Wrong Stock Investing

The condition of debt that is not before the income of most people is due to lack of formalities in a good life. Which time should be savings When to pay Saving. The author has repeatedly emphasized during this period In order to remind readers to start turning to savings Because the economy is not doing well at this time The inner circle that the author sat in to chat with said in one voice that "This year really burned", therefore making the author want to see readers start the year with savings But good savings do not start from saving a lot of money only. But saving should always create investment discipline. To create financial stability and reach the best financial goals.

Savings and investments should go hand in hand. Investment is not just limited to depositing money and waiting for interest results. But must use some of the savings to invest in generating income, such as mutual funds or investing in shares But when it comes to investing in stocks May be a story that the reader may already have some experience. Or may have lost more or less money in stock investment Due to investing in shares Investors will have to study the performance of such shares. Including access to market conditions during that time period Including various factors that may affect the share price Many things affect investors who may be able to make profits and lose money. However, the personal factors of investors who tend to make mistakes in investing in stocks are wrong stocks.

Choose to invest in stocks with risk
Investing in shares Investors tend to choose to invest in stocks that have a high return. But without a solid enough fundamentals Or without growth as expected Also, that stock is at risk and cannot withstand the crisis at that time. Will result in investors losing money from investing The solution for selecting stocks that match the suitability and are at low risk. Can choose to move the investment in one of the stocks to the mutual fund investment With financial institutions having expert staff providing advice The officers will be the shareholders who offer the shares with low risk but with consistent returns. Oh, it's not as striking as some stocks or easily said, all spinning stock. Which in the industry is called "stock eight lines". Therefore, investing in stocks for newbies, if the mind is not really strong or simmer in the real market, do not risk Because many investors have lost to the market quite a bit However, if you are already in the stock market Things to consider for each stock Should study the basic information of that stock carefully Including past performance that has a growth rate that is not observed or not Combined with following the news all the time Will help investors in stocks have information to consider buying shares

Invest in the wrong timing (wrong time)
In the midst of volatile markets Many investors make the wrong investment step because they do not know when to enter the market or exit the market at the time. Especially at a time when the share price tends to continually decline, for example, in the beginning of 2015, when the Thai stock market is heavily fluctuated Which if the market tends to fluctuate all the time Which investors should do is Dollar Dollar Average (DCA) investment method, also known as gradual investment. The method will help investors to accumulate investment units that are cheaper in an increasing number. By gradually entering to buy when the market is in a downtrend And help create opportunities to profit from the increased share price But in the opposite corner of the market uptrend Investors will be able to accumulate investment units at an average cost that is cheaper than investing with a single lump sum like a one-time purchase and then ending. In order to see a clearer picture Will make a comparison to see a clearer picture between lump sum investments And regular average investment In the same amount of money Continuous within 5 years.

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