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Plan for Business Loans

Doing business that is successful can be In addition to the skill of the management and the team Must also include funds to expand business or develop products to meet the needs of the market with intense competition That source of funds Comes from profits and from financial institutions that give loans to businesses.

Asking for a business loan is not difficult. If there is preparation and know the rules of the request The important step in applying for a loan is to write a business loan plan. If writing is clear, it will affect the consideration of financial institutions. Therefore, good map writing must consist of

1. letter requesting a loan request from a financial institution wishing to apply for a loan

2. Executive information By using data from marketing, production management, and finance to enable financial institutions to see the company's objectives and goals. As well as a plan to achieve the goal Must be placed as a final order in a nutshell With concise content With all important points Don't write too broad or too little.

3. History of the business divided into

3.1 The history of the business is a story about the beginning of a business. And future business goals

3.2 Office locations Or the factory location Including the contact number of the office

3.3 Details of shareholders and executives / Executives' experience Including the expertise of the executives

3.4 Chart of the company structure

3.5 Past performance

4. Purpose of the loan request

4.1 Credit limit requested By separating into types of loans such as working capital loans (O / D)

4.2 Objectives in applying for credit, such as expanding business, expanding factories or increasing financial liquidity, etc.

4.3 Conditions for payment And interest rate

4.4 Collateral presented Collateral value

5. Nature and business structure

5.1 Products and services of the company

5.2 Marketing. Sales sources of main products. Including branches that sell products, etc.

5.3 Target group that wants to expand more

Existing customer groups and channels to increase customer groups
The size of the market needs
Distribution source of the product that reaches the target group
Marketing plans and strategies
5.4 Analysis of market conditions

5.5 Competitors in the same product or service

6. Business financial information: To illustrate the financial source And financial movements of businesses divided into

6.1 Balance sheets - Profit and loss statements (last 3 years)

6.2 Project Financial Projections

6.3 Project financing plan

6.4 Cash flows

6.5 Payback period plan

6.6 Breakeven point plan

6.7 Net present value plan

6.8 Investment return rate plan

7. Various accounting data: Providing accounting data for consideration by financial institutions In order to show sincerity and open the information without financial cloaking

7.1. Financial transactions for the past six months

7.2 Details of existing credit facilities

8. Marketing plan and competitor analysis

8.1 Information of customers who order products or services

The data of 5 major customers, sorted by the largest number of orders
Plans to increase sales from customers
Customer target group plan
8.2 Competitor analysis By analyzing from 3 major competitors as follows

Moments in the market
Market share
Price / plan
Strengths - weaknesses Compare with competitors
8.3 Segmentation of market and target customers

The aforementioned details are an important component in writing a loan request plan. Each financial institution may request additional details than those mentioned in the loan application. Therefore, the applicant should prepare the details.

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