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How Far Can a Cat Fall Without Being Injured?

The highest fall survived by a cat, which escaped with just a chipped tooth, was from the 32nd floor of a high-rise – more than 100 metres up. If a cat falls from a height upsidedown, it can turn itself around as it falls within just a few metres. To do so, the moggy uses an ingenious trick: as soon as it falls, it stretches its back legs out as far as possible and draws its front paws close to its body. Then it repeats the manoeuvre in reverse order: it stretches out its front paws and draws its hind legs inwards, rotating the rest of its body in the process. To ensure a safe landing the feline ends by hunching its spine and stretching out all four legs from itself. This technique lessens the impact like a shock absorber in a car’s suspension – and hitting the ground is a breeze. A cat acquires this positional reflex from an age of just 39 days.

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