Top 15 Scary Videos That'll Freak You Out Bro

15. Invasion Thwarted
This not-so-smart intruder’s attempted entering was thwarted by a much smarter doorbell. When this stranger attempted to break into this home in Sydney's Hills District where a woman and her child were alone inside. The man is captured on several security cameras staking out the premises, ringing the doorbell and waiting, before peering into the windows and trying the door handle several times. When the homeowner finally responds to the man’s attempted break-in via the ring doorbell, the homeowner’s voice obviously scares the man, who quickly rushes off, apologizing and claiming he had the “wrong house.” There’s nothing better than outsmarting an intruder. Hopefully, he didn't try again later.

14. Out of the Sky
A loud sound blares throughout. Not sure if it’s an alarm, or what? The streak of red light sparks like fireworks and then dissipates, we assume being stopped by the C-RAM, as the title claims. Redditors in the comments find it in action to be pretty incredible but equally frightening. I have to say that I agree.

13. Phantom Trespasser
You might consider calling the cops on the intruder trespassing on your property at night… but when it turns out to be this woman, maybe you should call a ghost hunter instead. Posted to Twitter by Daniela Garro, she writes in Spanish, “OK my parents have a security company and how about the officials of a condominium have just passed them a HEAVY video of what happened last night.” The video shows a large yard with a small pool. In the distance, a woman dressed in white crosses the property. She has long dark hair and moves steadily forward, until she’s closer to the camera. She strides across, clearly on a mission. And that mission is to evaporate in plain sight. The phantom trespasser disappears into the night as she rounds a corner. What does she want here? And where did she go? All questions and no answers. Perhaps that’s what we’re supposed to have.

12. Intruder
A Ring camera caught yet another attempted intruder in the act. Actually, this time, two. Published to YouTube in a Ring cam video by Full Moon Crazies in July of 2019, the surveillance camera was placed behind a lamp and captures a pair of thieves going into a home during the Christmas season. The thieves are partially hiding their faces with their hoodies, and they seem to spy the Ring camera right away, as they look directly at it. After gathering some backpacks, likely filled with the taken goods, one of the intruders can be seen knocking the camera down to avoid its capturing further incriminating footage, but he didn’t totally succeed: two more intruders are caught on camera entering the room from the hallway. The clip ends without further explanation. These intruders more than likely made off like bandits, but we can only hope this video evidence was enough to catch them. Either way, this cost them Christmas, as they were sure to end up on Santa’s naughty list.

11. Footsteps in the Mine
You’re exploring a dark underground mine. Water dripping, echoes, silence. And then you hear this…Posted to the r/Ghosts subreddit by u/rezzurict, the Redditor was on an adventure through the Disodo Mine in Arizona when he heard what he describes as “footsteps on wood" coming from deep within the tunnel. He says he and his crew were the only ones there at the time. Would you hightail it out of there, or wait to see who or what was approaching? While most in the comments are already racing for the hills, Redditor Jd250f offers a potential explanation. He writes, “When I was a kid, I lived up in Tennessee right on an old mine used by the town for storing stuff in the early 1800s and I would often hear sounds like these. Although Jd says that he doesn’t personally believe in ghosts, he also admits to sensing the presence of pain and suffering in a place. On another note, the Redditor felt “angry and hostile vibes” in the place and insisted that it felt like something terrible had occurred in that mine, and he didn’t want to know what it was. He also notes that his stepfather felt he couldn’t breathe at one point, and not from overexertion. Do you think this can be explained naturally? Or is something haunting this mining tunnel? Wherever you stand, myself and most agree that this is one of the creepiest videos posted.

10. Demonic Choir Girl
Heavenly harmonies sound haunting. This one may actually be. Published to YouTube in June of 2020, this clip comes from a video that’ll give you nightmares, according to the Portuguese title. This clip is gaining traction in the Spanish-and Portuguese-speaking YouTube  communities, and after watching, you’ll know exactly why it’s become so popular. The footage shows a children’s choir practicing, led by their enthusiastic conductor. They’re likely preparing to perform for their parents in a Christmas program, judging by their Santa hats. At first, all seems normal. Nothing out of place. That is, until the shot zooms in on this child, who appears to be experiencing something out of the norm. The girl with long black hair leans her head back, as if her actions are out of her control. She appears possessed, and her face, blurred to begin with, even disappears at some points, like it’s erased from the video altogether. The young girl dips her head back several times in this manner, which is plenty of cause for concern, but it’s her seeming to vanish from the footage only to reemerge that’s especially creepy. Is this girl possessed? Can the vanishing act be somehow explained? Whatever is happening here, one thing’s for sure: it’s freaky.

