Car insurance is necessary in terms of protecting yourself and others. Including car protection if damaged And most importantly, the law is compulsory for car users to have insurance act, but when having insurance class 1 or class 2, will feel sluggish to do Due to the expensive insurance price And in some years the insurance cost was lost without a claim at all throughout the year Therefore recommend How to get cheap car insurance and what to do to protect the car itself.

1. Discounts from having a good drive.
Each year, if the insured vehicle has never requested a claim in the past year Or claim but is not at fault Will get a good history discount In each year, up to 50% of the premium in the renewal year is
Step 1 Drive well in the first year, get 20% discount
Step 2 Drive well for 2 years consecutively get 30% discount.
Step 3. Drive well for 3 consecutive years. Get a 40% discount.
Step 4 Drive well from 4 years onwards. Receive 50% discount.

However, if the driver is at fault A good history discount will be reduced step by step. For example, if you have a good record of 40 percent and one mistake at a time, the discount will be reduced to 30 percent.

2. Specify the name of the driver.
Car insurance Specify the name of the driver For passenger cars, passenger cars, personal use Can choose to name not more than 2 drivers. The discount will be given according to the age range of the driver from 5 - 20%

Age range and premium discount
18/24 years 5%
25 - 35 years 10%
36 - 50 years 15%
50 years up to 20%

3. First part damage
Car insurance with the method chosen to take some risk to yourself. In the event of damage from an accident at a time This will make it possible to save a part of the insurance premiums. For example, if you choose to buy the first part of the damage by an amount of 2,000 baht, for example, then the insurance premiums will be reduced from the original 4,000 - 5,000 baht depending on the company that provides insurance. But if there is an accident And the wrong party must pay the amount of 2,000 baht / time because this money is a joint liability with the insurance company itself

4. Group discounts
In the case of 3 or more cars of the same name registered Will receive the group section.

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