Top 10 Scary Tik Tok Videos

The TikTok trend has opened a whole new door to the unknown that we can’t wait to take a peek through. Whether it’s a staged TikTok you don’t want to watch after dark or a makeup tutorial that took a supernatural turn, today we're covering our picks of the Top 10 Scary TikTok videos

10. Dancing in the dark 
I imagine this woman just felt like dancing to a song on TikTok at night in her onesie. She gets on the counter, she jams to her tune, and little does she know, something is going on in the background. In fact, she gets through the entire video without knowing that she’s actively recording some serious paranormal activity! It’s not until after that she’s like “what just happened?” Can you imagine? Take a good look at that apparition. There’s another similar one with a young girl doing a simple dance routine at home when an apparition runs across the second floor. Take a look and tell us what you think. Real deal? Or an attempt at fame through fiction?

9. Something’s Not Right 
This TikTok user explains in her video that lots of paranormal things happen in her room that she can never get on camera. I can relate to this, anything paranormal happens too quickly for me to even think about getting my phone out. She talks for a bit, and suddenly we see some items quickly move in the background. This one is really difficult to make a judgment on. It’s not that scary, but it makes you think about what happens when the camera is off. Is it real? 

8. Clever
This next TikTok is definitely not real, but the way it’s staged is really well done! Despite the fact that we know it’s not real from the beginning, it’s still not something you want to watch when you’re in a creepy mood. It’s done well and we’ll certainly allow the creepiness she’s channeling. 

7. What the..?
If you’re a person with a dog or a baby, you know almost everything you post is about them. Whether it’s interesting, cute, funny, or just plain boring. So, it’s no surprise that this woman’s TikTok pan over all her dogs to show them just hanging out would be real. What’s strange is what she and one of her dogs notice halfway through the video. They’re both just trying to puzzle out what’s happening when the shadow quickly goes into hiding. Take a good look.

6. A good, scary prank 
Another staged TikTok that gets you thinking. Surely, it’s good editing. Still though, what if that happened to you? Take away some lights, add some spooky music and you have a movie! What do you think? 

5. Grandpa?
A good scary clip has you fully-focused trying to figure out what it is that’s going wrong. Sometimes, the longer it takes, the more the frustration builds and the curiosity falls. In this case, I’d say the guy lets it go on long enough for us as viewers to be like “what is happening!”, until all of a sudden, there it is. Take a look. Is it grandpa with a hammer? Is it a ghost? Is it a murderer? What do you think? 

4. A glitch in the Matrix?
This one, to me, is one of the freakiest things I’ve ever seen. At first glance, it’s mundane and regular, but when you really think about it, so many questions arise. This guy is sitting in his car, with his sunglasses on. He raises his head, lowers it, but you know who doesn’t? His reflection in his side mirror! What is that?! Maybe he sold his soul to the devil? Maybe it’s edited? Maybe it’s just a glitch in the matrix. No ghosts needed, this will have me up for days.

3. Call The Police 
Scary isn’t just ghosts, ghouls and potentially demonic souls that mirrors don’t recognize. It’s also everyday things like murderers and breaking and entering. This TikTok user seems to have caught a person lurking in their yard with a full Balaklava! After trying to catch a peek from inside the house shining flashlights out the window (does that even do anything besides let them know you’re looking?) they go outside and what do you know? There’s a masked man hiding behind the shed.

2. Evil Doll: Real or Fake?
This TikTok user makes a big deal out of making sure people think what he’s showing is real. His story? Well, the doll is known to do strange and creepy things every now and then, so his plan is to point a camera at it and see what happens. Before long, things around the doll start falling to the ground. Take a look. In and of itself it’s not super creepy, but what if he’s right and the doll really is possessed? Suddenly, that mess on the ground looks a lot scarier.

1. Makeup tutorial gets dark 
If this TikTok is fake, give this girl an Oscar for best short thriller because it is incredible. The tension, the build-up, the acting, I could watch it over and over again. Here’s a breakdown of our #1 scariest TikTok video: a young woman sits to do a tutorial and looks up to examine, on her screen, what’s happening behind her. The closet doors start opening on their own. Then, chaos. What do you think is going on here? Me? I'm going to go hide in a corner. 

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What Really Makes The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Get Poorer - The Five Laws Of Gold

In 1926, George Samuel Clason published a series of parables that was set in the ancient city of Babylon. These parables became known as a book called The Richest Man In Babylon, and it has become a classic in financial literature. If you've never read the book, you'll be blown away by the tried and tested lessons it presents for accumulating wealth and riches. The story begins with a character called Bansir who was a chariot builder and kobbi who was a musician. The two had become the best at their craft but yet were poor and had no money. So they went out to seek the advice and wisdom of their childhood friend Arkad, who in stark contrast had grown very rich and amassed large fortunes. Arkad was the richest man in Babylon, and despite spending liberally and giving generously to charity, he seemed to have an endless amount of gold and his wealth kept growing.

