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10 Things That Lead to Poverty

10 Things That Lead to Poverty

Ability, diligence, desire, knowledge, education, these are all things that will help us succeed in our career. Or in personal life Including all aspects of life, even today, we still do not reach the dream that we set But on the way We are able to set up a plan to achieve our goals.
No one who wants to be born must be in financial poverty. Everyone desires to have a better life, but poverty is the driving force for us to endure and pursue our career success and the way we live it. Enough because of the 10 things that are said below Are all things that will stop you from reaching your dreams And are all things that lead you to poverty, which consists of 10 things that lead to poverty

Lack of financial goals There is no clear financial plan. Especially money saving plans that are not clearly set a goal for each month to save And sometimes, even if already set clear goals for how much to save each month But by the end of the month, the money in that part was used instead of saving that part.

There is no discipline in saving. From the above, when there is a clear target Savings will not happen without discipline and consistency. Finally, when you lack discipline in saving You will not be able to create financial stability at all. Because of lack of discipline
Extravagant, want everything When something is not necessary for you at all Or something that you already have You return to buy more. At the end of the month Instead of deducting money from savings You instead use the savings to buy the things you want. The extravagance or the lack of disillusionment can no doubt lead to poverty.

Incurring credit card debt Having a credit card is a problem for you and the penalty if you can't manage the expenses you spend each month. Using a credit card to the full limit in each month Causing an increased burden of monthly payments Until finally you choose to pay the minimum amount And eventually lead to credit card debt.

Mostly lost to the brand-name traps of people today, bags, clothes must be famous products or brand-name Although the bags or clothes of famous brands are of better quality than other brands But if you are a person who does not have a high income Should not be used to buy It should be better to buy with the savings you have collected. Should not decide to buy immediately once the salary is released Because that month will cause you to have to take out reserves to be used to lose face And the savings you save are reduced. Therefore, the savings you save will not have any benefit if you use the savings with luxury goods.

Weekly society is a society that likes to be festive. Although working tiring throughout the week will make us want to rest or relax with a party. But the weekend gatherings also increase the cost Should reduce the number of gatherings to just once a month should be enough But if wanting to rest and feel comfortable with the bag, then should try to buy a movie to watch at home on weekends, it should be another good option.

Gambling is undermining financial security. The most obvious is that gambling of any form can damage your finances within a short amount of time. Should avoid getting involved in all forms of gambling But should use the money to gamble as a savings better
Create debt, whether it be an installment payment, a car installment, a home installment or whatever, but which can be paid in. You can pay in installments even if your income is not enough to spend each month. When deducting various installments If your income is not ready to create debt. Should avoid being customers of various installments

Lazy. This is a habit of each person. Laziness never makes anyone rich. Will see that those without knowledge but diligent will never starve But knowledgeable people but laziness does not succeed in financial duties. Financial duplication has only decreased.
This desire may be similar to inadequacy. Want what we don't need Want to go to everything other people have By not thinking about the usage of whether it can be used or not Once purchased, only use a few times and then stop using.

Out of 10 signs that lead to poverty, all of the above are true facts. We know for sure what to do to not incur debt and additional income. But we tend to be obsessed with objects or beautiful things that are not eternal. Although some things may have mental value. But we must always be aware that we can buy or not. When to buy and when to save, don't lack discipline, set clear goals and strictly follow your goals.

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