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How to Have a Home

The definition of a house is a place to stay when staying tired and family. But regardless of who would define it House is one factor that everyone dreams of having a house. But with the current house price Even starting at over 1 million baht, the house is still an obstacle for the salaryman who wants to have a house. The salary man then turned to buy a condo or rent a cheap apartment. Even though it is the same accommodation But when having a family and having children, have to widen the floor The right residence is therefore a home.

When concluded to buy a house But what to do when there are millions of money Those looking for a house should study the information thoroughly and should not immediately make a purchase. Because the house will be the place where we live most of our lives Should start from Know the price of the house that you want to buy. Then calculate other liabilities that are currently being paid off, such as cars, electric appliances, etc., which should not exceed 1 in 3 of the salary.
Then, if wanting to have a house, what to do?
After assessing whether you can definitely bear the increased debt, the next step must be to check the interest rates of all financial institutions that provide loans for home loans. Each financial institution has different interest rates and conditions. Including the period of installment payment

In terms of interest: Each financial institution will specify the qualifications of home loan borrowers and the interest rates vary according to the risk of each group of borrowers. Business direction And financial costs of financial institutions In most cases, the interest rates on home loans are usually fixed at first. And change to a floating rate later By using reference rates such as MLR, MRR, which may be reduced or increased, such as MLR-2%, based on the borrower's risk as well. In addition, the borrower will have additional costs involved, such as survey fees And assess the value of collateral Mortgage mortgage fee, transfer fee

Therefore, if wanting to have a home Have to answer yourself whether you are ready or not, with a huge debt in the long run. If ready, then should start by researching as much information as possible To not be a burden to your future family members.

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