So Arkad told his two friends a story, he said he was once a poor man too, a poor scribe actually who made a deal with a rich man to find out the secret to wealth accumulation in exchange for his work on a clay inscription. The rich man agreed, and gave him a very valuable lesson, he said "I found the road to wealth when I decided that a part of all I earned was mine to keep and so will you" this is a very powerful lesson and it's the premise upon which every rich person has built their wealth. Arkad, the richest man in Babylon, didn't make his fortune by spending more money than he could afford. He became rich by setting aside 1/10 or 10% of his earnings, and invested it in ways that were sure to produce more income. This is the first law of gold, to put 10% of your income aside for investing. The book says "Gold comes gladly and an increasing quantity to any man who will put aside not less than 1/10 of his earnings to create an estate for his future and that of his family". This law ties into the principle of paying yourself first.

Rich people understand this very well paying yourself first is a proactive approach to financial freedom. A lot of people constantly complain about how little money they have, they'll always say, no matter what I do I always have nothing left at the end of the month or they'll say something along the lines of my job isn't paying me enough. Although these points are valid, if one actually assesses where their money is going they'll realize that most of the so-called "priorities" such as weekly dinners out, or going out every week are actually not necessary expenditures after all and are in actual fact a huge toll on your income statement. So what you should do instead is put 10% aside every month, the moment you receive your paycheck before you pay the bills, rent, utilities, your mortgage, Netflix, make sure you've set aside 10% the sooner you get started the better off you may be, and the larger your savings and investment funds will get.

Not only will you take advantage of compounding growth to help grow your money faster, but should a major financial crisis occur such as a huge medical bill, a large car repair, or in a worst-case scenario a layoff, you won't be as scared. The second law of gold is to invest your money. The book says "Gold laboureth diligently and contentedly for the wise owner who finds for it profitable employment, multiplying even as the flocks of the field." Gold and money indeed is a willing worker, the richest man in Babylon learned early on how money works and how to put his money to work for himself. He was able to control his expenses and learn the difference between necessities and luxuries. A lot of people struggle differentiating the two, the rule of thumb when it comes to luxuries is simple, if you don't need it don't buy it! it really is that simple. As your savings increase you can start looking for profitable safe investments to put your money into. There are many ways you can invest your money such as real estate, stocks, bonds, businesses, and so on.

You should see your money as little soldiers going into war and bringing back bounty, the more soldiers you have the more bounty and loot they'll bring back. But before making any major investment, you must first be absolutely certain about where you're putting your money. Make sound investments and your money will come back in abundance, which brings me to the third law of gold, seek first advice or as I like to say, seek wisdom first before making an investment. The book says "Gold clingeth to the protection of the owner who invested under the advice of men wise in its handling." Look, you worked hard for your money right, and you shouldn't lose even a single penny, so why would you trust your own inexperience to make sound investments. This is exactly what a lot of poor and some middle-class people do, they make investments out of their gut feelings, or things they might have overheard from their friends, colleagues, or even on TV or the radio.

What always eventually happens is they lose their money, or what they thought was a sound solid investment was actually a scam. Very rarely would you hear that the investments were successful or that they made any money. The rich on the other hand seek advice from professionals wise in the handling of money. Before making any major investment, just like you wouldn't trust a cook to perform heart surgery on your chest, you should also not trust people who are not skilled in the ways of making and handling money, to advise you on where to put and invest your hard-earned money. This brings me to the fourth law of gold, "Gold slippeth away from the man who invests it in businesses or purposes with which he is not familiar, or which are not approved by those skilled in its keep." I think the best way to illustrate this point is with the help of my friend John.

So John has been following and practicing the first law of gold for one year now, and has so far saved up a considerable amount of money, a total of ten thousand dollars. So my friend John is a reasonably smart guy, he reads a couple books a year, and watches TV and YouTube videos on his favorite subject, investing and making money. Although like I said, John is a smart guy, he has a very acute flaw in investing, let's call it his Achilles heel. These are the kind of investments John and a lot of poor people subscribe to. The moment they hear a "good investment" on TV or radio they jump on it right away, you've heard it all before, this is one real estate opportunity you can't afford to miss, or invest in this stock it's too big to fail, two months later guess what? The basic rule to follow when investing is very simple, if you don't understand it don't invest in it, period! or seek advice like the third law suggests from men wise in keeping and making money.

