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“The Hairdresser’s Error” Urban Legends

A female hairdresser is prevailed upon to cut the hair of a man who shows up at her shop just at closing time. He explains that he is on a business trip, staying at a nearby hotel, and needs to look good for an important meeting the next morning. She fastens a sheet around his neck and reaches for her tools, then notices an up-and-down motion under the middle of the sheet—right in the man’s lap. Jumping to the conclusion that he is masturbating, the hairdresser hits the man hard enough with a hair dryer to knock him out; then she dials 911 and asks for help. The police arrive, remove the sheet, and discover that the man—who is just then regaining consciousness—had been cleaning his glasses under the sheet.

Sometimes the hairdresser hits the man with a bottle of shampoo or holds a straight razor to his throat while whipping off the sheet. In some versions, she even pounds the center of the sheet with a hairbrush, whereupon the man swears to sue her. Whatever the hairdresser’s reaction, and whether told in the United States, England, or New Zealand, where the story has circulated since about 1986, the man is always simply cleaning his glasses. Another twist places the scene on an airliner. Captain David L. Webster, a commercial pilot, sent me this version in 1996:

A pilot I was working with recently related this story to me. A captain he had recently been flying with was telling of a “personal” experience he had. The flight attendant called the cockpit to tell of a male passenger in the coach section who had a blanket over his lap and seemed to be masturbating under it. She asked for advice on how to handle the situation.

The captain chose to go personally back to the cabin and check on it. He decided to first walk by the passenger, casually checking out the situation. After waiting a moment or two in the back of the plane he approached the passenger. He decided first to casually engage him in some non-threatening conversation. The captain noticed that he had an expensive camera on the seat next to him, and he commented on what a nice camera it was. The passenger responded, “Yes, it’s new, and I’ve had the hardest time just now working under the blanket trying to get a roll of film unjammed.”

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