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Are you looking for the best lawn edger? In this topic, we will top lawn edgers on the market.

1. BLACK+DECKER LE750 Edge Hog
If you have a small-sized garden that is in desperate need of a quick trim, then the Black + Decker LE750 Edge Hog Edger and Trencher is a great choice. It is a versatile gardening tool that can keep your lawn edges looking perfectly manicured, and ti can also be converted into a trencher for digging clean looking trenches when you are reshaping your flower bed, or for installing lighting or invisible dog fencing. As well as being lightweight and easy to use, it has the power you need with a strong 11 amp 2-1/4 HP motor that can produce 150 in-lbs of torque for cutting through tough grass. The edger has a 7-1/2 inch blade with a 3/16 inch thickness that will give you a clean and tidy cutting action for edging along hard surfaces like driveways. The 3-position adjustable blade depth provides you with greater control over how deep you need to cut in and around garden beds and trees. One of the highlights of this edger is the Right or Left Handed Assist Handle that is designed to give that extra flexibility for maneuvering in tight spots

2. GreenWorks 27032 12 Amp 7.5 Inch Lawn Edger
The Greenworks 27032 Lawn Edger has a lot of attractive features that make it the ideal power tool for cutting and manicuring a small yard. Greenworks has designed this bright green edger with a solid, but lightweight design, which makes it very easy to use and control. You do not have to worry about struggling with a ripcord as the edger can be started with just a press of a button. The edger has a powerful 12-amp motor and a 7.5-inch double-edged blade that can cut up to 1.5 inches deep, and the blade can be adjusted according to the thickness and size of the grass, which gives you an overall precise and smooth cut. The edger is well balanced with three wheels, two larger wheels at the back and a spring-assisted front wheel, which also helps to guide the edger and helps you to maintain the correct depth of cut in the lawn. As well as an extendable shaft that you can adjust according to your desired height, the edger has a secondary handle that gives you that much-needed maneuverability when you have to negotiate small flower beds or for when you are working with thick grass. Another handy feature is the cord lock that prevents the extension cord from disconnecting.

3. McLane 801 5.50GT Gas Powered 9 Inch Lawn Edger
If you have a medium to large-sized property and are looking for a professional style edger that can provide you with an excellent edging performance, then the McLane 801 5.50GT Gas-powered Edger is your best choice. The McLane edger will make light work of all those gardening manicuring tasks as it is powered by a strong Briggs and Stratton 3.5 horsepower engine that provides 4.74 gross torque for superior cutting and trimming power. It is ideal for tougher cutting and edging tasks as the 9-inch edging blade and single level blade clutch gives you greater control over the depth of cut. You can choose to use a deeper cut when you are edging along flower beds or for a lighter cut when you are trimming along the sidewalk. The sturdy edger is well designed with a strong steel frame, and the four large 8-inch rubber replaceable wheels with ball bearings give you that extra maneuverability and control for uneven terrain. An extra advantage of the McLane edger is that it can be used in California as it is CARB compliant.

4. Ariens 986101 169cc Gas 9 inch Wheeled Lawn Edger
The Ariens Wheeled Lawn Edger is a solid and well-built gardening machine that offers you a high-quality cutting and trimming performance for almost any edging task in your garden. The secret to its powerful performance is the 6 horse powered smooth-running 169cc Subaru four-cycle engine. This edger is an edging maestro with a 9-inch blade makes deep cuts, and the four position cutting height system with 110-degree rotation, makes it the ideal tool for edging, trimming and beveling your lawn into perfection. If you need to keep the grass neatly trimmed along your driveway or sidewalk, the “curb hop” feature can help you maintain a continuous and precise cut. Although the Ariens edger is quite heavy, it is still easy to maneuver over uneven ground due to the easy grip twin handle, and the blade can be lowered with just a touch of a button.

5. WORX WG175 32-volt Lithium MAX
This innovative power edging tool from WORX can be used as an edger, a line trimmer, and even as a mini mower for small to medium-sized yards. It can be easily converted from a line strimmer into an edger without any tools. So after you have finished trimming your lawn, all you have to do is pull and detach the trimming head, attach the edger tool, turn to lock and hey presto! You have converted the tool into an edger. The trimmer/edger has a generous 12-inch cutting swath with a single-line feed, and the in-line wheels and the dual-function flower spacer guard helps you to guide the edger along the borders of your driveway or around flower beds for precise landscaping action, while also protecting delicate foliage.

The highlights of this trimmer/edger are the strong 32-Volt max lithium power battery that gives you very good battery life. The lightweight telescopic shaft is adjustable and the cutting head can be tilted 90 degrees, so it can trim in between rocks and other hard to reach places around your garden. For that extra maneuverability and operator comfort, the edger has a front auxiliary handle with 7 locking adjustments. Once you buy the WORX trimmer/edger, you will be able to trim and edge your lawn to perfection in no time at all.


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