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If in Debt With a Credit Card

What to do if having credit card debt? Is a question arises from a lack of discipline in the use of credit cards and unable to pay for credit cards And will also affect the long-term if you need to apply for a car loan, home loan or other things in the future. Because the name is stuck in the National Credit Bureau (Credit Bureau), but once the problem arises, it must be compelled and resolved. With the way of debt management.

Credit card debt management is that if there is no money to pay. Do not swipe the card Spend less Or equal to available cash only. Full payment and very important. Must be on time. Will help reduce interest expenses Including various fines

Hold a card that suits you For example, if traveling by private car often Should choose to refuel via credit card, give a discount of up to 5%, top up travel expenses of electric trains via credit cards, have special discounts, etc.
Read the statement carefully to review monthly expenditures and know the limits set aside for credit card fees.
Take advantage of Point appropriately. Don't be a promotion victim. Of credit cards, such as 0% installments or just "discount"
For those who have started to have credit card debt Can resolve to reduce debt by getting to know the credit card debt first Must know your own potential of how much credit card debt. Not over For the amount of debt that must be paid by credit card, it should not exceed 10% of the net monthly income or should not exceed 20% of the net income throughout the year. Because it may affect the repayment schedule

The next thing is to pay the debt with high interest rates first, if only with a credit card. Should choose to close the card with a low balance first and gradually close the card with the smallest remaining balance And should open an account that can make a "debit card" instead of "credit card" in order to spend on real money And trying to find ways to increase revenue To pay the debt

Here are some techniques for people who are experiencing the problem of credit card debt. Before thinking of buying a product with a credit card, always be aware that you can carry the burden of full payment next month.

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