Top 10 Scary Russian Urban Legends Part 2

Top 10 Scary Russian Urban Legends Part 2

With a country as large and as old as Russia - we were never going to fit all of the best creepy stories into just one video where we? That's why you requested to hear more and that's why I went away and gathered all of the ones I wanted to include before and many that are even better than the 1st part - and have them here for you today. Hope you're reading for the Top 10 Scary Russian Urban Legends - Part 2

10. The Red Piano
The story goes like this: a little girl who wanted to play the piano got one on her birthday from her parents. She excitedly practiced for weeks but one day her fingertips began to hurt. She was told this was normal and just bruising from over-practice - if she kept going then her fingers would get used to the pressure. The girl continued to practice but it began to take its toll on her - she grew thinner and paler every day. After a month, the piano broke. The only person in the town who could fix it was an old woman. When she arrived, she told the parents and the girl they needed to stay out of the room as she worked on the piano as she didn't want any distractions. After a while she emerged, the piano was fixed. The girl went back to practicing but after a few days she became so weak again she could barely walk across the room.

The piano broke again. The old lady arrived and again told them to leave while she worked. The parents were curious about how she fixed the piano and so they looked into the room through the keyhole. They saw the old lady open the piano and take a glass jar out filled with what looked like blood - then, she started to drink it. The parents called the police who arrested the old lady. They examined the piano and found that the keys had tiny needles built into them, so small they were practically invisible to the naked eye. As the girl played the piano she suffered tiny cuts which drained her blood, drop by drop into the jar. The piano was designed to break when the jar was full so that the old lady could come and drink her fill.

9. Koschei the Deathless
In Russian folklore, this evil being is known as -The Kidnapper of Brides- … he is said to look like a skeleton wrapped in a thin, transparent film of skin. He resides in limbo between the world of the living the world of the dead. He appears in stories throughout Russia as a sorcerer with endless wealth, kidnapping young girls to be his wives. In one tale he turns an entire Kingdom into a rock and another of its people into frogs. He is also blind and in order to see his enemies, he asks his servants to lift his eyelids. He is seen by some as part of marital initiation - a bride may only marry once the groom has defeated this twisted being.

8. The Yellow Curtains
One day, a family of four moved into a new house which needed curtains. As they went to buy them, they remembered their recently deceased grandma hated yellow curtains and always told them to never get them - even after her death. Of course, as they walked around the market, all they saw was yellow curtains. After searching and searching for something else, they gave up and bought them. They brought them home and put them up in the room where their little boy and girl lived. That night, the curtains began moving and woke the boy up.

Then, they started talking -Hey boy, get up- they said. The boy got up. -Hey boy, go wash your face and eat breakfast- they continued. The boy did as he was told. -hey boy, come to the window and see how your grandmas hanging up the laundry outside. The boy was puzzles but approached the window. At that moment, the curtains grabbed him and threw him out of the window to his death as the family slept. Then the curtains did the same to the girl. Police investigators found hairs on the curtains and tracked down the old lady who sold them the carpet. The old lady broke down and said she would help - she said the only thing these curtains were scared of was a magic scalpel hidden inside the giant star on top of the Kremlin. The police retrieved the scalpel and took it to the curtains where they went to cut a piece of it off for examination. No sooner had the scalpel touched the curtains than they exploded - no trace of them were found.

7. The Coffin on Wheels
This story starts with a little girls mother who was very ill. In her final days, she told her daughter that if she died, the girl should never paint her nails with red varnish. The mother died and in the girls grief, she dismissed what her mother had told her - she thought it was her illness talking. After some time, the girl forgot her mothers warning and painted her nails red one day. As she finished, the radio flickered on and and a demonic voice said -Hey, little girl! Remove the varnish from your nails! A coffin on wheels has found your town and is looking for your street- … the girl was confused and thought it must be a glitch.

She turned the TV on but the same voice came out instantly -Hey, little girl! The coffin on wheels has found your street and it looking for your house. Take off your nail polish!- … terrified, the girl scrubbed her nail polish off and rushed to the phone to call her friend. Instead of her friends voice though, she heard the same voice -Hey, little girl! The coffin on wheels has for your house. Now it's looking for your flat, take off your nail polish!- she threw the phone down and kept scrubbing but the polish wouldn't come off. She heard a knock at the door but couldn't see anyone through the peephole. She opened the door and there was the coffin on wheels. It slowly opened and her mother stepped out. -Why didn't you listen to me she screamed?- … then she strangled her daughter to death. This story alone has kept the scary legend of the coffin on wheels alive.

