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5 Pitfalls Make Your Work Inefficient

Matters relating to work efficiency
Many people are smart people. Have a variety of abilities, resulting in career growth But some people may not be talented Working day by day with no goal in life Therefore often do not succeed in work However, some pitfalls are like traps that make your work inadequate. The following are true facts. Therefore wants the reader to explore for themselves whether we are falling into these pitfalls or not If we are in these snares Bring yourself out as quickly as possible

Always positive Having a positive or positive attitude is good. But in the workplace, positive thinking directly affects work. Because of our work or any project But we see everything as an image that we think that everything must be according to the plan that we have planned. There is no mistake or miss the target for sure. Everything is in control, we are good, but we do not have a backup plan, or looking at what happens if something happens along the way. Looking at the worst situations will allow us to better cope with the problems that occur, than looking at everything well, without errors. Likewise, work requires careful planning. Close all doors that may adversely affect our work.
I'm here alone. Team work is a mobilization and idea to make every work smooth. But sometimes working like I came alone Or not interested in people in the team Because they think that they work better alone than working in a group Considered a very wrong idea Especially the work that has to be done as a group There must be consultation and brainstorming. Therefore will achieve the highest efficiency in that work Because exchanging ideas will open up unthinkable perspectives. Or new ways that may help the problems that are occurring during the work to be resolved.
Time is spent on social activities. Recreation during work is something that can be done. But sometimes, giving too much time to nonsense during work It makes the work out to be ineffective, such as bending the face to sit and check the Line every ten minutes, open Facebook every 5 minutes to see if someone comes to answer our account, secretly watch Korean movies during work, for example, which our work should have the intention of The work Focus on the work ahead. As for the various social issues, there should be a set time during the day that should be opened, open, read at any time, such as lunch break or every 2 hours, may take a break for 10 minutes, sit and read Line, Facebook, listen to music to relax the brain. But giving time to these things until the work does not walk will result in the productivity of the work is delayed and not the most effective.
Ambiguous work goals The work must have a goal that this work has to be done. And in the end, what form will the results come out? Planning and setting the goals of the work you are doing will help you work more efficiently than you do without a plan and following the orders of your supervisor. The chief told him to do this, as he had done so. But we have to plan and learn to bring new things to help add or enhance the work to look best. Don't act like a robot

Gossiping colleagues These behaviors have every organization whether big or small. And it is customary to have a small group, a small group in an organization Grouping, gossiping, teasing each other at work may be a normal thing for every organization. But in terms of work, then Increasing degrees from gossiping leads to a bad attitude towards the person being mentioned. Causing us to not want to deal with Or trying to avoid coordination Until causing work to not stop flowing Because he can't enter his face Because hearing that person said that like this Don't want to be busy with being banned from the group alone Criticism for It's good, but malignation may have an effect on the organization in the long run.
Of all, it is the clearest obstacle or trap. That affects work efficiency If you have any of these things Adjust immediately Because from the above, which leaves the question of what it is about money jobs, the simple answer is, if your job is not efficient, will you get a salary increase or not? And when will you be promoted Or do you want to sit in the same chair forever? Do not let the snares mentioned Is a hindrance to your work Change the way you think and focus on your best work for each day. Anything goes wrong, always correct and learn new things.

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