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Is There a Secret Ocean Under the Earth?

Is There a Secret Ocean Under the Earth?

As John McNeill steps into his lab at the University of Alberta, little does he know that he is about to discover a hidden ocean. He’s been handed samples collected near a diamond mine in Brazil. Now one of them, a tiny diamond weighing just 0.09g, lies under his spectroscope and what he’s about to see takes McNeill’s breath away.

Hidden in the gemstone is ringwoodite, a mineral formed under great pressure. Where? In the cosmos or deep in the Earth. Analysis shows that 1.4% of the mineral comprises molecules of water. With this discovery, experts can prove that a giant ocean exists 700km beneath North America. Scientists now believe that large quantities of the world’s water began life deep inside the Earth.

Geologist Steve Jacobsen speaks of 4.2 billion cubic kilometres of water under North America alone – more than three times the volume of all the world’s oceans. Were these water masses to rain down on Earth, only the highest mountains in the world would still be visible above the super oceans created.

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