In times of illness or loss Is a difficult condition and cannot keep up But once he started to compose Therefore realized that himself or someone close to him had insured the life insurance Sometimes the life insurance company will contact the beneficiary of the insurance policy immediately. Or even in times of illness The officer in charge of the policy will contact the insured to assist with expenses. But sometimes the insured or the beneficiary must contact the insurance company or agent to claim the compensation. At this stage, many people do not know what to do. The main procedures for making a claim are as follows:

1. Contact the insurance company as soon as possible.
2. In case the insured passes away Will be divided into cases according to the cause of death as follows
2.1 Dies of disease
Must be notified within 14 days and prepare evidence consisting of
(1) Life insurance policy (In case of loss, report and then copy Daily report missing documents showing instead to the insurance company)
(2) Final receipt
(3) Death certificate of the insured
(4) House registration of beneficiary
(5) Identification card of beneficiary

2.2 Death by self-injury
* Prepare evidence according to 2.1 (1) - (5) by adding
(6) A copy of the daily report of the police officer
(7) Post mortem examination
2.3 Death by accident
* Prepare evidence according to 2.1 (1) - (5) by adding
(6) A copy of the daily report of the police officer
(7) A copy of the journal after returning from the crime scene of the police officer
(8) Post mortem examination
3. In case of medical expenses, disability and organ loss
* Notify the company within 10 days and prepare the following evidences
(1) Fill out the company compensation claim form
(2) Medical expenses receipt stating the start date And the last day for hospitalization
(3) Others, such as x-ray film
4. In the event that the policy is due
In the case of life insurance The type of property that has a refund when the policy is due. To proceed and prepare evidence
(1) Contact the insurance company
(2) Life insurance policy
(3) Identification card of the insured

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