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Want to Use Urgent Money Where Should I Request a Loan

In unpredictable economic conditions Loans are a way out for individuals who need urgent money to spend and business entrepreneurs who need urgent money to spend in businesses. The loan itself is both good and bad. As for loans from financial institutions, they must choose a loan that meets their needs. And the qualifications of the loan applicant Must match the conditions set by the financial institution

Sometimes we have an urgent need to use money or emergencies. In the case that the savings do not have Or for some people, even though they have some savings, but when looking at the existing savings, it appears that it is not enough for the amount to be spent Turns to borrow friends or relatives, do not dare Money matters are sometimes off the ground. If it is necessary to borrow money from other people, it is embarrassing, or if we have other expenses suddenly, causing us to pay the debt late, it may bully friends and relatives.

If not necessary, we would not want to owe anyone, right? But as our lives are uncertain Sometimes something unexpected happens. When we didn't make it in time, we had to be in debt. Also have the need to use urgent money with him Even though the heart doesn't want it If giving an example, for example, a family member has a sudden illness Or unexpected unemployment What to do when life goes on But the question is Then the expenses and money that need to be urgently needed. Where should we go?
As mentioned above, loan applicants must choose a loan that meets their needs. And each financial institution has different types of loans Initially, we have compiled data. Interest rate Of loans from various financial institutions To be an alternative way of making decisions during urgent money needs And is a legal urgent money.
If our limitation is to express money It means that we need a loan that can be approved quickly. And has a greater chance of approval than the rejection Because I don't have time Therefore, we should look for loans that are personal loans. Unsecured Interest may be a bit high But the chances of being approved are also greater Normal bank loans often have quite a long process for applying and approving. If it is urgent, you may choose to apply for a loan with a company that is non-financial Increasing the chances of approval

We may consider ways to request urgent loans from banks. Financial institutions or non-financial operators, which are channels that should be approved easily and quickly. Conclude that I would like to summarize in a number to make it easier to read that if wanting to use the express money Where should I request a loan?

Change the limit on the credit card being held into a loan
This method is the easiest loan. Because it's not a new loan request But changing our credit card limit to ready-to-use credit Cash card or installment cards can also be used for this method. The procedure for changing the remaining credit limit for a credit card may vary. But it will be quicker than requesting a new loan, which must submit an application together with all new evidences for approval The method is to call the bank staff that we hold credit cards or cash cards. To ask if there is a program to change the credit limit in the card to personal loans or other forms of credit or not and if there are details and procedures

Cash card
A cash card is a way to request an emergency credit line for emergency cash at an ATM. Is a loan that is easy to apply, fast approval, has rules, easy to apply If we meet the requirements of the financial institution, for example some financial institutions have card approval easily Only the applicant has completed filing documents. Can wait for approval within 1 day. When receiving the cash card, can immediately press emergency cash from the ATM

Choosing to apply for a cash card with a non-bank operator is more likely to be approved and faster than the bank. Criteria and conditions for applying are easier, such as income. If applying for a cash card with the bank, there must be a minimum income. 10,000-15,000 baht per month while applying with non-bank operators such as AEON or Yume Plus, with a minimum income of just 7,000-8,000 baht per month can apply

For people who already have a cash card But use to press cash to the full limit When wanting to use emergency money Call the card issuer to request an increase in the amount of cash. Requests for additional credit limits for cash cards are both temporary and permanent. We consider whether our emergency needs are either short-term or long-term. In order to request a credit line increase for purposes

If requesting to temporarily increase the credit limit, you can do it yourself via the automated system or contact the bank's call center or card issuer. Whether or not we are approved for an increase in credit line depends on our past payment history. If the debt history has never been broken There is a timely payment, never late, the chances of getting an approval for a credit line increase also. As for the temporary increase of credit limit, most banks will not ask for any additional documents. Suitable for those who want to use emergency money in the short term

Request to permanently increase the limit is to increase the limit forever. We must contact the bank branch directly. Along with submitting important documents for consideration In most cases, requesting a permanent credit line increase often requires additional income documents for the bank to consider. But not always. Sometimes, just having a good payment history, the bank can approve a permanent credit limit increase as well. As for the permanent credit limit increase, most have conditions that cardholders press cash must hold the card for a period of not less than 6 months. Some card issuers set a 1 year period. The credit card issuer's limit will not exceed 5 business days, but most are sooner. When we receive an SMS confirming that the limit has been approved Will be able to use the increased amount immediately.

Personal Loan / Multipurpose Loan
Personal loans are another way to get instant loans. This type of loan is unsecured loan. Once approved, will receive a lump sum immediately. It can be a check or a bank transfer to be used for the purpose of requesting a loan. Personal loan

Personal loans, once approved, will receive a lump of money equal to the approved amount. But the repayment period will be paid in equal installments according to the period specified in the contract, such as 3 years or 5 years, etc. The interest that is calculated is a reduced interest rate

If wanting to use emergency money urgently, should choose to apply with a non-bank operator. Will receive approval faster and with less approval procedures and rules than banks, such as AEON cards that are both cash press cards Installment cards and personal loans too.
Or will be an express loan program Banks often have instant loan programs offered to customers. (Depending on the policy) If you want a quick loan, then have to look for a loan program that says that there are some banks that offer This method is suitable for those who are confident in their qualifications that meet the bank loan conditions. Has a high chance of being approved No matter Whether it is income, service life, or a history of credit bureau, such as Citi personal loans Of Citibank Which emphasizes not having people or property guaranteed And approve quickly.

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