9. The Baby Monitor
Have you ever seen videos on social media that were so concerning that you considered calling the cops? A Redditor explains that this days-old TikTok account is posting disturbing videos. He writes that the video’s “creator” keeps posting 15-second clips over several days and that neither viewers nor the platform appear to have alerted authorities. The clip posted by MANDY, shows a woman on a baby cam crying while having her hair brushed by a man. When her head droops, he lifts her chin back up to face the camera. Some in the comments say that it’s so creepy, they can’t even watch. Excitedkoalas29 mentions, “If ya’ll look at the people they’re following, this starts to look like a new horror account. They’re following a lot of verified users, as well as celebrities.. that’s always a good sign that it’s fake.” Although koalas says he isn’t trying to discredit the clip, which could potentially be real, we hope that he is right that it’s some sort of horrible horror fiction. Other clips posted by MANDY show the girl as well. In one of them, the girl is ringing her hands before being fed something from a man offscreen who then pets her hair. Another clip shows her rocking back and forth and, in yet another, she seems to be eating something off the ground. Redditor julamad weighs in, “the content is gross one way or another and needs to be reported to the authorities” If this is real, then I definitely agree. But as the other Redditor pointed out, there’s a good chance it isn’t.

8. Creeper at the End of the Bed
What if that figure you sometimes see out of the corner of your eye is really there? Posted to the r/Ghosts subreddit by u/malakaijamess, The clip shows the pregnant woman’s blanketed belly Across the screen are the words, “My heart is actually breaking.” But it’s at the very end of the clip that your heart doesn’t break but starts beating rapidly. Redditor QualiteaSpook_Emi sums up: “I didn't notice the head popping up at the end of the video the first time I watched this, what the [heck] is that??” The Redditor says her sister didn’t even notice the shadow creeping up until she watched the clip back. The Redditor says that her sister is fine, nothing bad happened to her, and no further weirdness occurred in her last week at this house. She did mention, however, that she felt heaviness there, like someone or something was stalking her. Another redditor, LinkNaDescricao, also points out the glowing pinpricks in the darkened doorway at the beginning of the clip – like eyes in the darkness. While some call fake on this video due to the abrupt ending, as many note, this was a snapchat which may be the reason for the seemingly premature cut. Others think it’s the ghost of the former pet, which the Redditor has noted was a cat with black fur. Sounds suspiciously superstitious.

7. Masked Man
This video reminds us that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Ring doorbell videos emerged in uptown New Orleans revealing a masked man attempting to enter area homes. In one of these videos, he is captured on film checking the doors to see if they’re open. And as it would turn out, this wasn’t his first attempt. The resident of the latest attempt, Casey Urschel, discovered the scary incident after checking his Ring doorbell surveillance. That’s the first time he saw the potential intruder on his front porch at 3:30 in the morning. He told WWLTV: “Really creepy knowing it was the night before and didn’t wake up when it happened…Probably just trying to get into the house to break in and see if he could get anything.” Describing the man’s creepy mask as “something you’d get at a Halloween store,” the resident also noted that the wannabe intruder was wearing gloves and carrying something indistinguishable. When he shared this on social media, others shared their own. Some clips were from a month previous, which means this wasn’t the masked villains' first rodeo. The police department urged others to report similar incidents so they could further investigate. As for Urschel, he notes the importance of locking up at night. You never know who might come knocking…

6. Home Alone
What’s scarier than being home alone? When you think you are…but you’re actually not. Posted to the r/chillsnarrator subreddit by u/Amydancingagain, the Redditor explains that she was home alone and making a TikTok video when she started hearing noises. She writes, “I heard banging noises from the spare room we use for storage, no one else was home and there seems to also be a weird humming noise.” The clip appears to be taken in Amy’s room. Although faint, you can hear knocking and banging noises in the background. The strange humming sound could be a car passing or some sort of vehicular noise, but as for the banging, who knows? “Can you hear that?” Amy asks. Yes, Amy, we can. Time to take a leaf out of Macaulay Culkin’s book and start setting up some booby traps.