This is what John should have done instead of investing in bad stocks and real estate. He should have instead looked for and sought the advice of a person who is succeeding and making money in real estate or stock investing. So now my friend John is broke, and has about five hundred dollars left in the bank, but not all hope is lost. In his moment of misery, he conjures up a brilliant plan to make back the money he lost and then some, his plan is simple, brilliant, and cunning, in his eyes it can't fail. John plans to go to Vegas, yeah the gambling city, bet on a couple of games and make back the money he lost. he's absolutely sure and certain that he can make back the money and then some, which brings me to the fifth law of gold "Gold flees the man who would force it to impossible earnings, or who follows the alluring advice of tricksters and schemers, or who trusts it to his own inexperienced and romantic desires in investment.

" You see, in John's attempt to make back the money he lost, he thought the fastest and easiest way to make back the money was to gamble, although very rarely some people do make a lot of money gambling, it wasn't John's lucky day. My friend John learned two very important lessons that year. One, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. And two, there's no quick way to become rich. The lessons that Arkad taught his friends are the premise of the book, and they are the lessons of wealth building habits that I believe every rich person has followed to accumulate their wealth. These lessons have helped millions of people, who practice them to become financially stable and wealthy, and I believe these lessons will help you build a firm financial foundation.

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The atmosphere of the sun

It is the atmosphere of the Sun above the photosphere. Not a flat atmosphere But consisted of a hot gas in the form of a jet to a high level And a large number of hot gas beams moving in curves from one position to another. The hot gas at this level is mostly composed of hydrogen. There are also calcium, helium and other elements in the chromosphere. Radiates only the wave size coming from certain gases which are so hot.

Therefore, there is a bright line spectrum (emission line spectrum) to explore the chromosphere requires special equipment. The movement of these gas beams, which are approximately 1,000 km in diameter and speed 20-30 km / s, and reach an altitude of 20,000 km, are in control of the solar field. The image of the chromosphere may therefore also indicate the condition of the Sun's magnetic field.

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The sun

As mentioned earlier that The sun is a very hot mass of matter. And can form a spherical shape By the attraction between atoms and molecules Gravity or gravity This gravitationalforce is directed toward the center. The substance of the sun Which is at a certain level within the body Will be overwhelmed by the material that is rising up So normal That must have greater pressure and density Content at a higher level According to this rule, it is said that the pressure and density of matter increase deep within the sun, and under high pressure the gas or vapor is forced to reduce its volume. If atoms or molecules of a gas or vapor do not have the speed to push them into the fight The speeds mentioned here are due to the high temperature. This is because the temperature of an object is the energy of motion. And the vibration of molecules, atoms in that matter. For this reason, we can consider that Matter at a certain level within the sun is in equilibrium. When there is temperature, pressure And the density is suitable for each other Which is higher and higher for deeper levels within the sun.

Currently there is no survey equipment of any kind. That could be used to measure the physics of the Sun's interior at a deeper level. The knowledge that we have on this subject It is the result of calculations which rely on the physics criteria And externally measured quantities such as the size, mass and temperature of the Sun at a scale that can be observed by telescopes.

At the core of the Sun in the sphere of a radius of about 200 thousand kilometers, which has a sufficiently high temperature. There is a thermonuclear reaction. And give energy in the form of gamma rays Short wave This radiation is radiated by transmission. Through the body of the sun to a depth of 140,000 kilometers from the surface of the sun The transfer of energy then converts from radiation to heat conduction (convection), where the hot gas will rise to a high level. Up to the surface of the sun, it radiates light and heat into space. Then when its temperature drops it will sink back. This process is similar to the boiling of liquids such as Water or oil that is put in a boiling container on the stove to heat it.

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8 Properties of Pandan Leaves

8 Properties of Pandan Leaves

Properties of pandan leaves Thai herbs both fragrant and beneficial How does pandan help restore health? Want to know must read.

The benefits of pandan leaves seem to go a lot further than just mixing them with colors and adding aroma to food. Because from the information below It made me realize that the properties of pandan leaves are excellent in terms of health, not allergic to other medicinal herbs, so

Nourish the nerves, relieve fatigue.
Drink 2 glasses of pandan juice a day, morning and lunch. Will help the symptoms of existing exhaustion go away Because pandan leaves have tonic and nervous system effects Makes you feel more energetic,

Nourishes your heart, lowers blood pressure
Pandan leaves are herbs that have properties in nourishing the heart and blood vessels. Therefore, patients with high blood pressure can boil pandan juice for morning and evening drinking to help adjust the blood pressure level to normal.

