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Come back for investment related articles. If talking about investment in one article, it certainly won't end. Because the investment is an epic that never ends. As long as the world society still has to rely on the economy and living with money We, as full time employees or business owners. Or self-employed It is necessary to have extra income or popularly called Savings for investment There are various methods or methods of investment such as saving money to buy gold for speculation. Investment in mutual funds Which has already been discussed in previous articles Or even becoming popular among the younger generation Like investing in shares

The author had the opportunity to talk with a close friend who works at a bank with a large branch in Silom. Has presented additional investment approaches from investing in stocks By presenting investments in shares The author responded without thinking "Don't take it, afraid not to risk" but the thing to rust the response is not to risk if we choose to invest in stable stocks. A close friend added that She has invested hundreds of thousands of funds from her savings. In which she chooses to invest in stocks with no great fluctuations And gradually buy Keep making profits Not focus on stock that fluctuates Because shares that are laborious are at high risk But the author does not reveal that the shares she bought Which is stock Now she can make more than 3 times the profit from the principal.

From this beginning The author then began to find information about starting to invest in stocks, where to start and what to do. Is the origin of this article. To mention the beginning of investing in stocks since they have never invested in To investment and stock options Which will be articles in series Readers must follow and read in order to understand more. For those who are investors and able to read more about various techniques.

Before starting to invest in shares All the newbie has to do is open an account to invest through the internet. With the following account opening procedures (Can open an account with various financial institutions that provide services

Select the securities company or financial institution to open an account. That selection has no effect on profits. Where is convenient? Choose that place.

Staff will be asked to fill in the information. The information filling process should be completed. Which will have quite a lot of information to fill in Since there will be an account section to be used for debiting funds from the account for trading Those wishing to open an account should prepare a copy of ID card. And the account book that will be used for trading

After filling out the form and submitting complete documents Must wait 1 week for the result.

Once the account has been considered The bank or securities company will send Username & Password for use in the trading system.

When opening an account and receiving various passes What investors should do before starting to invest is to study the various graphs that appear on the screen. To understand what each one means Which will be discussed in the next article But before reaching that point Must understand that investing in stocks, there are 3 ways to buy

1. Cash Account
Is an account used for trading In which the buyer will receive a credit in front of the purchase After the purchase of shares Investors must pay the money within 3 days. Credit funds will be determined by the securities company as according to the security deposit. Which will be worth 15% of the credit limit

2. Cash Balance, Cash Deposit Account
Is an account in which investors will be able to invest in shares in the amount of money available in the account This will help new investors to determine the amount of money they need. By not investing more than the credit line you set But if wanting to buy more shares Simply deposit money into the account Then can buy more immediately However, the money deposited If not buying shares Can receive interest

3. Margin Account, (Credit Balance)
Is a loan account for investing in shares But investors have to deposit some cash or securities as collateral Including having to pay interest on the loan. Basically, loans for investing in shares But the important thing is that if the stock price fluctuates and the price drops so much that the margin rate is lower than the specified threshold. Securities companies may force collateral or call for additional cash. Or may be forced to sell (Forced Sell) shares placed as collateral. To maintain the margin rate within the specified criteria

How was it? For the initial introduction to walking into the stock market. May seem simple But not easy Because what will be discussed in the future will be more complex and will require investment experience Investing in stocks may just buy, sell, buy, sell, sell, but not otherwise. No one would say that "The market wins investors"

Before entering the content of part 2, the author asked for a few more who have been trying to find information related to the sale of shares. With stocks that are enormous, whether on the internet, youtube or various strategy books, but one thing that makes the author have to come back to think again, this part 2, the author will write about good things for readers to understand. have More without the need to have a basis for talking about the share play of childhood people, which occurred in 5 steps about the share play of working people Offer another angle of how to play stock for people who are salarymen.

Set a goal for how much money will be needed at the end of his life
Spending a lot of money to support gambling or saving money for investment or savings has to be kept a lot. Will be enough at the age that is not working

Buy, do not buy all
Playing the stock of a good salary man should make a purchase by buying a stock with a good foundation and not too much because the stock that gets adjusted faster or more will become viewable. Whether it is a spinning stock that investors do not have to sit and watch, do not have to buy this stock and the proceeds will run out. To invest in shares by buying shares But having a higher stock timing, training, buying and saving money before being published

Buy shares at stability
Go ahead and buy one stock for long-term investment, because we are salarymen, not regular stock surfers making profit from playing rounds. But the salary man will invest in the long term The basis of the economic stock and the direction of the market, how likely it is to receive in the next 5-10 years, that stock must have a chance to participate and be less happy

Stock plays like deposit
Play for a human stock, salary will be kept. We will deposit money every month by saving money from the purchase of shares by Open cash, balance the deposit, have deposit into the account and advise to know what kind of stock to buy before or not interested in how the stock will go up or down.

