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Home loan Not difficult anymore

Back again for the story about "home" in many articles, the author has already presented the subject of techniques for applying for a home loan. Readers can read more in the related article below.

But for this content Is something that we would like to present to readers who are interested to borrow a house with the bank But worried that he would not pass Or worried about whether to pay installments or not Is the source of the content in this episode

This time, the content will be presented in the form of a monthly home installment payment schedule. Which is divided into different time periods In order to see how much money each person wishing to apply for a loan And how much should the house price to be submitted for the loan? To be consistent with income Because the mortgage loan submission The bank or financial institution will first look at the ability of the borrower to see whether or not they can carry the monthly installment.

The above is a table that is calculated for installment payments, home loans. Divided by loan price and installment period Most of the time The borrower will choose the longest term, which means 30 years. If wanting to borrow a home loan price 2,000,000 with a 30-year installment, 12,500 monthly installments

And the chance that the bank will approve, must have a monthly income equal to 12,500 x 3 = 37,500

Do you see that the opportunity to Home loan is not difficult if we choose a house that has a balanced price with our income. By comparing from the above table However, the borrower should be consulted directly with the bank to apply for the loan to receive guidance and advice on how to apply for the loan.

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