Cure diabetes
The plant and the roots of the pandanus have properties to help diuretic and treat diabetes. Because pandan leaves have the effect of lowering blood sugar levels by bringing a handful of roots to boil for drinking water every morning and evening,

Treating measles
Measles and skin diseases can be treated with pandan leaves. You just need to put the pandan leaves rough enough and then mask on the skin. Pandan leaves will help detoxify germs and viruses on the skin.

Relieve joint and rheumatoid disease
Pandan leaves have a cooling effect. Properties to relieve joint and bone pain. Especially rheumatoid disease How to use it just take 3 fresh pandan leaves and wash them thoroughly. Then chop thoroughly and mix a little coconut oil, stir well. Keep in a container with a closed lid. Used as a topical ointment to relieve pain and inflammation of the joints.

Besides the benefits, pandan leaves can help restore health. Pandan leaves also have beauty maintenance properties as well.

Treat dandruff. Take 2-5 pandan leaves and grind them to form a powder-like powder. Then, pandan leaf powder to massage the head regularly will help reduce dandruff, dye black hair, even the pandan leaves are green. But when brought to a boil until it is dark green then mixed with noni juice boiled You will get a black hair dye that will restore the shine to your hair without the risk of chemicals. Nourish your skin bright. From the medicinal properties of pandan leaves that can help treat skin diseases Therefore, pandan leaves are blended and then masked to nourish the skin to be bright as well.

Oops! Knowing the benefits of pandan leaves I feel like eating pandan leaves immediately, right? But what should I make pandan leaves? If you can't think of it, we also have a menu with pandan leaves

- how to make pandan juice. Beverages classic aromatic properties infinitely happy!
- custard dessert edible leaves with many
- Knmcrk pandan pastry snack soft palate. Fragrant pandan made very easy
- candy Pandan Thailand dessert menu but traditional sticky chewy sweet aroma tongue palatable
- coconut pandan. Get nutritional value from both coconut and pandan leaves in the same word.

The properties of the 8 pandan leaves are just some that we have selected as an example. But in addition, pandan leaves are also useful to help quench your thirst. Invigorate It also quenches fever and is a mild tonic as well.

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5 Herbs for Sore Throat

5 Herbs for Sore Throat

A good partner in the kitchen, rich in anti-inflammatory properties
Sore throat for whatever reason Can be relieved Just use these herbs.
We have long believed that when a sore throat occurs The only way to best alleviate symptoms is to take antibiotics. But don't take all of that into believing, because actually you don't need to take anti-inflammatory drugs, it can relieve your sore throat. With something near Thai herbal samples That we brought up to know each other If you're having a sore throat Look left and look right for these herbs. If found and then hurry to use I can assure you that the sore throat is definitely relieving.

1. Garlic
Garlic is a kitchen herb that can stimulate the immune system as well as antimicrobial drugs used in medicine. It also has antibacterial properties by holistic physician Michael Finkelstein in Westchester County, New York. Have revealed that Garlic is an herb that can treat sore throats due to infection. It also helps fight off germs that cause sore throats as well. This is because of the Allicin contained in fresh garlic, Finkelstein suggested that if you want to use garlic to treat a sore throat but don't like the pungency of garlic, take the whole garlic head. Heat in the microwave for 10-15 seconds, then eat it. Will help reduce the pungent smell of garlic.

2. Turmeric
This herb is often used to flavor. Or add food coloring only But the properties of turmeric are considered good, right? Because the substance Curcumin (Curcumin) in turmeric has anti-inflammatory effects. It is especially suitable for treating sore throat caused by inflammation of the throat mucosa. It can also help reduce coughing as well. Just take the turmeric powder to brew with warm water and add a little honey. Take a sip while it is warm, it will help moisturize your throat and get rid of the sore throat faster.

3. Onions
Aside from garlic Relatives like onions can also cure a sore throat. Because onions contain the same powerful anti-inflammatory agents. It also helps fight viruses and certain bacteria. Not only Onions are also reputed to be a naturally safe antibiotic. Methods for treating a sore throat are not difficult. Just take the onions coarsely chopped. Mix with 6 ounces (approx. 177 ml) of honey, simmer in a double saucepan over low heat for about 2 hours, then bring to a warm brew. Take a sip during the day to help relieve symptoms.

4. Ginger
Ginger is a popular choice of many people when they feel a sore throat. Because ginger can help fight inflammation. It can also help kill the bacteria responsible for sore throat as well. How to use it is not difficult. Just bring the sliced ​​ginger to boil with water and take it for a tea. Or you can chew fresh ginger, but if you don't have time or don't like eating fresh ginger, Try to find ginger powder to brew warm water to help relieve sore throat as well.

