Top 10 Scary Mexican Urban Legends Part 2

Mexico is world famous for its food and culture but we've all heard the scary stories too. After all, there is a Mexican holiday literally called The Day of The Dead. People there know the stories, I've seen many of you in the comments who are from Mexico asking for me to share more because they're so good. I agree and that's why we are back. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Mexican Urban Legends - Part 2.

1. La Llorona
The story goes like this. Once upon a time, in a Mexican village, there lived a young woman called Maria. Her family was poor but she was known for her beauty. One day, a rich nobleman was travelling through her village but stopped in his tracks when he saw Maria. He was so charmed by her beauty that he proposed to her immediately proposed to her. She accepted. The wedding was planned - even though the nobleman Father was disappointed his son was marrying into poverty. Maria and her new husband built a house in the village and eventually, she gave birth to twin boys. Her husband was always travelling but returned when he could until one day, he never came home.

One day, as Maria and her boys were walking by a river, she saw a familiar carriage with a younger, beautiful woman next to her husband. Maria flew into a jealous rage. She was so angry at seeing her husband cheating on her that she picked up her two boys and flung them into the river. By the time she came around, their bodies were floating in the river, face down. She then jumped in, hoping to also drown and be with her kids. Now, they say her soul is attached to the land, unable to pass on because of her grief and the murder of her two little boys. People say if you hear her cries, then misfortune or even death is around the corner. If you are a child, you must be extra careful, she is always attracted to children, hoping that they are hers. She will try and drown them to be with her children. Kids must never walk alone by the river unless they too want to meet the same fate.

9. El Sombreron
In some parts of Mexico, people swear this mysterious creature exists. Its name roughly translates to -the goblin-… he goes around wearing a huge dark hat and dresses entirely in black except for his ornamental boots and belt. He preys on the young, especially girls. El Sombrero has an obsession with braiding. He often braids the manes of tails and horses or if there are none about, he braids the hair of dogs. If people see animals with their hair braided like this, they know the Goblin is nearby. When he cant find the animals, he follows  young women with large eyes and long hair. He arrives in town with a pack of mules and when he finds a woman he likes, he ties his mules up and serenades her with a silver guitar.

After enchanting her back to his home, he's said to serve them dirt for dinner which makes them unable to sleep. The legend goes that a young girl named Susana was admiring the moon and stars from her balcony one night when she was approached and serenaded by the Goblin with the big hat. Her parents were worried and upset by her daughter being out so late and so they forced her to come inside. The Goblin returned every night, making it impossible for her to sleep. When her parents tried to feed her, shed always find dirt in her food. Her parents eventually cut the girls hair and had it blessed by a priest. Suddenly, the El Sombreron had no interest in her and the visits stopped. He moved on to search for his next victim, and they say he continues his journey even today.

8. The Vanishing Hitchhiker
This is an old story burned into the memoryn of many Mexicans. One night in November many years ago, a taxi driver called Pedro Ramirez was heading for the town of Cazones. It was a warm night but every now and again, Pedro felt a snap of cold. Then, on the dark road, a girl stopped him to ask for help. She said that bad people wanted to harm her and so they sped away from the area together. She said her name was Martha and that her parents were the owners of the ranch where he picked her up. He took her to Cazones and left her at the house she wanted to go to. Martha was very grateful and invited him in to spend the day with her for some time.

Pedro took her up on this offer and returned a few days later. He knocked on the door of the house, an elderly woman came to the door. He asked for Martha and explained how they met. The old woman smiled and said that Martha was her daughter who had been assassinated 10 years before by drug addicts outside of her husband's ranch. The woman was smiling because this wasn't the first time Martha's ghost had done this. Still, Pedro didn't believe her. She invited him in and there in the living room was an old photo of Martha, looking just like she had the other night. Many people get creeped out by the story but are also glad to know who the girl is by the side of the road to Calzones.

7. Santa Paula Cemetery
This is said to be a very haunted cemetery near the city of Guadalajara. The story dates back to 1882 and goes like this. One night, a young couple put their 9-year-old son Ignacio to bed. His family nickname was -Nachito-. Nachito slept with the light on as he was afraid of the dark. He had two lit torches outside of his bedroom window and slept with the windows open. This night, a storm hit and blew out the torches. The next morning, his Mother entered the room to find it was icy cold. She rushed to Nachito but found him dead - he had died from a heart attack due to his pathological fear of the dark. However, a rumor spread that Nachitos heart had exploded inside his chest and that his death was actually a curse or the work of demons. He was laid to rest in the cemetery and the strangeness that began with his death did not end quickly.

The next morning, his coffin was found lying on the ground next to his grave. The parents and locals were shocked and had it reburied but the next morning, the same thing happened. It continued like this for 9 straight days. His parents began to think that the boy was so afraid of the dark - he didn't want to be kept in the ground away from light, even in death. So, they created a stone coffin that stood on pillars above the ground, so that his tomb could always see sunlight. Ever since then, people reported hearing and seeing a boy that matches Nachitos description, wandering around at night. Others have seen mysterious balloons hovering above the gravestones as if carried by a small child. Many who have heard this story actually go to visit Nachitos grave. Some hope they won't see signs of him at night, but reports of his sightings continue to this day.

6. Cadejo
This is a supernatural character from southern Mexican folklore. There are two types of this creature, the white and black Cadejo. They are dog-like creatures. The white one is said to be good, accompanying people home late at night. The black Cadejo is feared as an evil spirit. It does exactly the opposite, it tries to kill people walking alone at night. If the person survives the attack, its because they are an idiot - apparently. Quite often, a person is saved from the attack by the white Cadejo, the two will battle it out until the good Cadejo wins.