Work hard
Full-time work must continue But let's see if stock plays are just savings But there is no need to keep an eye on the stock all the time because it won't be a permanent job, there will definitely be problems. Routine work is still important because if you fall in love with stock watching, you will definitely not have any money to invest in. Don't worry about the stock price, just watch it while staying at the hotel.

From 5 techniques for newbies, especially in depth, what the author wants to know that playing at long distances does not need to be rich. But long-term investment Certain discipline and technical understanding will definitely be discussed in the 3rd series. Members can follow soon. Of course, the author asks to gather information and digest for the members to read.

Therefore, in the 3rd series, it will be a continuation of the second series, will talk about the process of preparing to enter the stock market, what to understand and what to prepare. Which is divided as follows

Investment plan
First of all, for those who want to enter the stock market is planning about buying methods. Searching for information Including the investment objective of what type of investment you want to invest and the most important is the investment that we are going to invest in this stock How much are we ready? Are there funds that can be invested without having to deal with everyday life?

Study information, know agencies
Good investment Must understand the data of what we are going to invest Including those involved in our investment

Learn yourself
Being a good investor must understand yourself and know how much you can take risks. It's not that when the stock goes down Instead, create anxiety for yourself. Can't eat, can't sleep Must understand yourself how much risk can be taken If afraid of the risk, must invest in a long-term Or may be a long time purchase Including how much time is spent with the stock

 Understand how to invest
Stock market There are many nick people Which cannot be completely explained in this article But there is one technique that investors like to do

Investment VI (Value Investor) is an investment in stocks that have good status or good value. By focusing on the purchase with a value lower than normal price in the market Or invest in stocks with good fundamentals Which will be suitable for investors who want to invest in a long-term

How to look at stocks in VI. Look at the groups in the High SD Index, which are high-dividend stocks. Each broker has information about high-dividend stocks. Investors are able to read more information.

Growth Investor is an investment in a stock that grows. It is a prediction in stocks that the business has grown above average. For future evaluation That will affect the future profitability

Speculator investments are investors who are not interested in earnings or dividends, but only look at the daily graph. By going to buy shares to make profits in the long term only And focus on making profit from the difference only (Capital Gain), but playing stocks of this type is high risk because it is speculation Which has the risk of losing And must have time to watch

Buy and track information
When he started to understand how to invest All investors have to do is start to buy and track information. With the following methods

Select the securities company that wants to invest. After studying the information of that securities company Because of choosing a securities company Each will have different advantages. And must choose a company that is stable Because if choosing a securities company that is not stable The company may fall Including the services of staff must have expertise. And convenient service channels There are many services and the important thing is that the analysis data must be reliable. Including a secure trading system
Check the account that you want to invest. Which can choose to invest from the account
Cash Balance is an account in which you have deposited money and can be purchased for the funds available in the account. To make a purchase Order The system will hack through the account. When selling money, they will be transferred back. When buying, the system will cut money on the 3rd day of the working day and most importantly, this type of deposit will receive higher interest than general savings deposits.

Cash Collateral is a purchase via telephone (Broker) first and in 3 days time, the system will gradually debit by depositing money before the due date. But if the money is not enough to debit Will have to pay a fine of 500 per day with interest

Credit Balance is a partial loan to buy. But those who are able to borrow must have a good trading history. And have already traded

Choose investment channels, such as via the internet or through a broker.
Share purchase Can be done via the internet called Streaming program by accessing through a link provided by the securities company with a password or via Settrade

Understand the purchase conditions and rules.
Trading conditions in shares Or such conditions are very important for investors to understand Because trading regulations are necessary to understand Which will be discussed in the next series

Begin to buy and sell
After understanding the rules and procedures for buying It's the process of buying shares. In this section, I would like to do further study and will convey to the readers to understand the techniques and strategies for buying shares in the next series.

All of the above It should be clearer to see that entering the stock market is not an easy task. Must understand various information Even after understanding But when trading, it must be skilled as well. In the 4th series, it will elaborate on stock viewing and buying and selling. Read more certainly for sure soon.

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