5. Lime
Ends with a plant that tastes like lemons. Many people are mixed with honey and drinking warm water to relieve coughing. In addition to being high in vitamin C In lemon juice, it also has properties to help reduce inflammation as well. And if you drink it on a daily basis, it can help maintain your health. Which methods are used to treat sore throat Can be used in a variety of ways Whether it is lemon juice brewed with warm water and a little salt. Or add honey Or if you want to get better results, mix lemon juice with honey and a little chili powder. It will greatly help a sore throat. And the flu cured faster.

All Thai herbs are good for your health. So it seems to be a good choice to help treat a sore throat. But do not rely too much on nature. Because if the sore throat is chronic However, if you use herbs, you should see a doctor.

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15 Herbs for Diabetes

15 Herbs for Diabetes

Diabetes can be treated by a natural way Welcome good health and reduce blood sugar with precious herbs.

The biggest concern for diabetics is their blood sugar levels. If the blood sugar level is too high, there is a risk of further complications such as high blood pressure. Diabetic eye Or even cardiovascular disease Therefore, in addition to taking the drugs prescribed by a doctor, many patients are also looking for ways to control their sugar levels in a healthy range. Which is another interesting option that is eating herbs Because in addition to helping with diabetes, it also has a good health benefit as well. For example, these 15 herbs can treat symptoms of diabetes. Along with many other good health benefits.

1. Bitter gourd
Bitter gourd, Thai herb that is known for reducing blood sugar levels. It's called a truly diabetes friendly herb. With the substance Sarantin (Charantin) in the bitter gourd that has hypoglycemic activity. Against the symptoms of diabetes. And enhances the secretion of insulin from the pancreas Increase the body's glucose tolerance And accelerate the metabolism of blood sugar

Bitter gourd also inhibits the enzyme alpha glucosidase. (Alpha-glucosidase) which causes diabetes. While eating chrysanthemum regularly, it can slow down kidney dysfunction. And deterioration of the nerves in the body from the accumulated high blood sugar for a long time. Not only that, it also slows down the progression of cataract in people with diabetes. In addition, Bitter gourd has many good health benefits. And can be eaten fresh as a side vegetable and chili paste Well, like this, I wouldn't be able to find it.

2. Faction
Although the name may be a little strange But the properties of reducing blood sugar levels are not even a slight defect. With animal studies found that Wraithe leaf extract can lower blood sugar levels by increasing the secretion of insulin in the body. In addition, this herb also contains a lot of antioxidants. And can reduce fat in the blood While the medicinal properties are still quite a bit more Whether it helps detoxification, bloating, constipation, deworming, fatigue, bleeding, or even pain relief, it can help as well. It is a traditional Thai herb that has been used and does not disappoint.

3. Cinnamon
Cinnamon, or cinnamon, is another herb with an essential substance to help increase the secretion of the hormone insulin. Causing blood sugar levels to drop It also helps to control blood cholesterol levels among people with type 2 diabetes, reducing various risk factors related to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. By simply sprinkling cinnamon powder into food that you eat, it can help lower blood sugar levels anyway.

4. Lingzhi
Another great Chinese herb that is rich in medicinal properties. It is not only useful in cancer treatment. But there are also you and people with diabetes. Because lingzhi has substances in the polysaccharide group. (Polysaccharide), which has the effect of stimulating the secretion of insulin. It also helps the sugar in the blood to be converted to energy for the body. And causes blood sugar levels to drop.

5. Wormwood
Another bitter herb that you want you to try. Because it is one of the herbs in the Thai drug recipe It nourishes the heart, reduces fever and improves appetite. More importantly, it has been studied that wormwood can help lower blood sugar levels without any harmful side effects, but it can be difficult to eat because it's bitter. But do not forget that it is sweet as the wind.

6. Gourd
Gourd, herb that has been used as a treatment for diabetes for thousands of years. The textbooks of Ayurvedic medicine stated that Gourd can be used in the treatment of diabetes in most parts of the plant. Either the vine root or the leaves, it is also an herb that is effective in lowering blood sugar levels as well as ginseng, just eat 50 grams of gourd per day for consecutive days. It can help control the sugar level to be normal.

7. Eggplant
Eggplant that Thai people like to add to many kinds of Thai food Whether it is green curry, Panang or in various chili paste, in addition to the medicinal properties of Thailand Eggplant can also help lower blood sugar levels as well. With studies with lab rats found that Eggplant juice can help lower blood sugar levels. While its digestive properties are second to none. Next time you come across a diet eggplant Do not Bury.

