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Unemployment can be saved by doing 5 steps

In the midst of the many problems that we encounter, our minds are weak. Whether it is work responsibilities or family problems Affecting our mental state very much. But one thing that we can learn from the problems that occur Is accepting what is happening and moving forward We are able to win over problems. Including the problem of unemployment Many people are trying to find a job but not getting a job. Or may be unemployed because of wanting to try to find a new job that matches their ability and preference

But during the period of unemployment or unemployment There are still costs to pay. Whether the car installment payment Pay for credit card fees, school fees, or even daily expenses. All are expenses that are still paid, even in the condition of unemployed. Because government agencies do not come to help these costs, so the question that unemployed people often encounter. That is, how to make an income to be able to bear the burden while looking for work Or how to save so as not to increase expenses during unemployment and have money left to spend during this period We have a solution for you in 5 easy steps.

Checking expense accounts
Of course, while you were unemployed You will certainly not have an income. The first thing you can do is check your expenses for that month. That each month from the next 2-3 months you find a job How much do you have to pay monthly? Then check the savings you have. That exists only After that, divide the money into at least 3 months, equal amount each month. (At this point, it is important and would like to remind people who have work that While you still have income Should save some money each month In order to have money to store when you are unemployed). Once it has been divided into 3 months, make a list and check to see that Any items that are not needed Or is a superfluous thing Should stop paying or paying with unnecessary things first such as credit card fees Stop using during your unemployment. Or movie fees Travel expenses In the event that happiness can be achieved But should also be based on sufficiency Because you don't have any income at all

When you know the expenses that are waiting for you, you will be able to better manage your finances. And there is money left to save from dividing the division for sure When he was left to join the second division

Find a job online
In the old days you have to go out and kick and kick in order to find a job. Currently, job applications are available through service providers such as Linked In, Jobtalent, JobsDB, Jobtopgun. These channels allow you to search for jobs that match your needs. And provided free of charge without any cost But before you apply You will need to update your resume to look attractive, which will increase your chances of getting a job faster.

Find extra income
Do you have any special talents? Or are there any hobbies that can help increase your income while you are looking for work, such as gardening in a glass jar, making snacks, selling or translating documents, etc. Try to earn extra income from your skills? Don't wait for fortune because there is no real fortune. You have to create opportunities for yourself. Extra income may not be large, but will help you to have income to spend while you are unemployed. And it is not certain that the additional careers you do may generate a substantial income without you having to find a new job at all.

The author has a group of friends at the church selling cakes as an extra income. Some people before you came to sell She also has a stable career. During her work She also sells cakes as well. She is still making cakes for sale to this day. Start with passion With orders coming in constantly To this day, orders come in almost every day. Create a lot of income for her Because of the special cake you made Is the raw material of quality and non-stop Meaning to the extent that she exceeds the price you set But the customers are hooked Including the author A group of friends called Amitie Bakery, readers can try to visit or see each other very tasty.

Cooking by myself (practicing)
Saving and having money to save may have to start with your own cooking instead of buying food from stores or eating places. Cooking is not as difficult as you think. Try opening Google and see the recipe. The author is the one who can't cook, but open Google to watch Youtube and try to follow, then can do. Begin by going to the market in the morning to buy ingredients such as pork, chicken, vegetables. Fresh ingredients can be stored for a few days. This will help you save on many meals. Try it. You may find yourself cooking well during your unemployment.

Bring money to collect
Finally, this step is for people who have money left to collect. Didn't suffer any expenses The money you save after your deduction can survive until your new working day. By using funds to buy funds or play stocks But buying funds or playing stocks should study the information thoroughly before not fainting. In many articles, the author has already told about techniques for buying funds. And buying a fund does not need to have a lot of funds Start first a little And you will have additional revenue from another channel here

All of the above Are all techniques that will help you survive safely while you are unemployed. But one thing that is considered to be a pillar Meaning you have to realize that you lose your job Like spending on things that don't make money Or create more debt But should reduce unnecessary debt first Until you can find a new job And choose to apply for a job that really matches your ability Because if you choose a job that matches the ability or preference You are not happy and have to find a new job anyway.

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