 year old missing train
In 1910, a freight train went missing near the great lakes of north America… like…vanished out of thin air. All of its cargo and its three crew members were gone, and people presumed the train derailed and crashed near near mink harbour in Onatrio, falling into Lake Superior. Locals in the area reported ghost sightings along the tracks and around the harbour of confused looking men, who were staring out over the lake. Fast forward 106 years and the train wreckage was found at the bottom of the lake. The pictures of the wreck are truly incredible. Apparently the train is the only sunken locomotive in the great lakes region. Recovery experts say the train cannot be raised as it is too damaged and would disintegrate. Sadly, divers could not locate the body of the three men who died in the crash. Without raising the train, the souls of the three lost crew may be trapped in the lake forever.

6. The Silver Train of Stockholm
Ah, the silverpilen, or silver arrow of Stockholm has been the subject of Swedish Urban Legends for Decades. In Stockholm, the subway trains are blue, they used to be green. One train, however is silver. The story dates back to 1965 when people started spotting the silver train every now and then. Sightings were so rare that the train became the stuff of legends. There are a whole bunch of legends surrounding this train, all of them pretty spooky. Many people say that the train has only ever been spotted in abandoned tunnels by construction workers and subway workers.

Some say that the train goes around picking up passengers that either show up weeks later dazed and confused, or never show up again at all. Some people say they have only ever seen the train after midnight, going high speed through stations. Eye witnesses describe the carriages as empty, save for a few figures. Are they ghosts? The stories about the Silverpilen were at their pinnacle in the 1980s, but a lot of people in the city still talk about the legendary silver train. The Silverpilen urban legend sometimes feeds in to stories about Kymlinge, a metro station on the Stockholm Metro Line 11, which gets a whole urban legend point of its very own.

5. Kymlinge
One says that it is haunted by the Silverpilen, but others suspected a wider ghost conspiracy. Kymlinge is an abandoned metro station – a ghost station if you will. A lot of people are baffled by its existence and the reason why, even after it was built, transport authorities never opened the building for service. It is said that only the dead get off at Kymlinge.

4. St Louis Light
The St Louis Light urban legend refers to mysterious lights moving up and down an  abandoned old rail line in Saskatchewan. It is said the lights vary in colour and brightness and can still be seen to this day, Now I think good old Daniel the Spaniel Lurkington Burkinton put this one in his Canadian Urban Legends Video… a lot of people say the lights are of a ghost train passing through the night, and others say that the light comes from the lamp held by the ghost of a drunk headless brakeman who was decapitated by a train passing by at speed. He now spends eternity wandering up the track looking for his lost head! Canada loves the unsolved mystery so much, in 2014 Canada post even issued a special stamp depicting the St Louis Ghost Train. Some people thought the mystery was solved in 2009, when two local high school students duplicated the lights using diffraction, leading them to conclude the lights came from distant vehicles. That is all well and good, but the lights have been noted long before cars sprang up in the area.

3. The Whitechapel Corpse Train
According to London Underground folklore, in the early days of the tube, so we’re talking early 1900s, there used to be a special train that transported corpses from the Royal London Hospital in White Chapel to morgues in the city. Why would they have their own train? Well not only would It be quicker, but it also spared Victorian era Londoners exposure to sickness and disease. A train flying by with dead bodies? Creepy. Whitechapel itself as an area is creepy enough as it is, what with it being the old stomping ground of Jack the Ripper. Many people say that the White Chapel tube station is haunted, and it could be a number of possible ghosts given the areas history. Adding substance to the legend of the corpse train, a lot of people swear there is a bricked up tunnel at white chapel, saying it is the old entrance to the corpse train route. There is actually an abandoned station near by called St Mary’s, on White Chapel Road. Perhaps this has something to do with the legend.

2. Crying Victims at Kings Cross
In 1987 there was a horrifying fire at London’s Kings Cross St Pancreas station. On November 18th A major fire broke out on the wooden Piccadilly line escalator. The flame swept upwards and got so hot that the ticket office floor melted and collapsed. The cause of the fire was a matched dropped down the side of the escalator and ignited the grease underneath. 31 people died and 100 were injured, The old wooden escalator was due to be replaced with a metal one, but sadly for those that lost their life, it hadn’t yet happened. Rumours of souls left trapped in that station that night have been rife.

In 1998 a man spotted a distressed woman crying into her hands. When he went to ask her if she was okay, he passed straight through her. This is just one of many sightings of the crying girl – with some saying they have seen a woman with long brown hair screaming with her arms outstretched, and when they go to assist her, she isn’t there. This could be the same ghost, or maybe even an entirely different one. Who knows how many of the 31 victims could haunt the station. Other people have reported smelling smoke in the area of the building the fire broke out. Clearly the emotional trauma of that evening has left some kind of paranormal impact on the place.

1. Abe Lincoln’s Ghost Train
When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, his body went on display on a funeral train that passed through the northern states of the USA on a final journey that was to end at his home in Springfield Illinois. The train left Washington DC on April the 21st 1865 and travelled for days, reaching Columbus on April 29th, where he laid in state for 12 hours. People lined the tracks to watch his train pass. Legend has it that on late April evenings, a spectral train can be seen along the same path the funeral train tool. Some say the see a phantom train, some say they hear a whistle and others swear they smell a puff of smoke. People from the towns the train passed by make a big deal of trying to spot the phantom funeral train each year.

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