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Type of Insurance

Getting life insurance is necessary today. Because the life insurance policy can help reduce expenses in the event of an emergency or illness Can also be used for tax deduction Many people are still confused about what type of life insurance is. There are various types of life insurance and the benefits of different coverage. Basically divided into 4 types which are

Lifelong is a form of life insurance that provides lifetime protection. In the event that the insured dies while the policy is in force Life insurance companies will pay the sum insured. For beneficiaries The primary purpose of this type of insurance is to provide funds for the capacity to look after a sponsored person when the insured dies or is disabled. Or as funds for the final illness and funeral costs.

A cumulative life insurance plan is a form of life insurance in which the insurance company will pay the insured amount to the insured when the life of the contract expires. Or pay insurance To the beneficiary when the insured dies within the insurance period Cumulative life insurance is in the form of a combination of life protection and savings. Savings Is the part that the insured receives when the contract is due.

Interim insurance is a form of life insurance that the insurance company will pay to the beneficiary when the insured dies during the insurance period. To protect Premature death This type of insurance does not cover savings. The insurance premium is therefore lower than other insurance schemes and there is no money to be refunded if the insured stays until the end of the contract.

The fixed income plan is a form of life insurance in which life insurance companies pay the same amount consistently to the insured every month. Since the insured retires Or have reached the age of 55 or 60 years as the conditions in the policy specified This regular payment period depends on the needs of the insured to choose to buy.

It can be seen that there are 4 main types of life insurance, but the types of life insurance will have more sub-categories according to the needs of the insurance buyers and the benefits will be different as appropriate. Each person who purchases insurance, so buying insurance must see what we want to buy insurance for. And how long is the premium payment period?

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