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Horror Urban Legends

Nearly every collection of urban legends, regardless of which country it originates from, has a separate chapter or section containing the most horrifying stories based on accidents, atrocities, contaminations, crimes, and the like. Because every category of urban legends in fact contains some horrors, it is somewhat arbitrary to classify some stories specifically as horror legends. The category was created mainly to highlight urban legends that seem to have horror as their major purpose or theme. Subsections of the category in the Type Index included in this encyclopedia are Baby-sitter Stories, Medical Horrors, and Other Horrors, with some 44 legends cited in total.

Babysitters in urban legends may either be threatened by a killer who has slain the children and now threatens the sitter, or else the sitters themselves are guilty of horrible crimes against their charges. The children in these stories are sometimes gassed, microwaved, or left to starve.

Several medical horror stories play on peoples’ fears of hospitals, operations, and even physical examinations, depicting the horrible ways these may go wrong. Other stories in this category deal with infections, cadavers, and cannibalism.

Other Horrors, always an ambiguous category, includes legends about gruesome deaths, unsanitary living conditions, terrifying experiences, and alleged satanic rituals. Several modern horror legends are actually transformations of old folktales; conversely, some horror stories tend to be told more often nowadays as fictional scary stories than as believed legends.

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