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Top 10 Scary Mexican Urban Legends

Top 10 Scary Mexican Urban Legends

Today we continued our quest to discover scary tales from all over the world. In this Topic well be visiting a land steeped in myths and legends, some of them are modern, some of them are ancient, but all of them are feared by the people who know them. This is the Top 10 Scary Mexican Urban Legends.

10. White Death

White Death, scary urban legend, most scary urban legend, scary Mexican urban legend

The White Death is said to be a vengeful spirit in Mexico who hunts down anyone who knows about her existence. If its true, Im sorry to drag all of you guys in to it. Shes said to be an undead girl with cold black eyes that weep blood. She glides but never walks and stalks her victims like wild animals, chasing them back to their homes. Then, she waits until night and knocks at the door. One knock means she wants your skin, 2 for your hair, 3 for your bones, 4 for your heart, 5 for your teeth, 6 for your eyes and 7 for your soul - which she will swallow hole.

9. La Lechuza

La Lechuza, scary urban legend, most scary urban legend, scary Mexican urban legend

According to legend, she was a witch who used magic to turn herself into a giant white owl. Its said that she sold her soul to the devil to become more powerful. Sometimes she appears as an owl the size of a human being, with the head of an owl and the body of an elderly woman. She is said to wait outside the house of her victims, crying out into the night until they step outside.

8. The Phantom of The Park

The Phantom of The Park, scary urban legend, most scary urban legend, scary Mexican urban legend

In the small city of Jaral Del Progreso lies a park called the Benito Juarez Park. Its built on the remains of an old, forgotten cemetery. The locals say this disturbed the spirits of the dead and unleashed a deadly curse. Every night, the benches were vandalized and nobody knew who caused the damage. The city hited a security guard to patrol the grounds. One night, around midnight, a dense fog emerged and crept out over the park. The guard heard the cries of a woman. Then, he saw her - a shadowy figure lurking near the park benches. It looked like an old woman in a long white dress. When he got closer, he saw she had no legs and was floating above the ground. Then, she attacked him. He managed to escape and told his boss the next morning. A few days later, he died of a mysterious illness. Locals have now accepted the phantom of the park - and they know a mysterious illness will fall upon anyone who sees her at midnight.

7. La Malinche

La Malinche, scary urban legend, most scary urban legend, scary Mexican urban legend

The story dates back to 1522 when the noble Aztec woman La Malinche had two sons with the Spanish conquistador Cortes. He told her he was going to return to Spain with his sons, she had a dream where one of her Gods appeared and said -If you let him take your children, one of them will return and destroy your people. The night before Cortes  departed, La Malinche escaped with the boys - Cortes’ soldiers chased them to the lake on which Mexico city now lies. Just before capturing them, she stapped the boys in their heart with a dagger and dropped their bodies into the water. She screamed out into the night, saying -Oh my children- … in the centuries since then, many Mexican families have reported seeing her ghost wandering the streets at night, grieving the loss of her children. The families lock up their kids for fear of her doing the same thing to them.

6. La Planchada

La Planchada, scary urban legend, most scary urban legend, scary Mexican urban legend

In the 1930s, a nurse known as La Planchada worked at Hospital Juarez. Her name roughly translates to The Ironed Lady. She fell for a doctor but he left her for another woman. La Planchada was distraught and fell into a deep depression. She deteriorated and eventually succumbed to an illness which killed her. Legend says that she returned to the land of the living with a hatred for all other nurses. Ever since then, she walks the corridors of hospitals at night - caring for patients while they sleep, but ready to release her anguish if she comes across another nurse.

5. The Red Car

The Red Car, scary urban legend, most scary urban legend, scary Mexican urban legend

This legend tells of a group of witches who travel the roads looking for men. Theyre also known as the carriage of the witches. The red car travels the roads at night between Mexico City and Cuernavaca. The passengers are 3 witches disguised as beautiful women. When they see a man alone by the side of the road, they pull over and try to get him inside. If the man accepts, he is usually found some time later, lying lifeless by the side of the road - battered, bruised and witch strange arcane symbols all over his body. Its thought that they are sacrificed to the devil as part of an occult ritual - and the car is red only because of the blood of the victims.

4. The Tube House

The Tube House, scary urban legend, most scary urban legend, scary Mexican urban legend

This is an abandoned mansion in Monterrey Mexico. It was built in the 1970s by a family of 3 who wanted to make a comfortable place to live for their daughter who was in a wheelchair. When the parents brought their daughter to see the home for the first time, the little girl fell off one of the ramps and went straight through a window, falling to her death. The parents were distraught and eventually put the house up fro sale. In the years since then, visitors have sworn they have seen the ghost of the little girl. They see her standing there in the same window she fell to her death from - waving and smiling, forever.

3. El Cucuy

El Cucuy, scary urban legend, most scary urban legend, scary Mexican urban legend

According to legend, El Cucuy is small, hideous, hair creature with deep glowing red eyes. He has ears like a bat and a mount full of teeth as sharp as daggers. El Cucuy comes out at night to steal children away. Some say he can take the form of any dark shadow which he uses to watch children as they sleep. Once the child is asleep, El Cucuy will pounce and take them away to his lair. Children will hide in their wardrobes or under their beds. He is essentially the Mexican version of the boogeyman, or perhaps the very same person.

2. Chupacabra

Chupacabra, scary urban legend, most scary urban legend, scary Mexican urban legend

This is the story of a strange beast that blurs the lines between fact and fiction. Some describe it as a vicious furry lizard like creature with bulging red eyes, fanged teeth and a long darting tongue. Its name roughly translates to Goat Sucker because of its tendency to pray on goats and other livestock. The animals it attacks are left with every ounce of blood drained out of them. What kind of creature would do this? Is it something natural or not?

1. The Severed Hands

The Severed Hands, scary urban legend, most scary urban legend, scary Mexican urban legend

In Mexico, some people say there exists -The Alley of the Hands- … in 1780, a priest set up in the town of Alfalfa in Mexico. He hired two boys to help look after the horses. One night, the boys returned to the house to find the priest had been murdered. They ran to get help. The police couldnt figure out who did it and began to suspect it was the two boys. After intense interrogation the boys began to blame each other. They were put on trial and found guilty - they were hung by the neck and then their hands were cut off. The hands were then hung on the wall of the alley outside the priests house as a warning to others. Ever since then, people have been afraid to walk through the Alley of the Hands. Whenever they do, they make the sign of the cross and pray. Locals say that on a cold dark night in November, you can see the skeletal hands floating above you in the alley.

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