8. Green Tea
The polyphenols in green tea are one of the most powerful antioxidants that not only protect cells from damage, but also But also useful for diabetics It can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Control blood sugar levels And help promote insulin function It is also a drink that helps in weight loss. But you should drink real green tea, the kind that adds a lot of sugar, it is very far away, especially for diabetics. Otherwise, they may have high blood sugar instead.

9. Garlic
Allicin contained in garlic has properties to lower blood pressure and reduce blood fat. It also has the effect against diabetes. Moreover, studies have shown that ethanol contained in garlic can lower blood sugar levels. And can help increase the secretion of insulin Which if you want to get the benefits of garlic in this focus should be eating garlic fresh, because the garlic that has been heated to have less nutritional value than fresh garlic.

10. Aloe vera
Not only does it help reduce swelling, inflammation and help heal wounds. But aloe vera is also an ideal herb for diabetics as well. Because there is an education from Mahidol University It was found that aloe vera juice can help lower blood sugar levels. Especially in people with diabetes This will also help reduce blood fat levels. And the basic properties of Aloe Vera that help reduce swelling and heal wounds, it can also be used for diabetics. Because people with diabetes often have problems with wound healing slowly causing the infection is

11. Turmeric
This bright yellow herb In addition to helping reduce inflammation, it can also slow down the progression of type 2 diabetes, with people at risk of diabetes eating foods containing curcumin, which is a substance that is In turmeric consecutive on a regular basis It will help reduce the risk of diabetes. It is assumed that curcumin is a powerful antioxidant. It helps to prevent cells from being destroyed.

12. Ginger
Ginger has the effect of lowering blood sugar levels. Especially in patients with type 2 diabetes by a study from Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. Which studies with lab rats found that The mice ate 250 mg of ginger extract per day per kilogram of weight for 5 weeks. The blood glucose level of the rats was reduced. It also helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. It also affects the increase of insulin as well.

13. Okra
Native to Ethiopia, one of the side vegetables in Thai people's chili dish, okra. It is an herb that is rich in antioxidants. And high nutritional value It also has properties that help reduce blood sugar. Because okra is high in fiber In particular, soluble fiber can help reduce the absorption of cholesterol and sugar into the body. It is also not difficult to find it anyway.

14. Ginseng
With amazing properties such as an immune boost And fight against various diseases, ginseng is an herb that has been dubbed as a precious herb. It has been found that eating ginseng can help slow down the absorption of carbohydrates. And increase the function of cells Helps cells to extract more glucose for use It also increases the secretion of insulin. Makes blood sugar levels drop 15-20% ever.

15. Chiang Da Leaf
Another herb that has been used in traditional diabetes treatment for thousands of years. In addition to the benefits of strengthening it. Chiang Da vegetables can also help lower blood sugar levels. The broccoli will bring more sugar in the body to burn. It also recovers the beta cells of the pancreas that are damaged by sugar destruction. Which occurs in patients with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, it also reduces the chance of complications such as cardiovascular disease in people with diabetes. It also increases the secretion of insulin as well. Well, like this, let's say that Chiang Da vegetables are easy to eat in capsules. Try to find and eat together.

Although the use of herbs can help treat diabetes. But do not forget that some herbs can have side effects on your health. Therefore for safety If thinking of using herbs in combination with each treatment It is best to consult your doctor or herbalist first.

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12 herbs near the cure for athlete's foot

It helps relieve symptoms effectively!
Foot sores are common during floods. Which in addition to medicine We also have herbs for treating athlete's foot as an alternative.

Athlete's foot is actually not treated with drugs only. But there are also herbs nearby that have properties for treating athlete's foot. And each type of Thai herbs, the properties are not common too Because some of them have other healing properties as well, let's conclude that we can try to check what herbs to treat athlete's foot

1. Bergamot
Thai herb strong aroma like bergamot, good on rough skin. Because the skin of bergamot has the effect of eliminating the fungus on the skin It also helps get rid of bacteria on our skin. By taking the kaffir lime skin to squeeze the juice and mix it with freshly squeezed bergamot juice and then apply it as a ointment to the wound, foot bites often, it will help relieve symptoms of foot bite. In addition, the scent of bergamot gives us a refreshing feeling.

2. Garlic
Contains a substance called Ajoene, which has very good antifungal properties. The trial of the treatment of athlete's foot was found that only 1.0% of Ajoene extract had better results than the treatment of athlete's foot with a 1.0% drug cream. May cause a burning sensation around the wound in some people.

3. Galangal
We can use herbs near the example of galangal as a drug for treating bacterial and fungal skin infections. Which can be the cause of athlete's foot In addition, galangal is also effective in treating ringworm and cure hives as well. By using galangal to treat skin diseases, galangal rhizomes can be used as much as the lower thumb. And mix the brewery until well blended It is then used as a medicine for applying the foot wound several times until symptoms subside.

