The purchase of a house is considered to be very important. Not just in the house part of the material Or giveaway from the project Or whatever discount But another important thing "House purchase contract" because checking the contract or reading the contract is important Because if a problem occurs after delivering the house When making a complaint to the project administrator But the contract does not cover some matters Home buyers may lose benefits. Therefore, before making a contract to buy a house, the buyer must check whether the contract is complete or not. Which the contract to buy-sell the house will consist of Contract for buying a house.

1. Subscription contract
Is the first contract At times it may not be used for subscriptions. This type of contract is When the buyer has made the decision to buy a house Then have to make a deposit to reserve. In this contract of purchase, specifying conditions for the buyer to pay down payments indefinitely. As details specified in the end of the contract Which this subscription agreement has a drawback that If the seller has received a license to build from a government agency The buyer must enter into a contract to buy and sell again. And in most cases will have the condition that Failure to make a purchase agreement will be considered as a cancellation of the contract and the reserved money will not be refunded. But when the down payment is due, the seller or the project owner cannot complete the construction. The seller must return the money to the buyer who has booked. But not interest returned

2. Purchase and sale agreement
Is a contract that the law can enforce But very necessary Especially if it is necessary to apply for a loan, so to prevent the seller from refusing to sell the house And to give the seller confidence that the buyer will still actually buy the house. Therefore, for the confidence of both parties, a "contract to buy and sell" occurs in the event that there is no booking contract. The purchase contract will occur when the buyer and seller agree to buy and sell. The seller must not sell the house to other people. And the buyer must buy this house according to the contract specified In the case of a subscription agreement The contract of sale occurs after the seller issued a reservation receipt and made an appointment to buy and sell the contract. By this contract to buy and sell Different from the reservation contract, in which the buyer confirms to pay according to the contract, when the seller is obligated, the seller has the duty to transfer the ownership of the house by continuing to buy the contract. If the buyer breaches the contract The seller can cancel the contract and forfeit the deposit or down payment, as required by law. If the seller breaches the contract The buyer can sue to transfer the ownership Or cancel the contract and return a refund with interest of 7.5% per annum from the date of the default project

3. Purchase contract
Is a contract that is legally enforced and cannot be avoided And registered with the Land Office With the official name "Land sale contract" where the contract date is the date the ownership of the house will be transferred to the buyer. Therefore, before entering into a sales contract The duty of the seller must notify the buyer at least 30 days before the day before the date of the contract of sale. For buyers on the day of the contract of sale must prepare money to buy a house ready. Or get a bank loan ready to pay the seller on that day And the date the buyer has to sign the purchase contract at the land office Transfer registration And pay expenses including all related fees Which will have fees and expenses for registration of transfers Which the buyer and seller have to take responsibility jointly In which the fee The cost of separating the deed, tax, stamp duty relating to the registration of transfer The seller will be responsible

The 3 contracts are considered an important contract in terms of content. And the boundaries between buyers and sellers Therefore, the buyer or whether the seller must pay more attention. And read the details of the contract clearly Because it may lose money if you break the contract or forget some of the issues specified in the contract.

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