Top 10 Scary Malaysian Urban Legends

10. The Taxi Passenger
The story goes that one night that one night a taxi driver was working late at night as he clocked ticked to midnight. Suddenly, he saw a beautiful young woman standing at the corner of a traffic light junction. She had long black hair and a flowing white dress. He asked her if she needed a ride. She got in without a word - the taxi driver asked where she wanted to go. The girl simply handed him a piece of paper - it had a number and the name of a road on it. The taxi driver wasn't sure where it was and asked if she could help him. She nodded. She kept nodding every time he went the correct way but never said a word. They finally reached the road - it was narrow, just enough for once car to pass - and dark - there were no working streetlights.

A mist engulfed the car. He tried to peer through the fog and see the numbers of the houses but to his horror - there were none - just rows and rows of gravestones. He was gripped with fear and nervously asked if this was the right place. No answer came from the back seat. He continued to drive but then felt a tap on his shoulder. Too scared to turn round, he stopped the car. He heard the rustle of money and felt her hand giving him cash. He threw it down without even counting it. He heard the back door open and close. He sped home without looking back. The next morning, curiosity got the better of him and he returned to the street. It was indeed a large cemetery. He found the lot number the girl had given him. His eyes widened in horror and he saw the woman's picture staring back at him from a fresh gravestone. He later found out the girl had died the week before in a horrific accident at the very same junction he had picked her up from. It was a hit and run - the driver was never caught.

9. Yellow Volkswagen on Karak Highway
For many Malaysians, the Karak Highway is the most haunted road in the country. This is in part due to it having the highest accident rate in the country. Aside from the reports of an eerie feeling along the road, there are some more solid stories. Perhaps the most famous is that of the Yellow Volkswagen. The story goes that if you see this yellow car, it will block your lane. It will then begin to slow down to a snail's pace, forcing you to overtake it. Once you do that, you'll continue on for a while until it happens again. The same yellow car will be blocking you, it will slow down, you will go past it and then - it happens again. After a few times, you'll realize that its actually the same car and whats even more creepy is that there is nobody driving it. The only way to stop the cycle is to actually not overtake it. Some say that when you are overtaking it, the car will speed up and disappear into darkness.

8. Lang Suyar
This is said to be the ghost of a woman who died while giving birth to a stillborn child. The mother's grief turns her into a flying banshee. On the surface, she will look like a beautiful woman with long nails, hair down to her ankles and dressed all in green. However, don't be fooled by their beauty - the Lang Suyar haunts coastal areas and attacking pregnant women out of jealousy. People believe you can stop a pregnant woman's corpse from being a Lang Suyar. You need to place beads in her mouth, an egg in each armpit and needles place on her hands. This should make it possible for her to pass on peacefully to the afterlife. If everything fails - there is said to be one way to fight and Lang Sugar. You cut off her long nails and stuff the hair into the hole in the back of her neck.

7. The DJ
This urban legend revolves around a Malaysian radio DJ. He had a late night show in the 90s where listeners could call in to share their ghost stories. One night, a man called in to share his story. He said he was driving down a highway late at night with his parents, his wife and their baby. They were asleep and he felt sleepy too. He saw a large truck coming the other way but on his side of the road. It sped past him but before he even had time to collect his thoughts - it happened again.

And then again, and then again. It happened a few more times - each one as shocking as the last. Then, it changed. The truck started appearing behind him - he realised it was chasing him now. He sped up, trying not to panic. As he came over a hill, he suddenly saw a single headlight heading towards him again. He swerved violently to avoid it but lost control of the car, crashing through the highway barrier and into a deep gully. Then, he told the Radio DJ that the crash killed all of his family. He sounded distraught. Then, he said the crashed took his own life as well. He then hung up the phone.

The DJ thought it was just a prank and laughed it off. However, the next days newspaper had a story on the front page - it said an accident had occurred along the highway - the same one described by the caller. A car had crashed the night before - killing an elderly couple, a husband and wife and their baby. The DJ was stunned. He felt the hairs stand up the back of his neck. He rushed to play the tape back from the mystery caller - but all he found was minutes of nothing but silence.

6. The Merman
In 2006, shocking pictures began circulating around Malaysian sites that seemed to show what people were describing as a Merman - that's a male version of a Mermaid. It was supposedly caught by a fisherman in Teluk Bahang beach in Penang. There were 6 photos of the creature, taken from various angles. They were attached to an email that was going around, claiming that the newspapers werenot being allowed to share the pictures. The merman appears vaguely humanoid in shape and seemed to be about the size of an adult male. There were two long fins that resembled large ears on its head. It had two arms and was covered in fins from head to toe - or rather fins. A while later, internet investigators claimed that the pictures had come from an eBay sale in Florida. But die-hard conspiracy theorists believe this is just all part of a coverup and that there are more Merman out there in the Malaysian seas.

