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The Husband Monitor Urban Legends

This legend combines the theme of technical incompetence with that of sex and scandal:

In a home’s upstairs nursery a couple of modern young husbands were changing their babies’ diapers while their wives were downstairs getting dinner on the table. The nursery had a baby monitor installed; it’s something like a little radio with the microphone in the baby’s room and the receiver carried around as the parent works elsewhere in the house, so the parent can hear if the baby cries.

The husbands were unaware that the monitor was turned on. The receiver was downstairs with the wives. The husbands began to discuss in somewhat graphic and personal terms what the presence of a newborn in their household had done to their sex lives. Every word they said was broadcast directly to their wives.

A sizeable complex of similar stories dubbed “Lovers Dial M (For Maximum Embarrassment)” was reported by English folklorists. Other means of broadcasting used to relay either talk concerning sex or sounds of actual lovemaking are intercoms, redial buttons on telephones, e-mails, and video cameras. Often a wider audience than just the spouses is included. The setting may be a hotel or guest room rather than a home. Convincing claims have been made that such incidents have actually occurred, some of which may have given rise to the legends.

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