Its a sight to behold - while they are dog-like creatures, they are often described as being much bigger than dogs. Some reports say they can be as big as cows. They have burning red eyes and goats hooves. They lurk in graveyards and dark alleys, waiting for their victim to pass by. They have a distinct smell of concentrated urine and burning sulfur. People say they move in a demonic nature with short jerky movements. One thing to remember about the Cadejo is that its gaze can freeze you in place, at which point you can be easily attacked by the evil Cadejo.

5. La Mala Hora
This name translates to the Evil Hour or the Evil One, either is a fitting description for this being. In parts of Mexico, it is believed to be a wicked spirit or evil demon that wanders country roads after midnight, waiting to attack anyone who walks alone. It waits at crossroads, hoping for a lost traveler to pass by. For the people who have seen it, they fear the Evil One more than the devil. It first appears as a large, black lump, swirling through the night air and changing shape. It shapeshifts quickly, getting bigger or smaller at will. People say it resembles a ghostly black shroud or a large black cotton ball. Nobody wants to see it though, for to do so will drive a person mad. The demon will try to hypnotize and paralyze people before attacking them. When it does, it rushes forward as a thick black smog, enveloping and suffocating them. The next morning, locals will find them dead at the crossroads, and they know who is to blame.

4. The Princess of Bufa
This story comes from the Cerro de la Bufa, an area of forested hills and rocky cliffs on the southeast side of Guanajuato. There, locals say an enchanted princess lives at the peak of the mountain. They say that on Holy Thursdays, for centuries, she will emerge from the mountaintop to call for a handsome and valiant man to rescue her by carrying her down to the altar in the nearby town. Once there, she will become human and the town will be restored to its former glory as a booming mining town.

However, as with many similar stories, there is always a catch. They say the man who rescues the princess must not be so stunned by her beauty that he cannot complete the journey. He must carry her calmly in his arms all the way. He cannot look back or lose his step, especially when he hears strange noises behind him. If he does turn around or stumble, the princess will turn into a vicious, hideous serpent and will devour him whole. People say this happens every year because the town has still not met its former glory. Will the snake princess claim victims like this forever?

3. Mannequin
In a store window in the city of Chihuahua, there stands a bridal mannequin that has become famous in the paranormal community. Its been there since 1930 and at first glance, it doesn't look so creepy - but wait till you hear this. Soon after it was placed there, locals noticed the mannequin bore an uncanny resemblance to daughter of the woman who owned the store - Pascuala Esparza. A rumour spread that this mannequin was actually the embalmed body of the daughter who had recently died on her wedding day after being bitten by a black widow spider.

Of course, the mother denied all of this but the legend took hold - people were convinced it was the body of the daughter - the resemblance and how lifelike it looked were just too perfect. Sonia Burciaga was a woman who worked in the store. She had to change the outfit twice a week and was quoted as saying -Every time I go near Pascualita my hands break out in a swear. Her hands are very realistic and she even has varicose veins on her legs. I believe she's a real person- … Well, I thought it sounded ridiculous until I saw the close up of her hands, now I'm not sure. I'm only sure that I'm never going anywhere near her.

2. The Island of Dolls
If you head just south of Mexico City, you can find an island that attracts tourists from all over the world. The whole thing is covered in creepy dolls of every shape and size. There is a famous story as to why. Its said that a girl was found drowned in mysterious circumstances many years ago on the island. Her body was found by a man called Don Julian Santana Barrera. Shortly after, he saw a floating doll nearby. He hung it to a tree as a sign of respect and as a way of helping her into the next life.

However, it didn't seem to work. Don Julian was apparently haunted by the spirit of the girl. He began hanging more dolls in an attempt to please her restless spirit. Then, he realised what he had done - and it was already far too late. He believed the dolls themselves were now possessed by the spirits of dead girls from all over the world. His friends say he went mad - as if driven by an unseen force to continue what he started. After 50 years of doll hanging, Don Julian was found dead, drowned in the same area where the girl died. Now, locals believe his spirit has joined the others on the island. People visit to honour him, the girl, and the spirits of the others. However, most people don't stay long, and almost nobody would spend a night on the Island of Dolls.

1. The Seventh Son
This story comes from a remote area near Toledo. In the 19th century, there was a boy who lived in a village. His name was Federico. He was the 7th son in his family. In fact, his Father was also the 7th son in his family. Locals believed that because of this, he was endowed with dark occult powers. They say he had second sight and the ability to predict the future. Even more, he had a natural gift for healing, curing anyone of their ailment with just a touch of his hand. Although he was kind, quiet and shy - the other kids hated him - because they feared him.

Overall, the village wanted nothing to do with him. And so, one night, the village elders held a meeting to discuss what should be done about him. They voted to kill him and then destroy his body - that was said to be the only way the village could be kept same from the dark forces he channeled. They led him to an abandoned shack in the woods. When his back was turned, they pounced on him and bound him up. In a satanic ritual, they stripped him, hung him from the roof and then lowered him into a vat of boiling oil. It didn't stop there though. He was still alive and screaming in pain and so they gouged out his eyes and hacked his body to bits. The parts were put in a wooden barrel and dumped in the river. With that, they were satisfied.

The next day some villagers went to visit one of the elders. They knocked on his door but got no reply. As soon as they entered - they stopped - there was the elder, dead on the floor. His eyeballs were on his chest, his head had been crushed beyond all recognition. His eyes and feet had also been chopped. On the ground in front, there was a message written in blood -Innocent blood has been split. Now the guilty must die- … after that day, all the elders who were responsible for the boy's death began to die one by one - their bodies always found in hideous ways. When the last one died, there was another message written in blood, it read -Now I have been avenged, the guilty have paid their debt-Okkayyy.

Source: MostAmazingTop10 Youtube Channel

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