5. The Oily Man
In Malaysian folklore, the Oily Man is a supernatural being called into being and controlled by evil witch doctors. It can cover its whole body in a black oily substance that makes him practically invisible at night, difficult to catch, and makes breaking and entering extremely easy. It crawls up the walls and the sides of tall buildings. Once on top of them, it leaps from rooftop to rooftop - some say it's like the Malaysian version of venom - although, the Oily Man definitely came first. Before you say this is just an ancient creature passed down through stories - think again. As recently as 2012, there were reports of a knife-wielding Oily Man leaping from building to building. The residents of Kampung claimed to have seen and heard him for 10 days.

4. The Hotel Bed
The story goes like this. A group of college friends planned a weekend trip to a Malaysian resort during their break. They booked one room with 2 beds, figuring they could save money by fitting 4 of them in there. When they reached the resort they wasted no time in seeing the local attractions for the day. They decided to freshen up back at the hotel before dinner heading out. While one of them was lying on the bed, they complained that it felt lumpy - but they decidednot to complain to the hotel management because they already had too many people in their room. After dinner, they headed out to some bars before returning around midnight. Returning for the room, they got ready for bed - however, when they began to rearrange the mattresses to fit them all in - they saw something truly horrific. There - sandwiched between the mattress and the bed springs - was the corpse of a woman. They ran out of the room and told hotel management. The hotel was keen to avoid any negative publicity and decided to pay the students a lot of money to keep quiet. Still, this rumor began to spread and now many young Malaysian people will make sure  to check if their hotel mattress ever feels too lumpy.

3. Janets Ghost
The story goes that Janet was a young Chinese nurse in Kuching's public hospital. Legend says she disappeared around the late 1960s. This was at a time when there was an epidemic of kidnappings in the city. All the police had figured out were that the kidnappings may be linked to the constructionof Satok bridge. If construction of the bridge was held up, it meant that the territorial spirits were displeased. Human sacrifices had to be made to appease them. Apparently, they preferred to sacrifice virgin girls but only use their heads. This meant they would be decapitated and their heads embedded in the concrete pillars to strengthen the bridge. Eventually, they found Janet's headless body, confirming the polices theory. Her grieving parents buried her in a red dress and red shoes. According to some Chinese belief systems, if a woman dies wearing red, she would returnas a vengeful spirit. They say her parents did this so she could return from the dead and take revenge on her killers. Then, the sightings began. Villagers on the outskirts of the city reported seeing a mysterious woman dressed in red. She would catch rides on motorbikes or cross the ferries. She would always leave behind Chinese hell notes. Her quest to find her killers continue - and she doesn't care who stands in her way.

2. The Toyol
The name for this creature is sometimes translated in English to Goblin - but it's not the kind of Goblin you're thinking of - this thing is much more creepy. Its said to be the spirit of a small child invoked from a dead human fetus. Its traditionally described as looking like a nearly naked baby with brownish skin, large fangs and sharp ears. The Royals always have a master - and the master may be used by its mother to capture other people. It is said the owner of the Toyol may become rich beyond their wildest dreams - but there is always a price to pay when it comes to the spirit world. Becoming the master of a Toyol can bring fortune, but the health of every one of the masters family will steadily decline - they will lose everything and then slowly die. The Toyol is evil in their behavior but childlike in their thinking. People use this to try and distract a Toyol from entering their homes. They scatter buttons on the floor, leave sweets or toys next to them, in the hopes that the Toyol will pass on and spare them another day.

1. The Horror
Remember we were talking earlier about Karak Highway - the haunted road, well we’re returning for another scary story. One day, a couple were traveling down the road to return to their hometown after a relatives wedding. They decided to travel late at night and the journey was going well for a while - but then signs of trouble started. They're trusty Proton Wira began to zigzag wildly on the road. As they struggled to control it, the engine gave a last splutter and then died. The husband was shocked - he had just had the car serviced the day before.

Now, they were stranded by the road, in the middle of the night, and only about halfway to their destination. All around them was desolate hills and jungle.They kept trying to start the car but nothing seemed to work. They gave up and tried to flag someone down for help. When that didn't work, the husband decided to try and find an emergency phone. The wife disagreed because she was afraid that he might get knocked down walking in the dark. He went anyway and told his wife to wait in the car. She waited for what felt like forever - the jungle trees seemed to shift in the dark around her.

Then - there was a loud thump on the roof of the car followed by a rustling sound. She thought it was animals and decided to not get out of the car to check. Then, a cars headlights began to approach from behind. The car slowed down as it passed but then quickly sped off. She waited for hours - others cars did the same. She began to worry more about the rustling sound from the roof and where exactly her husband was. Finally, a police car approached. It stopped a few meters away. The policeman got out and called to her using a megaphone, telling her to back away slowly. When she got to the police car, she looked back out of curiosity. To her horror - she saw her husbands body on the roof of the car. There was a demonic creature feasting on his blood. This had been happening for the hours she was in the car. The police quickly took her away, and the legend began.
Source: MostAmazingTop10 Youtube Channel

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