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Where is the Biggest Listening Facility in the World?

Where is the Biggest Listening Facility in the World?

In China, the biggest and most sensitive radio telescope in the world is nearing completion. State broadcaster China Central Television has published the first drone images of the 500m-diameter FAST (Five-hundred-metre Aperture Spherical Telescope) currently under construction in the Guizhou province in southwestern China. FAST will be 200 metres wider than the previous record holder, a radio telescope in Puerto Rico. The telescope will operate in the radio frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum where they can detect and collect data on radio sources. Using this method FAST will be in a position to receive  particularly weak or distant signals up to ten light years away – and could therefore search for intelligent life outside of our galaxy. The cost of the huge building project has already spiralled to around 1.2 billion Yuan ($258 million). Construction began in March 2011 and should be completed in 2016.

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