Risky investment Which is a fact that cannot be denied Due to the fluctuating economy Coupled with a lack of understanding about the business of investing Currently, the option for those who are not able to bear the high risk, choose to invest in stocks in different funds or equity securities. That financial institutions are open to those interested can invest according to their wealth Which financial institutions will manage the funds in various stocks When the financial institutions are due, they will pay dividends to the buyers. This type of investment is considered a low-risk investment. But before starting to invest in stocks, must be ready and prepared as follows.

Mental state
Stocks, whether speculative stocks, growth stocks or basic stocks, are subject to risks. Although each stock or each type has different levels of risk, such as the risk of the company itself. If the company has a lot of debt and losses on a regular basis Inevitably has a chance to go bankrupt If that company goes bankrupt Investments in that stock have a zero chance immediately. Another is the fluctuation of stock prices caused by fluctuations in the economy both at home and abroad. That affects the mood of investors in the stock market Investors must know themselves before investing that What level of risk can be accepted? Where can you accept fluctuations and losses? To determine the proportion of investment in shares from the total amount of money available

Studying the information of the companies that make the investment or the information of each stock is necessary to study before investing with every stock and every time. Should study the information of the company that wants to invest in detail Including economic direction information Company news from daily business newspapers Or monthly investment.

Prepare investment
Assessing your own funds is important. And must also know how much money we have available to take the risk or the worst, ready to lose that sum Without having a financial impact on one's own If there is any debt that is still outstanding or that has to be paid by installments Should deal with all liabilities first

The above is a way to prepare before starting to invest in stocks. Above all, investors must study each stock. And complete with consciousness before investing Do not expect too high results.

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