4. Turmeric
Curcumin has properties to cure itching. Good inhibition of germs and fungi By treating foot bites with turmeric, take turmeric root to rain with water. Or pound it with water and apply it to nourish the foot bite wound.

5. Betel leaf Betel
Leaf has been a medicinal herb since ancient times. Where betel leaves are washed clean Then pound betel leaves mixed with white wine or alcohol. Apply to cure itching, hives, or squeezing betel leaves to treat ringworm, purulent abscesses, acne, and various inflammatory wounds. Betel leaves contain essential oil called betel oil that has properties that inhibit bacteria and fungi on the skin. Moreover, the essential oil contained in betel leaves also helps to inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria on our skin separately.

6. Glutinous orange
A clinical study comparing the efficacy of skin fungal disease treatment between scaly orange peel oil and modern drug showed that Antifungal activity on orange peel skin is as effective as the antifungal drug. The oil extracted from the smooth orange peel skin can be applied directly to the skin caused by the fungus that causes athlete's foot, once a day for 1-3 weeks without any dangerous side effects

7. Mangosteen
Popular herbs used to treat athlete's foot It is often an astringent herb. Because it contains a lot of tannins Has anti-inflammatory effects and has the effect of helping to heal foot ulcers, such as dried mangosteen. That is often brought rain with water or lime water to thicken enough Then apply the foot bite wound 2-3 times a day, which will help relieve foot bite symptoms.

8. Phatalai Phalaobat is a herb that can be antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and heal wounds, which can be used in conjunction with crayon. Or if there are andrographis capsules Can unpack the capsule and use the powder of the paniculata to dissolve Apply it to the foot bite wound every day until the symptoms subside.

9. Thong Panchang leaf
Thong Panchang herb has outstanding properties which is antifungal. Because Diospyrol was found, a substance that has antifungal, ringworm treatment and anti-inflammatory skin symptoms. By using about 1 handful of goldpanchang leaves Then apply the mask or apply the area 3-4 times a day continuously every day until the wound is healed.

10. Ebony
Ebony is a Thai herb that contains Diospyrol like the golden leaf. The therapeutic properties of Ebony's foot bite are no different from the Thong Phanchaeng leaf. As for how ebony is used to treat athlete's foot can be done using fresh ebony fruit slices to get latex from fresh fruit. Then apply the rubber to the area that is immediately 1 time a day or until the symptoms of the disease subside.

11. Ban Candles
Dry leaves of the home candles have properties in treating inflammatory wounds, boils, pus, gangrene. And chronic wounds Using 10-15 grams of dried house candle leaves, boiled with water and drink every morning and evening. Or will bring fresh home candle leaves, about 1 handful, pound thoroughly Then apply the mask or apply the area 3-4 times a day continuously every day until the wound is healed as well.

12. Chives
Leaves Chives are local herbs that can be used to treat athlete's foot as well. By taking about 1 handful of chives leaves, rinse thoroughly and pound until thoroughly to mask the foot bite wound. Give the medicine from the chives leaves to treat fungal skin inflammation. And heal the eczema that is healed.

These 12 kinds of herbs can actually cure the athlete's foot. But the better way than treatment is to prevent the disease to us. As a precautionary measure, it is recommended to wear boots whenever you step through a flooded area. Or if it can't be avoided You really have to wade through flooded water, so quickly wash with soap and water. Scrub the forefoot area, highlight it and dry it. Then sprinkle the flour thoroughly as soon as possible.

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10 benefits of camphor Pleasant scent Good body maintenance

Herbs like camphor smell fresh and fragrant. Camphor also has many medicinal and beneficial properties.

It is believed that many people are deeply attracted to the smell of camphor and often inhale it to improve their freshness. But did you know that camphor has more health benefits? And also has enough interesting medicinal properties Let's conclude, let's get to know camphor better.

This camphor is Thai and what is the English name? Camphor is scientifically known as Cinnamomum camphora (L.) J. Presl. It is a plant of the family Lauraceae, while the English name of camphor can be called Camphor or Menthol. In Thailand, it is called camphor. There are also other names such as cinnamon, Yuan, Promseng or Jialo (Thai people of Chinese descent).

Camphor is a large perennial. Height from 9-30 meters, trunk and branches smooth. Every part of the camphor tree is fragrant. Especially at the roots and the base of the tree is more fragrant than the other. Camphor is a single leaf. They are alternately oval or elliptical, 2-7 cm wide, 5-11 cm long, approx. Are arranged opposite each other The leaves have a light aroma and the young shoots are covered with brownish yellow leaves.

