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Shopping is the right way. There are no debt. Many people like shopping wholeheartedly because in addition to allowing us to New items that are trendy for some people. Shopping It is also considered a way to help relieve stress, but of course, if we buy things like forgetting about the money in the pocket. Or buy without a limit May cause debt problems to follow. Which instead of shopping will help reduce stress It turns out to increase the stress after shopping instead. Therefore, a good technique that will allow us to shop without debt, how? Let's see. Shopping is the right way without debt.

Shopping is the right way without debt

- Allocate shopping budgets: May start with surveys and estimate the income we receive each month. Then determine And allocate spending limits In each section clearly By considering first that How much of that thing is necessary, such as clothing, living expenses, social gatherings and savings. How much should be divided each month

- Use credit cards as: Spending via credit card promotions such as discounts, interest-free installments Or accumulating points Is one way to help save more money If spending correctly and modestly, the thing to be aware of is after spending a credit card. The full cost should be paid. And within the deadline To prevent and avoid interest burden

- Slowly get good prices: instant shopping May cause many Once having to sit back and think Do we really need that, and come to feel regret after the purchase, so to make every item bought It's something that we feel value for money. We may slow down purchases by stopping and taking a little thought before buying. May cause us to get things that are really necessary to us or may be cheaper. If waiting to buy while the promotion is taking place at a discounted price

Shopping according to the above techniques Will help you to manage your initial expense plan And can have a happy shopping experience Which will really help to relieve stress.

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