"Why should I get insurance? When life is happy Healthy body Does not suffer anything Why are you in debt? "
This is the saying of those who look at insurance as a matter. But in reality, we should not overlook insurance. Since we don't know what will happen tomorrow If having an accident, must go to the hospital for treatment, where will the money be used as medical expenses? When the children grow up, they will take the money they gave to their studies to finish college.

Therefore, insuring is not a bad thing. In addition, there are currently many insurance policies. And cheap insurance premiums Therefore it should be appropriate to look for insurance Beginning with getting to know various insurance forms. Why should I get insurance?
1. Endowment
Is the most popular type Because it is the policy that can receive the maximum coverage benefit, which is, if the loss of life before the end of the contract is received Or at the end of the contract, receive money Therefore is the insurance scheme that is the best value.

2. Annuity
It is the type when the insurer reaches 55 years or 60 years, will receive a regular installment payment (pension) equal to the age of 85 and over and receive the pension back when the insurance premium is paid in full according to the contract.

3. Term
Coverage according to specified credit lines and time limits If the insured does not complete the contract will not receive money.

4. Whole life (Whole life)
Provides coverage to the end when the insured dies Regardless of the age at which, if 99 or 100 years of age are still alive, the coverage will end and the company will refund the sum insured to That insured person immediately.

After seeing the initial picture How the insurance scheme is useful Should make the decision to buy the type of insurance easier Must not forget that insurance is for an unpredictable future.

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