Top 5 Best Tool Belt 2020

Top 5 Best Tool Belt 2020

Are you looking for the best tool belt? In this topic, we will top tool belts on the market.

1. Occidental Leather 8089 M

This contractor grade seven bag framer set has plenty of storage in several easy-to-access compartments. Additional loops allow you to carry hammers and other large tools without cluttering pouch space. The entire rig has a total of 22 pockets and holders and is made up of industrial abrasion-resistant nylon (pouches) and leather (belt and holders) for incredible durability. Each tool bag is padded and two-ply to ensure they don’t lose their shape, even under heavy use. Additionally, the base is a 3-inch ranger work belt,and the three attachment modules can be removed or rearranged to make a better personal fit.

One of the most amazing things about this made-in-the-USA belt is just how many survive for a decade or more. There’s space to add a few additional holders, although most people find the included storage provides plenty of room. While a bit pricey, the durability and versatility of the 8089 make it perhaps the best framing tool belt currently on the market. Tool placement will always be an issue for some people, as no belt is perfect. The good news is that you can rearrange the components to better suit your needs. The bad news is that some tools will still be tough to grab if you have larger hands.

2. Gatorback B145

When thinking about tool belts, comfort usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Gatorback’s B145 proves that the top tool belt doesn’t need to be a test in endurance. A patented air channel design and ultra-breathable foam backing help keep you cooler on a hot day. The extra padding also means you feel less strain from full bags. Comfort doesn’t mean sacrificing durability, and the B145 is poof. All stress points on this 1250 DuraTek nylon belt are both riveted and bar tacked. The pouches also have an interior plastic lining to help them keep a box shape that stays open.

All told, there are a total of 16 pockets. This belt has plenty of space in the larger pouches, making it a great choice for working away from the toolbox. The default setup is easily rearranged to help you put every tool in an ideal spot. Best of all, owners of this belt confirm that it really is one of the most comfortable tool belts to wear. Despite being comfortable overall, a few people have found the material to be too coarse for them and had to add softer material to the backs of the pouches. Beyond that, the biggest complaint is with the small pouches being sometimes too small for the intended tools.

3. DeWalt DG5617

This combo apron tool belt has yoke-style suspenders to make even a full load of tools feel  lightweight. The tool belt suspenders have Dri-Lex 5-inch padded shoulder straps for increased comfort, and a patented pouch handle means both easy adjustments and carrying. Storage also isn’t an issue with this belt, as it has 9 main pockets (including a dedicated speed square pocket), 11 smaller pockets, carabiner, zippered storage pocket, hammer loop, padded cell phone holder, and utility knife pocket. DeWalt’s reputation for quality doesn’t end with tools, as evidenced by this belt. Owners claim it’s comfortable, roomy, and perhaps the best carpenter’s tool belt overall. While this isn’t a cheap tool belt, the price is well worth it. There seems to be a problem with two different qualities of belt being sold. Some individuals are receiving quality metal connectors for the suspenders, but others appear to be getting cheap plastic ones. Try to verify you aren’t going to be getting the latter by purchasing this product through a reputable retailer.

4. Bucket Boss 50200

While it might seem like a small tool belt compared to some of the others in this list, the 50200 is perfect for a handyman, contractor, or even a plumber (although many of the latter prefer carrying a bulky toolbox). Built to be abused, this belt features a blended material, 600d poly material ripstop, steel buckled belt with monster grommets, and a heavy web hammer loop for even the largest framing hammers. 12 large-capacity pockets can carry a wide range of supplies and are adjustable to help fit the things you want with you. This is an excellent tool belt for the price, and holds up really well under constant use. Many handymen modify the pockets to hold smaller items, although this isn’t essential for getting your money’s worth out of this rig. While there’s no issue carrying most of your tools, there aren’t enough hoops for some of the bigger items, such as a cats paw. Also, this has a big belt that might need additional holes added for smaller waists.

5. Occidental Leather 9596

The 9596 is probably the best leather electrician’s tool belt available today. Adjustable for the perfect fit in both belt and bag position, the belt features tool pouches designed with electricians in mind. Individual holders allow you to keep all of your pliers and other tools neatly organized and instantly accessible. Not only does this rig have plenty of space (there are a total of 31 pockets and holders), but first-time owners have been surprised at how comfortable it feels. A few of the pouches seem more aimed at carpenters, making this great as a general-purpose tool belt for handymen and plumbers.

Best of all, the belt holds up well to abuse, making it a great pick for both professionals and amateurs alike. It seems counter-intuitive, but while this belt is fully adjustable, the pouches cannot be removed. This can pose a lot of problems if you need your tools arranged differently or would prefer a different pouch setup. For this reason, a lot of owners get their’s customized to suit their needs at a good leather or shoe repair shop. Also, according to the manufacturer, the tool belt can be adjusted for a 32″ to 40″ waist size but numerous users just outside that size range noted that it fit them just fine.

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