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Top 10 Scary Ouija Board Urban Legends

10. The whole town went insane
In the 1920’s the population of a small town in Southern California went insane after they fiddled around with an Ouija board. It all began when the police arrested seven people after they stripped nude and began to act completely insane and unstable. Over the course of the next few days, the insanity spread like wildfire throughout the town. The police officers were even found stripping down naked and running into stores and banks while yelling hysterically. The town hall officials were terrified that this insanity would spread to other nearby towns so they brought in a ton of mental health specialists to examine all of the people who went insane. Even though they weren’t able to come to a conclusion, the government didn’t want to take any risks so they banned Ouija boards within their town limits.

9. Never play the Ouija board in a graveyard
When you are playing with the Ouija board, you are contacting whatever spirits are around you. So logically, if you are playing with your Ouija board in a graveyard, you are taking a risk. When you are in a graveyard, you are literally surrounded by spirits. So the chances of you contacting an evil or wicked spirit increases. You also shouldn’t use Ouija boards at the scene of an accident, mass death or murder. That’s because the amount of violence that surrounds those places are more likely to attract spirits or demons who want to hurt you.

8. Figure 8 ironically
Alright, so there are a lot of ways that you can tell if your Ouija board session has gone  horribly wrong. One of the major tell-tale signs is when your planchette moves through the alphabet or numbers, hit the corners or makes a figure 8. If your planchette begins to move across the board in any of these patterns, it’s probably a good time to say goodbye, bathe in holy water and go see a priest. These are all signs that your Ouija board has been taken over by an evil spirit or demon. But the worst-case scenario is if you see the planchette move in a figure 8 position because the evil spirit is letting you know that they have control of the board. If you see the figure 8, you are supposed to immediately end the session by saying goodbye and hope that the evil spirit lets you go.

7. Never burn an Ouija board
According to a popular urban legend, you are never ever supposed to burn an Ouija board no matter what. If you decide to burn an Ouija board, prepare to suffer from the consequences. Apparently, if you set an Ouija board on fire, you anger all of the spirits and ghosts who have made contact with you and then they are released from the board and into your house. A lot of people who have tried to get rid of their board by burning it have reported that when they set the board on fire, it made a loud, high pitch screaming sound that haunts them while they sleep. And another person reported that after they set their board on fire, they found one piece of the board survived and it was the word yes. So don’t try burning your board unless you are prepared to suffer.

6. Release Spirits into your home
If you manage to not get possessed by a demon after playing with the Ouija board, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have any negative consequences to deal with. You could easily release a bad spirit into your home. It is believed that Ouija boards act like portholes to other dimensions and when you open up the board, you have no idea who you will be  communicating with. Some spirits might appear to be friendly, but spirits are compulsive liars and they will say or do anything to trick you. After you have a session with the board you might start to hear strange noises, things might start to move around in your home or your electronic devices might even start to work on their own. Either way, you’re going to need a lot of holy water and prayers because once a demon or bad spirit haunts your home, you will have a tough time getting rid of it.

5. You could become possessed if you play with the Ouija board
It is believed that when using an Ouija board, you are putting your life in danger because you could be messing around with spirits or demons who have the ability to possess your body and soul. There have been countless reports of people being possessed by ghosts and demons after using the Ouija board. Over in Columbia 20 students were rushed to the hospital after an Ouija board session went horribly wrong. A bunch of these students became hysterical and started to faint after they played with the Ouija board mobile app. They had a demonic look in their eyes and they were shouting “the devil is going to take me.” Doctors couldn’t find anything medically wrong with them so they have brought on a priest to help these possessed students.

4. The Planchette
According to the spooky urban legend, if you look through the planchette you will see all of the spirits that are surrounding you while you are playing with the Ouija board. Um… no thanks, I personally would rather not see all of the creepy demons lurking over my shoulder but I know people are curious and they have probably tried this. Some of the older planchettes don’t have a viewing glass so I think this urban legend became more popular when the Ouija board movies were released. Next time you are brave enough to play with the Ouija board, try looking through the planchette and let me know what you see. I’m actually really curious to know if this is only an urban legend or if its true.

3. Always dismiss the spirit
If you have ever played with an Ouija board, you know one of the major rules is to say goodbye to the spirits. If you don’t do this, very bad things can happen. According to the urban legend, if you don’t firmly say goodbye to the spirits, the portal remains open and they will be able to pass through and do whatever they want to you. Another urban legend claims that if you don’t say goodbye, the spirits will demand that you give them a sacrifice and if you don’t give them one, they will send demons after you. Coincidentally, a lot of people who have failed to close the board have reportedly gone insane and now live in mental institutions. So lesson learned, don’t ever forget to say goodbye or better yet, don’t play with the Ouija board at all.

2. The Ouija board can make you do things against your will
Apparently, if you mess around with the Ouija board and you don’t use it properly, demons or evil spirits can take control of your actions and thoughts and force you to do things that you never thought were possible. Take for example the murder of Brian Roach. He was slaughtered by his mother in law back in 2001. When the police interrogated her, she said that she was playing with an Ouija board with her two granddaughters and the board told her to kill him. Later on, she also tried to kill the youngest daughter because she thought she was being possessed. And then over in the UK, Paul Carroll drowned and dismembered the family dog and his wife and kids took a bunch of prescription pills after the Ouija board session and tried to set the house on fire.

1. ZoZo the demon
ZoZo is one of the most infamous demons that is known to cause havoc and scary paranormal activity during Ouija board sessions. No one knows the history of ZoZo, but those who were unfortunate enough to contact ZoZo have reported terrifying experiences. He is most often contacted through the Ouija board and he has the potential to do some significant physical and mental harm to the users. One of the most famous encounters with ZoZo was with a man from Oklahoma.

He first ran into this demon while he was using the Ouija board with his girlfriend. At first, ZoZo was sharing information with him about the spiritual world so this made the man addicted to the Ouija board, but over time ZoZo becomes much more sinister. The man played so often that eventually he had a nervous breakdown and he was claiming that demons were constantly following him. ZoZo even said that he would steal the spirit of his daughter. When she nearly died, the man attempted to perform an exorcism to get ZoZo away from his family. But that just pissed him off even more. So now, he runs a website that warns people about the dangers of messing around with ZoZo the demon.
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