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Happy if in Debt

Financial management systematically and systematically requires that you should not have more than 35% of your income than your income. For example, if you have monthly income of 30,000 baht, you have an installment burden such as paying 1,500 baht a month for mobile payments. And condominium installments of 7,500 baht per month. In this case The total debt to income ratio is 30% (the total debt burden at 9,000 baht per month divided by 30,000 baht per month salary) is at a level that can be paid. Not too heavy But should be careful not to incur additional debt Anything that is not needed for monthly installments should be eliminated or canceled, such as a credit card. Should cancel or do not pay by credit card if necessary.

In the above case Will be used for an overall debt burden assessment only But one thing to keep in mind is that debt can be divided into two types: long-term, with installments of more than 1 year, which are often loans for home, car, business, while the other type of debt is Short-term debt that must be paid within 1 year, namely consumer debt, such as the purchase of mobile electronics.

Therefore, debt management must be prudent and know one's own ability to pay or not before deciding to create debt. Do not evaluate for a short time. But look at it in the long run If there is an additional burden Or economic conditions that may be changed.

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