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Step Before Buying Insurance

When deciding to get life insurance Many people do not know how to start. Because too much information Or don't know how to walk to that life insurance company and what to do next Even what documents to prepare In which these doubts have been divided before buying insurance Is a simple procedure that can be done as follows.

1. The first step is to contact life insurance companies directly or through agents or brokers that they know and believe they are reliable.

2. Choose a life insurance plan that is appropriate and in accordance with their needs. Which can be chosen from the advice of staff of life insurance companies or from agents

3. Set the desired insurance limit By considering the monthly income that they receive each month And the ability to send insurance premiums according to the period specified by the insurance policy

4. When deciding the desired insurance plan Fill in details about you in the application for life insurance. By declaring the truth in all respects Especially in the medical history and answering questions correctly about health Because if the insurance company inspects that the information entered is incorrect That insurance policy will be canceled or unable to receive any benefits.

5. If the insurance agent has filled in the information The applicant will check the validity before signing the insurance application form. If the wrong information is found, such as the name of the beneficiary or the name of the insured in error, etc., hurry to complain to the company to correct it.

6. After the insurance company confirms the start of the policy Have the insured pay the life insurance premium every time Can contact to pay at the branch company or by registered mail Or via bank in case of paying through a company representative Every receipt for receipt as per the printed form of the company shall be kept as evidence.

From the above, all steps are taken since the purchase of insurance. Up to the stage of paying the premiums as scheduled Which in each step may have different conditions Depending on the rules of each type of insurance. That may have additional conditions Or requesting specific documents Therefore, before buying insurance, must carefully study information and choose to buy insurance from a trustworthy company or a trusted agent.

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