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Credit cards are magic cards that help manage important finances. And also helps users to buy the products you want more quickly By bringing cash to pay back the products to the financial institution later. However, the convenience of spending via cards sometimes leads to spending that is more than necessary. And beyond the budget that is available in the wallet And lead to debt

How to use the card correctly is to know how to manage expenses. And understand the scope and importance of using credit cards to buy various products In which an easy method in The use of credit cards from debt as follows

1. Know the scope of their spending And do not use more than they can pay in each billing cycle collected from the cardholder financial institution

2. Know the payment due date And ensure that the financial company that uses the service receives payment from users within the stipulated time.

3. Pay with a minimum minimum rate To maintain the account status as normal But for cards with charge cards Always remember to pay the full amount every month.

4. Keep interest at a fixed rate. By paying a minimum payment at least every month

5. Choose to combine spending together. By choosing methods that provide convenience in spending to yourself Or charge interest at a lower rate

6. Use the online cost checking service. When checking card spending To ensure that all spending is met

7. Avoid cash advance withdrawals. Since you will have to pay the premium It also increases your debt and loan balance. Interest up to 28%

8. Accounting for expenses and expenses within the budget. Check spending lists to control spending patterns.

9. Check the monthly bill regularly. To ensure that there are no wrong transactions

10. Check the credit report from the National Credit Information Company Which sent to cardholders annually by mail that the credit information is correct And also helps to ensure that the financial company that uses the service Use accurate data for analysis. Credit card users will receive the transaction annually, without any charge.

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