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Top 5 Chainsaws in Gaming

Chainsaws are not only handy for cutting down trees and stray foliage; they also double up as a method of self-defence when things get hairy. Turns out that happens in a lot in videogames, and there have been plenty of times when we’ve been happy to have a trusty gas-powered cutting implement at our side. Here are a few of our favourites.

You’d expect a game with ‘chainsaw’ in the damn name to revolve heavily around chainsaws, and you’d be correct. Cheerleader and zombie hunter Juliet Starling kicks undead ass with her sparkly double chainsaw of death, sending limbs and heads flying with her energetic dance moves. Yeah, it’s a weird game. The zombie apocalypse has never been so fabulous.

There have been a few Evil Dead games over the years – our favourite probably being Hail To The King on PSone. Ash is just perfect as a videogame character. This is a guy so badass that he cut off his evil hand and replaced it with… oh yeah, a chainsaw. Is anything better than playing as the guy who invented chainsaw arms?

Doom has had a long love affair with chainsaws, and Doom 3’s incarnation did not disappoint. Arriving at the point of the game where you transition from scared survivor to ass-kicking avenger, it feels mighty fine to get up close and personal with some demon guts via your new best friend. Hell ain’t got nothing on noisy gardening equipment.

Vice City is one big love letter to the Eighties. Remember that scene in Scarface where the remains of a chainsaw murder are found in a bathroom? Vice City contains not only the bathroom, but the chainsaw too, for Tommy Vercetti to  wield as he sees fit. This normally involves running down the road with it, cackling like an utter lunatic.

You might not be the one using the chainsaw in Resi 4, but it’s still plenty memorable. If you’ve played it, you’ll know exactly what we mean. That dude with the bag on his head – if he gets too close, it’s bad times ahead for Leon S Kennedy. Resi has always had some nasty deaths, but this takes the cake. You are dead!

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