Flowers into a bouquet of separate branches The flowers will be clusters along the fork of the leaf. Small white, yellow or green flowers Flowering from June to July. Camphor is oval, rather round. The fruit is slightly pulp. There is 1 seed, the size of the fruit is 6-10 mm long, dark green when ripe, it changes from green to black. The white scales of camphor that we have seen and know Will be crystals inserted in the wood of the camphor tree Which will be throughout the tree In the cracks of the wood

But it is most abundant in the core of the roots and the core of the tree. The part near the base of the tree is more camphor than the higher part. Camphor powder is small, round, white, dry flakes that may clump together and crumble easily and if left in the air, it will sublimate completely. The bark, roots and branches can be extracted into essential oils.

Camphor benefits Helps to maintain health.
1. Solve sprains.
Camphor has a very hot, drunken taste. Help relieve pain and strain, sprains, relieve foot sprain, relieve joint pain by using scrubbing on the body. But most of the camphor is mixed into a sprain remedy, along with properties such as the "paralysis" remedy, which contains other herbs that help relieve pain in the tendons, muscles, hands, feet, stiffness or numbness.

2. Solve the poison of insect bites.
In most insect bites or balsams, camphor contains camphor. Because camphor has the effect of detoxifying insect bites.

3. Expel expectorant, expectorant
Of the Thai Traditional Medicines 2015 (No. 1) states that if it is a component of the drug used internally. Camphor has properties periodic maintenance expel phlegm disability element relieve colic, abdominal pain and help distribute air.

4 Stroke symptoms
Thailand's National Drug Plan 2558 (No. 1), stated that the properties of camphor, dizziness, headache, nausea, stimulates the heart and the car using menthol as an ingredient in a drug used externally.

5. Cordial
Camphor often. Will be made into various aromatic drugs such as Hom Thep Chit has properties to nourish the heart, nourishing elements, expel, sweaty, diuretic and cold, congestion.

6. Relieve stomach pain
On the National List of Major Medicines It was found that camphor was used in conjunction with other herbs as a converting drug. Has properties to relieve stomach pain Solve non-infectious diarrhea Relieve indigestion, etc.

7. Relieve menstrual pain.
Beautiful blood recipes And drug prasapai Which contains camphor in combination with other herbs and has properties to relieve menstrual pain Help normal menstruation Amniotic fluid excretion in women after childbirth And treat abnormal menstruation symptoms Or less menstrual periods.

8. Relieve toothache
People in the old days used camphor to fill the aching teeth. To relieve toothache And now, camphor is used as a mixture of toothpaste, herbs and mouthwash. To help keep the mouth fresh.

9. Antibacterial
Faculty of Pharmacy Ubon Ratchathani University The results showed that the antibacterial activity of camphor was found that pinoresinol in camphor was the most effective inhibiting and killing of B. subtilis, followed by P. aeruginosa, a bacteria that spoiled food. Especially meat, which contains pinoresinol in camphor has the potential to develop into natural preservatives.

10. Anti-inflammatory
There is research on the properties of camphor in the area of ​​anti-inflammatory. Which the research results showed Camphor has an anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting cells that induce inflammation. Inhibits the formation of molecular bundles And immune system cells that come together in the area of ​​inflammation However, such experiments are in animal studies. Therefore, it is necessary to continue studying the anti-inflammatory effects of camphor in people.

In addition, if the camphor is placed in the room Or wardrobe Camphor will help repel insects and repel mosquitoes as well.

Camphor disadvantages
Most of us see camphor as an external drug. Which indicates that camphor is an herb that should not be eaten It is reported that Eating 3.5 grams of camphor can cause death. And if you eat more than 2 grams of camphor at a time, it will cause unconsciousness. And toxic to the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and brain may cause nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness. Muscle tremors, convulsions, impaired brain function, confusion,

However, usually the body has a mechanism to excrete camphor through urine. It is similar to the removal of alcohol from the body. Therefore, if not over-sized camphor It will not residue until it is harmful to the liver and kidneys.

Often addicted to camphor salts, is it dangerous?
Inhalation of inhaled camphor may not be harmful. Because it has been diluted in the appropriate amount of camphor Not toxic to the body However, in the case of inhalation of camphor at air concentrations greater than 2 ppm (2 parts per million or 2 mg / m3), it may cause irritation to the nose, eyes and throat.

However, the toxicity of camphor is dangerous. Life is camphor with a concentration of 200 mg/m3, and most of the camphor toxicity occurs only when we ingest it. Therefore, camphor is recommended as an external drug. And using the appropriate size camphor will be safer.

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