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Top 10 Scary Viking Urban Legends

Top 10 Scary Viking Urban Legends

10. The Blood Eagle
I hope you guys havent eaten recently because were starting off with something pretty horrific. The Blood Eagle was an ancient Viking torture method - usually saved for their worst enemies. Some historians believe it was so brutal, it cant have been real. Lets see if you agree. The Blood Eagle involve carving an eagle onto the back of a person and then prying his back open by detaching his ribs from their backbone and then, wait for it, pulling their lungs through the opening. The lungs would then be spread over the ribs on the outside so that they looked like wings - hence the name Blood Eagle. To make things even worse, the open wounds and organs would then have salt rubbed on them - causing excruciating pain if they hadnt already blacked out by then. The Blood Eagle was used as torturous revenge but also as an offering to the Viking God Odin. Imagine how scared of this God the Vikings must have been for them to think a Blood Eagle would appease him.

9. The Nuckelavee
When the Vikings inhabited Scotlands Orkney Islands, they told stories of a hideous creature known as the Nuckalavee. They are horse like demons - their bodies are like skinless horses and on their back is the torso of a human rider - nothing else, just the skinless torso hanging there. Two arms hang by the side of the torso that are so long they can touch the ground. The horse mouth is huge, graping and exudes a toxic vapour that kills any crops nearby. Its single giant eye burns like a flame. It would spread disease and attack people in sight. The islanders of Orkney were so scared of the demon that they would not speaks its name without immediately saying a prayer. Because it has no skin, people said you could see black blood coursing through its yellow veins, and the pale but powerful muscles can be seen pulsating all over.

8.The Human Sacrifice
For the Vikings, the number 9 was very important, it appeared throughout their religion and stories. It was deemed so important that the Vikings were said to carry out human sacrifices because of it. In 1072, the German monk Adam of Bremen visited a Viking temple in Sweden and found that they met every 9 years to ensure the goodwill of their gods. 9 males of all kinds of living creatures were sacrificed. Dogs, horses and humans were hung from trees in the Temples sacred groves. This would go on for 9 days - every day 9 new males were killed - this would result in 81 gruesome sacrifices.

7. Murder Creation
The Norse believed that the universe came from an empty void between the worlds of ice and fire. In this void came Eemir (Ymir) - a genderless, neutral being who eventually spawned a number of creatures which would become the Vikings Gods and their enemies. His Grandchildren were Vili, Ve and Odin. They decided to create the world and fill it with life. But all life comes with a price - they couldn't make the world out of nothing and so they murdered Ymir and made the world out of his body. His blood became the sea, his bones and teeth became rocks and mountains and his brains became the clouds. Many vikings believe the cruelty of life could be blamed on the fact that our world and everything in it was founded on the murder of a great being.

6. The Draugr
This was the Vikings version of a zombie - some of you may already recognise the name from other places. They are animated corpses. The Vikings said they possess superhuman strength, can increase their size at will, and always have a repulsive stench of death.They wake up in their graves and then swim through solid rock to escape. When free, they hunt for their victims and kill them in a number of gruesome ways. Some devour their flesh, some will eat you whole, others will kill people by driving their mad, some simply sucked the victim dry of blood. Legend says a Draugr is immune to weapons and can only be stopped by a hero wrestling it back to its grave. The only way to truly stop it is to cut off its head, burn its body and then dump the ashes in the sea.

5. The Mare
Have you ever had sleep payalysis before? You wake up in the middle of the night, you cant move, and you have a feeling of some dark presence nearby? The Vikings would say you have been visited by the Mare. This actually where English gets the word Night Mare from. The Mare is an evil female spirit who sits on top of you while your asleep. While your unable to move, she then drags the life out of you. Legend says the Mare can slip through the tiniest cracks in walls or floors like sand or smoke, only to re emerge and terrorize the victim. If the person is unable to break free from the Mare, they are slowly smothered to death

4. Troll
The Troll comes directly from Viking mythology. They are large, brutish and often evil creatures who would never think twice about crushing a human on sight. Luckily, they were renowned for their stupidity and stories of Vikings defeating them often involved simply outsmarting their dim wits. They lived in isolated mountains, rocks and caves and sometimes lived together. Their favourite food is humans which they considered a delicious snack. They also turn to stone upon contact with sunlight. Earlier on we talked about the Vikings belief in how the world started and Im afraid to say, the end of the world doesnt look any prettier.

3. Ragnarok
At the end of the world, there will be events that lead to a great battle between the Viking Gods and cosmic beings including a great serpent that holds the world together. Floods, fire, pain and anguish await us all as the Earth is brutally born again. Everyone will perish as monsters and giants battle and the Sun is swallowed up by darkness - even the Gods will die - humans stand no chance. The world with freeze, wither and die. Vikings believed that future is coming for us all - and just because they are gone, it doesnt mean its not still coming for us.

2. The Kraken
This is a legendary sea monster that struck fear into the hearts of any seafaring Vikings. They believed the Kraken lived off the shores of Norway and Greenland. Most of the time, they live at the sunken depths of the ocean but occasionally they visited the surface to wreak havoc on Viking ships. The giant octopus like creatures were said to be up to 500ft wide with 900ft tentacles and can weigh up to 400 tons. They would attack ships by wrapping their tentacles around the ships hull and capsizing it. The crew would be killed by drowning or being eaten by the monster. We talked about Ragnorak, the end of the world, well the Vikings believed that when Ragnorak comes, all the Krakans will rise from the depths of the ocean and there will be nowhere to hide from them anymore.

1. The Pesta
Youve heard of the Black Death or The Grim Reaper, well this was basically the Viking Equivalent. She appears to you as an old woman when it is your time to die. She is not evil or malicious which perhaps only adds to the fear she struck into Viking hearts. Pesta simply delivers the news of death and then shepards the soul away. You cannot run, some describe her as a disease that was impossible to keep out - she would appear anywhere but especially on roads as people travelled.
If you see Pesta, make sure you check what she is carrying in her hand. If she is carrying a rake, that means not everyone in your family will die, your souls will be able to escape through the teeth of the rake. If she is carrying a broom, well, everyone is doomed to be swept away. On one occasion, a man begged her to spare his life. She said no - but she will give him an easy death. That night he went home exhausted and fell asleep, never to wake up again. This is what scares people the most - there is no fight, there is no battle against evil - Pesta simply delivers your inevitable death.

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