Credit Card Addiction Symptoms

Credit Card Addiction Symptoms

Hoping to get more benefits from existing cards Of course, the benefits that come with a new card are better than the old card that is held. But have you already asked yourself whether The benefits that you will receive How often do you get And the terms and conditions of the privileges. What are the conditions for obtaining the benefits? If you consider that the old card has similar benefits It is not necessary to apply more. Because this would create an unconscious debt.

Credit card addiction symptoms This symptom is obvious. When you start paying with a minimum credit card And every card that you have Every card limit You therefore choose to pay the minimum amount. Until debt increased Even if you didn't pay the minimum amount But another symptom of suggesting that you are addicted to credit cards is You choose to use a credit card to pay for products every time. Even if that product is only worth a hundred dollars But you use the card to pay Even if it's not against the principles of using the card But if you use the card every time Often with hundreds of products When combined, there is a high cost.

Apply for more cards With the old card still unable to pay all the debt The number of credit cards you should have is 2, which is more than enough. Why do you have 2? Only one ticket But if the credit limit is full or the card is damaged, you can still use another card to pay for goods and services instead.

Therefore, the symptoms of addiction to credit cards Start by thinking that you can carry the burden of debt each month. Or decide to agree to be a servant credit card debt with continuous minimum payments Until interest increases every day Or more heavily, is not repaying But let the financial institution sue Which is something that should not be done Members, readers who are facing debt conditions Should hurry to manage all liabilities Or hurry to talk to the financial institution to enter into debt restructuring and find a joint solution And ways to think about applying for more cards Stop doing that But go back to pay off all debts first Do not incur any debt until it cannot be resolved.

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