4 things that should not be overlooked for Save money

There are not many people willing to pay for many things in exchange for a little convenience. With very few people taking into consideration the overall cost that This month, how much money have we spent on this? If we observe carefully, we will immediately know that We spend a small amount of money at all. But for personal reasons we have to pay in exchange for a little convenience
We may be tired of the routine work. Every time he comes home I want to be comfortable. Holiday period We want to relax, so we then choose to pay in exchange for a little convenience. But for anyone who wants to Save money (But today is not much savings), we may overlook that small savings are:

Needlework, needlework
Minor repairs to certain items Helps us to be able to Save money To get quite a small amount The repair of clothes is the same. Embroidery training is not for us to practice in order to be a career or practice in order to sew a set of clothes to wear on their own. But practicing in order to repair clothes such as Sew or patch the fabric along the various torn marks. Find a piece of cloth to paste in the torn section that is wide. Or practice in creating or separating various parts from unused clothing Separated in order to fully utilize

Which is a basic skill that we should have There are not many people who have these little problems but have to pay a certain amount of money in order for the seamstress to repair it and most importantly, repairing the torn clothes is not as difficult as us. think

Period of value promotions
Different products tend to have different promotional periods, and many different promotions, such as buying one get one free Buy this free stuff Buy clothes, get a discount Or make a membership card and receive many special privileges There are a number of different products that must be available during the promotion period. In order to call various customers to come to buy their own things And putting the Sale price tag is something that many people, especially women, have been waiting for and for a long time now.

The purchase of various products during the time of sale or promotion period. Will allow us to save a lot of money when compared to buying something at full price or buying that product without any promotion However, must also look at your own needs as well. Some promotions or special privileges are suitable for another group of people, but may not be suitable for us.

Do housework by yourself
Everyone is feeling that they don't want to do anything or want to rest or are lazy. It's just that we don't want to do. Household work is one thing that many people are Just hearing the name causes sudden laziness, but must be done. Most household chores are dishwashers, scrubbing the house, washing clothes, which is something we have to eat and use, so we cannot deny ourselves not to do housework.

But there are still a group of bright-headed housewives who open a business for temporary domestic work or specifically Such as washing clothes that we see widely Whenever we have to do housework but we are lazy to do housework or we don't have time to do our housework, daily work or various jobs from work. We also do it at home, so we don't want to waste time doing household chores. Making us may be willing to pay a certain amount of money to hire those housewives. Or at least we may go to use the laundry service

Which is a business that has been answered quickly in a hurry for people who don't have time Because washing each time May be made to look complicated by many things. We therefore choose to hire laundry. We waste money here, each time may seem small. But if we bring it to mind then in that month We lost quite a bit here.

Cook yourself
The food in each meal So tricky Walking into the market, there are various dishes or hot rice in bags for sale. Walking into the restaurant, there are many menus that we want to eat. If wanting to eat a cold drink, it's not difficult to find. In other words, no one would starve because of the uncertainty of where to buy food. But we all tend to overlook the importance of saving because what makes us overlook is convenience.

Many people choose to buy more than do it themselves. May be due to many reasons, such as not being good at cooking There is no kitchen at home. No devices There is no kitchenware, so choose to buy. In which to cook your own meals at each meal Definitely cheaper to buy Those who like to cook or housewives who love to cook often know well. Because even though we are losing money to buy fresh food for use in cooking, no less

But if we observe carefully then The fresh food that we buy, we can store and store in the fridge for use on other days, and we can also do a variety of menus. And most importantly, to go to the kitchen with parents and children May be considered a small activity that can strengthen relationships in the family to love each other more.

The things that we overlook Even if it is a small thing But in these small things it can save our money Can absorb a small amount of money in our pockets, quite a lot compared to what we do ourselves Sometimes we don't always have to do it ourselves. Buying or paying for comfort is sometimes necessary to do it yourself. Just as that, our savings will gradually increase without we knowing it.

5 things you lost without money
The daily expenses that we spend are incurred in order to live through each day. With the money that we have worked tiring And of course, each day, expenses that we can control, such as car expenses, daily food But then having to meet expenses that we cannot control, that is, the expenses that are spent on nonsense

In many articles, there are techniques on how to save money. Including the story of how to make savings But this time The author wants to make it clear and to the point that What is the reason why many people try to save money but not succeed? The author then spent 1 hour sitting in front of an office building in the Sukhumvit area. And see the lifestyles of the regular employees about what they do during lunch break So come to the conclusion 5 things that you lost money in vain each day

In front of the office building Will be full of clothing stores accessories That surrounds the building While the employees were going to go to have lunch Had to stop at various shops before reaching the restaurant Lost money not less than 200 dollars. This is the damage that occurs at the top For those who start saving Just because the temptation is found is lost, resulting in losing quite a bit of money each month. With these things

The solution for all shoppers Should set a target or limit the amount of money each month that can buy clothes Or if really resolute, hold down cash to eat as much as you can Do not bring a wallet with you In order to be weighed not to buy when having to go through the clothing or jewelry store

Famous coffee brand
Low income but high taste This is a word to speak directly. Because many people have low incomes but prefer to buy famous coffee brands Which has a price of 100 dollars per glass and up and doesn't eat for just one day But eat almost every day

Solution for drinkers who like to eat expensive things Try switching to coffee in front of the building that is cheaper. Because if really speaking Cheap coffee Has a flavor that is not allergic to famous restaurants at all In addition, you can save money on a daily basis of almost a hundred dollars.

Installment king
When the salary is released Was with you for less than a day You have to pay the installment of the products you buy in installments by 60 percent. The things you pay in that are all useless. But luxury goods such as mobile phones, televisions, cars, or even condos

Although product installments Will be the correct financial principle To bring the lump sum to spin first But the fact that you do not agree to use the lump sum payment in full Equal to you having to bear the monthly expenses This is good if your income is sufficient. But if you are not financially stable and don't have any money left to save Should not be popular with installments Because if one day you have a need to spend money Where will you spend money? If you do not save your money

Celebrate every Friday
Working tirelessly, each week may have to relax. But relaxation is not necessary to celebrate by eating and drinking deeply. Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday withdrawals, this is a very wrong way to think. Because celebrating the party every Friday is a waste of money.
There is still a way to relax from fatigue. With exercise or watching movies, listening to music and watching TV at home. Or if you like parties Try to invite friends to visit the house Better to buy a drink, eat and divide with friends. And can save a lot of money as well

Every 16th and 1st of each month Have to gamble In order to get the first prize to be won, or at least the last two numbers to be good Buying lottery numbers never makes anyone rich. You try to ask successful people. Business owners see that Are they rich from the lottery? Everyone will reply that they do not gamble. But working hard to save money and not spending money on gambling

If you are a gambler, you can play with fun, but you shouldn't run out of money to buy thousands of lottery tickets. Anything that can be saved should be economical. Playing enough to win, should be enough

Out of 5 things mentioned Is something that the author saw and had done some as well And the result is that there is no savings left at all Even if trying not to do something, but can't resist Especially about the coffee, however, as mentioned above For readers to realize that These are all things that make us unable to save money fully. Or even we will try but lose all of these money Therefore, the goal of saving is not a prohibition to do this. But the goal of saving is saving for the future Begin today for a stable future.

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