5. Apparition
Filmed at the Holy Love apparition site, the video shows two statues in a field backlit by the sun. Those getting the footage get closer to the statues. In the close-up, the statues’ eyes appear to be blinking. While it could be an effect of the sunlight, it looks like the statue is legitimately opening and closing its eyes. Of course there are some believers in the comments, and then there are some doubting the whole incident, as well. So, YouTubers: is this a miracle? Or just an optical illusion?

4. Paranormal Intruder
What hides in the shadows can oftentimes be shadows themselves. Posted to the r/chillsnarrator subreddit by u/megowhite, the Redditor explains that she and her husband were away from home over a weekend and set up the motion-detector Alfred camera app in their room for surveillance. When they returned from their trip, they were met with this unusual and terrifying video. The clip shows a fuzzy bedroom backdropped by a doorway with either a light on beyond or a natural source of light casting inside the other room. That light shifts as something is apparently moving enough to set off the motion sensor. In fact, that something appears to pass right across the doorway, blocking out the light beyond for a moment. You cannot make out a distinct figure; it’s more like a shadow or a vague – or even invisible – figure that still somehow manages to distort the light. There is definite movement, but from what, we can’t know for sure. Redditor JayJay740 asks if there was an intrusion, to which meg answers that all the doors and windows were locked and nothing was missing. She also notes that strange things have been occurring in this house for the matter of months. Like what? Meg explains,“We always see a shadow walking out of the office thru the wall into my closet and  i always thought I was seeing things until we caught this on camera.” She also says in another comment that her kids have heard people talking, and her two year old has even started laughing at something in empty rooms of the home. A Redditor writes, “That’s actually genuinely creepy.” Of course, as with every potentially paranormal clip, you have your insect theories, but most agree that the clip looks legit and not edited or fake. What do you think? Are you freaked out? I certainly am.

3. The Purge
 You head outside for a nice, peaceful evening stroll, when you encounter this. Posted to TikTok by @daniella.duque, the uploader says in the clip, “Something ... happened that changed my life, check.” The clip shows at least a dozen people, all dressed in white, wandering down the empty street, carrying torches. It’s not clear what’s going on here. Many in the comments are saying this looks like a set from a movie. Others suggest the horror film, Midsommar, while some think this group is cult-like, perhaps performing a ritual. Still others consider this is more likely the purge. Are you ready for it? I’m not.

2. Ghostbuster
Who you gonna call? Likely this Russian YouTuber, after watching this video. The YouTuber writes in Russian, “When I started the project, I did not even imagine that it would get such results! Thousands of your posts about missed moments in GhostBuster.” The YouTuber explains that in past videos that he’s posted, subscribers have found paranormal-looking figures in the abandoned buildings he’s explored. He ghost busts a couple of these myths, showing that looks can be deceiving. One of the instances that subscribers pointed out looks to be a white figure beyond in the shadows of a darkened room. Dima explains it was actually two pieces of white paper taped to the wall. However, he admits that other experiences do stump him. In one estate, something dark appears to be sliding slowly up a doorway in a room beyond. He concludes that it was either a bat rather than something paranormal or that, considering the estate is in the middle of Moscow, someone else was on the premises and stuck their hand around the corner to see if he’d notice. Lastly, while exploring an estate, a ghost is seemingly captured peering from under the archway of a room. At this point during his exploration, Dima admits that a chill ran through his entire body. This one appears to stump Dima, and he asks his viewers if they want him to return to this place and try and recreate the scene and its circumstances to figure out, once and for all, what happened here.

1. Nostalgia Nightmare
As it turns out, nostalgia isn’t always a good thing. Posted to the r/chillsnarrator subbredit by heythereyouareok, the redditor explains, “So I was going through my old 3ds photos for nostalgia. The reason why I’m posting this on this sub is because I’m not for sure if I caught anything in the background…do you think it’s younger me being [scared]?” The video clip shows an empty bedroom. As he starts to scan the room, the video captures a dark room beyond. It’s hard to tell if there’s a window in that room, however something appears to move there. Or at least, a shadow is cast that mimics movement. The camera passes upward to the ceiling, and when it returns to the closet, the shadow and light has changed a bit. But it’s the next time the camera pans from one side to the other that the real change occurs. Explain these unknowable shadows. What is going on here? Is there something or someone in that room? No wonder the Redditor was freaked out.

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