6. The Old Woman of Ostankino
This legend is of a ghostly figure who is said to appear in the Ostankino district of Moscow. It's not a new legend either - the ghost of this old woman has been appearing to people for over 5 centuries. Other than appearing to ordinary Russians - she is said to appear to powerful Russian leaders to warn them of coming danger. She would share insight on coming plagues or foreign invaders. All she asks for in return is that they never farm the land on which she appears on. Legend says that one leader didn't listen to her and ordered that land to be farmed on. The Old Woman called up the spirits that occupied the land and made them posses the local people - driving them to insanity and suicide. Its been years since then but some locals say she is still capable of doing the same.

5. Metro 2
This legend says that the soviet union constructed a secret metro system underneath Moscow. It was apparently ordered by Joseph Stalin and said to be connected directly to the Kremlin. The secret government usage is just the tip of the iceberg though - many locals swear that strange hybrid creatures lurk down there - the product of experiments in society labs that were deemed too hideous to ever be seen by the public. Sympathetic scientists released these creatures into the hidden metro in the hopes they could live out somewhat of a normal life. For a while, the public didn't believe the stories of people seeing these creatures scuttling out from the ground - but then several soviet union defectors came forward and swore it was real. Now, urban explorers are constantly on the hunt for Metro 2 and its mutant inhabitants.

4. The Black Curtains
One day, a girls mother sent her to the store to buy some curtains for the house. She told her to not get black ones - another other color or type will do - but not black ones. Naturally, the shop the girl went to only had black curtains in stock - the girl decided to get them as they are surely better than no curtains. The mother was not happy but agreed to put the curtains up. The next morning, the family woke up to find that the Father had been strangled in the night.

The night after the same happened to the girl's mother and brother. The police arrived and decided to set up a trap for whoever the mysterious stranger was. They hid as the girl went to bed. In the dead of night, they began to see the black curtains stretching, twisting and turning - reaching up towards the girl's bed and around her neck. The police bust out and fired their guns at the curtains. The curtains let out a demonic screech as the bullets ripped through the black fabric - letting out a foul black liquid where blood should be. Then, they fell to the floor - motionless. The girl survived. This story has left some with a deep superstition of black curtains … maybe just to be safe.

3. The Haunted Kremlin
The Kremlin is the fortified hub of Moscow and has been the seat of Russias leadership for many years. It was first built in the 15th century and in the years since then, its built up a reputation for being incredibly haunted. People say the ghosts of former leaders still wander the corridors, doomed to haunt because of unfinished business in life. Nicholas the 2nd appears before a Russian disaster occurs. Ivan the Terrible has been seen in the shadows and on the bell tower. They say he cant find peace as a ghost because he killed his own son, a deed that still haunts him in his afterlife. Even the famous Soviet Leader Lenin is sighted at the Kremlin. Whats even creepier is that his ghost was seen by several people even when he was still alive - but it was unable to move - almost as if it was waiting for him today. That's exactly what happened though just 3 months after the first sighting.

2. The Black Tram
One day, a little boy in a small town was on his way home from school. It was a route he had done many times before but for some reason, on this day, he found himself in an area he just didn't recognize. The streets were unfamiliar and empty - lined with different buildings and trees. The strangest thing was how dark it was, even though it was daytime just minutes before. He saw a tram stop and decided to catch one, hoping to get to somewhere he knew. The board with the routes on was strange though - each tram was numbered with years. One said 1932 to 1958. Another said 1983 - 1995. They reminded him of dates on a Gravestone.

Then, a tram began rolling towards the stop. It was very old looking and moved almost silently. It was also a deep, jet black in colour - like a hearse. As it came to a stop and the doors opened, the boy felt something pull him inside, like a gust of wind pushing him forwards. He shook it off and stepped back onto the street. Suddenly, the black tram was gone. He looked around and found himself on a lively street that he knew. As he walked home, he suddenly remembered that the trams number had been his birth year and the current year was next to it, flickering, waiting for him to step inside. Some people believe the black trams are responsible for peoples disappearances - pulling them in unless they have the willpower to fight back and live another day.

1. Golosov Ravine
This is a park in Moscow which is known to the people there as being built around ancient stones said to be -sacred and pure- … perhaps that's the reason the ravine has been home to many strange legends over the years. One of them tells of a group of Mongol soldiers who entered the ravine to explore it. A cloud of mist emerged and got thicker as they moved further into the ravine until it completely surrounded them. The soldiers left the ravine a few minutes later and found the land unrecognizable - a hundred years had somehow past. Locals believe than on misty days, the Golosov ravine becomes a time portal. They say this explains the disappearances that have happened to people ever since. People say they are not gone for good - and they will emerge from the future in the ravine as if no time had passed for them at all.

Source: MostAmazingTop10 Youtube Channel

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