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Want Money to Invest

Want Money to Invest

Growth in doing business must start by setting goals for what you want to achieve in doing business. Some people aim to expand branches Some people aim to expand the business to wait for the opening of the AEC, or some people have a small dream of wanting to quit their regular jobs to run a small private business, such as selling clothes or importing cosmetics.

Nowadays, teenagers have started to develop their own businesses while working. And is becoming popular because the channel of selling products can be easily done with a tool called Social Network such as Facebook that acts as a product link with customers easily And free of charge Many people are also successful. Many people fail But there are some people who want to jump into a small business of their own But lacking funds Getting a financial institution is quite difficult because there is no collateral. Then what to do.

Want to borrow money to invest But there is no collateral. What to do?
As the author is one who has a dream to have their own business as well. Therefore would like to share for those who are thinking about leaving their work to do business Should stop thinking first Don't forbid dreams But would like you to think about the family round to work first, but dream, try to become a hobby to stay and earn more than sitting in the same place and then leaving.

The first is that you already know what to do. And what you are going to do is how skilled and savvy you are. The second is that you have sufficient reserves to spend during your period of inactivity. If you don't have trouble getting your home, then go ahead, but I don't support asking for money from home. Because he didn't follow his dreams. But follow social trends.
Thirdly, if you don't have funds yet To work first And find a channel to start from a small place, sell products through various social networks that allow you to advertise and sell products You are only responsible for accepting orders, delivering products and posting new products.

The fourth is to do it even if you don't have the funds yet. But don't borrow money from a financial institution Because they don't let you recover Because you don't have securities Or trade registration What you can do is start to follow the path that you have laid. Begin to study the market and ways to bring your products to your target group as directly as possible.
At all Starting a private business Naturally cannot succeed in one month Like Rome, which was not built in one day, as well as Zhuge Liang, who think many wise. But lost the battle many times But you can learn from mistakes And keep walking towards your dream target Think big but start small.

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