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Our growing nostalgia for commuting

Fed up with the commute from bed to laptop? You’re not alone, says Rhymer Rigby. In contrast to surveys that suggest most people now working from home are happy to embrace a “shiny, utopian WFH future”, I’m beginning to feel nostalgic about the lost commute. And so, apparently, are many others. Cyclists report feeling “almost mournful” about their lost journeys to work and back – they miss having a compelling reason to take the exercise. And even those using “less enticing” means of transport – cars, buses and trains – miss aspects of travelling. “There is an assumption that commutes are dead, wasted time”, but what seems to unite many former commuters is the loss of time “for just myself”. Travelling helps people “prepare for work and decompress afterwards” – so much so that one “confidence coach” is recommending that clients take a “mental commute” – by reading the paper or having a coffee, say – before they open their laptops. Still, there are some pleasures of commuting that you just can’t replicate. Remember “the feeling of victory when a train door opens and the first seat you see is free”? Irreplaceable.

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