Top 10 Scary Mcdonald's Urban Legends

Top 10 Scary Mcdonald's Urban Legends

10. One McDonalds store is entirely run by Robots!
Has the AI Takeover begun? The rumour has it that McDonalds are slowly replacing their staff with robots and have started by trialling it in a number of restaurants in the Southern states of America. The reasoning behind what are being dubbed as McRobots, is that McDonalds doesn’t want to pay its staff a living wage, and instead would rather invest its money on a robot force that would be cheaper in the long run. It seems that this creepy urban legend can trace its origin back to May 2015 when a fake news article was published on the website, News Examiner, claiming that a store in Phoenix, Arizona had replaced staff with robots. Snopes debunked it, but that hasn’t stopped people believing that McRobots are out in full force.

9. McDonalds Brainwashes Kids
Urban Legend has it that McDonalds has some kind of sneaky way of brainwashing kids, and to be honest, it isn’t the most unlikely thing. A 1996 survey of American schoolchildren found that 96% of children could identify Ronald McDonald. That was 20 years ago. I bet every child could recognise the golden arches today. According to TIME magazine, in 2013, 40% of parents reported that their child asked to go to McDonald’s at least once a week. So how are they doing this? Apparently by very targeted marketing. McDonalds latest way to brainwash the kids of America has allegedly been showing them a documentary called 540 meals – which is a movie produced by the fast food giant about a high school teacher losing weight by eating only McDonalds Food.

8. Ancient Burial Ground McDonalds
Legend has it that a McDonalds in Rockrimmin, Colorado Springs is built on an ancient burial ground. Ahhh, have people not learned not to build on ancient burial grounds! It is always asking for trouble! The store in question has been haunted by an angry looking native American man with a quote un quote dour face. Apparently the disgruntled ghost turns on taps, jangles keys and produces phantom screams. Locals say that the area was indeed an old native American settlement and burial ground, however this is unsupported by any archeological evidence.

7. Ronald McDonald is A Member of the Illuminati
According to some conspiracists, Ronald McDonald started the killer clown craze. A blogger called Bruce started the rumour, saying that the clown is a subtle representation of Satan and was designed by the illuminati to appeal to children in order to make them more susceptible to notions of Satan and hell. According to Reddit User 911BodySnatchers322, there is some kind of strange weight to this rumour, this new urban legend. They say that clowns are used as a trigger in some kind of Illuminati Mind Control Technique.

6. McDonalds Gets You Pregnant
This is a weird urban legend for sure… but some people out there think that Mcdonalds fries after sex can get you pregnant. Apparently a whole host of women hoping to conceive think that eating a large portion of McDonalds Fries after sex will do the trick. Founder of UK website Channel Mum, Sibhan Freegard spoke about myth, saying that “It's very popular among the surrogate community in the UK as a pregnancy and conception hack. We genuinely don't know why it has caught on and why it has to be McDonald's, not any other fast food chain.” But is it all false?!

Laura Dixon from Essex had been trying to get pregnant for 10 years and she puts the conception of her tripplets. Laura was previously a vegetarian, but as she was struggling to conceive even with IVF, doctors advised she get more protein. So, she started regularly hitting up McDonalds and eventually she fell pregnant, craving the fast food more than ever. She put on 75 lbs in 35 weeks by eating 6 meals a day - she then birthed her three kids Mason, Max and Mia in 2012.

5. McDonalds Burgers Are Made of Earthworms
This rumour dates back to 1978 when people started referring to McDonalds Burgers as McSquirmies. The rumours actually started about fast food chain, Wendy’s and were perpetuated by false reports that the practice had been discovered by undercover investigative journalists. In classic urban legend style, the rumours were then switched to focus on the biggest fast food chain in the biz. The rumour actually became so strong that sales were effected in the American South. McDonalds responded by denying there were any protein additives, although they failed to mention the word Worm.

4. There are cow EYEBALLS in McDonalds Burgers
Since wormgate in the 70s, McDonalds has been quite vigilant on reiterating that they only use 100% beef….but are they cheating with the definition here…. Sure the burgers might be 100 percent cow, but are they using more of the cow than customers are comfortable with? One scary and very popular McDonalds Urban Legend is that the fast food giants use eyeballs in their burgers. This doesn’t seem to be in line with The United States Department of Agriculture, though. They say that all animal bi products and fillers need to be clearly labelled, so there isn’t really any way that McDonalds could do this without labelling it.

3. The Haunted McDonalds Bench
Legend has it there is a haunted Ronald McDonald Bench in Cuernavaca in Morelos Mexico. It seems that one evening, two drunk guys were out and about and wanted to get some food after some solid drinking hours. It is a tale as old as time, right? A Maccy D’s at the end of a night out? These guys got their burgers and sat on a bench outside the restaurant munching away. When they finished, they thought they’d call it a night. One guy turned to the other and said: I’m tired. It seems that this was the moment the inanimate Ronald McDonald decided to pipe up…he turned his head, smiled and said: I’m tired too. One of the guys had a heart attack from shock and his friend rushed to get help. The guy survived but was in hospital for a long while. Apparently, the whole thing was caught on CCTV but McDonalds destroyed the footage and hushed up the incident.

2. There are Knives and Heroin Needles in The Ball Pits
Some McDonalds Restaurants come complete with a play area, and who doesn’t enjoy a good jungle gym…especially ones with ball pits! The only thing is, ball pits are actually kind of gross. Have you ever watched kids play in a ball pit? Those little sods lick the balls, wipe their snotty hands on them and all sorts! Although another kids saliva isn’t the scariest thing found in a McDonalds ball pit, it seems a child died in 1994 after playing in ball pool. The urban legend has it that 3 year old Kevin Archer was pricked by a hyperdermic needle containing heroine while he dived in the sea of balls.

A story circulated the internet in 1999 apparently written by Kevin’s mother, who said that her son died of a drug overdose. After his death, police removed all of the balls from the pit and what they found was a disgrace. Apparently the balls only get taken out and cleaned once a month, and in this pit in Sugarland Texas, authorities found rotten food, feces, diapers, half eaten candy, knives and needles. Kevin’s mother signed off the message by saying that readers could check the October 10th 1994 issue of the Houston Chronicle…although, of course, there is no such mention of the death. This is the scariest McDonalds Urban Legend I have ever heard!

1. There is a Mutant Meat Lab
In early 2000, rumours started flying around the internet that Mcdonalds meat was made from genetically modified cow mutants, grown specifically to be burger food in secret lab somewhere. The original source seems to be from a fake email “uncovered” in Brazil. The email said that the people who had seen the creatures reared in the lab were horrified. They said that the mutants had no limbs, bones, horns or fur, that their heads were the size of a baseball and they were fed through tubes directly through to the stomach. The email also stated that those who eat this meat are at risk of  catching a disease akin to AIDS and Alzheimers!

Source: MostAmazingTop10 Youtube Channel

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