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Top 10 Amazing Facts About Bangladesh

Our bags are packed once again and this time we're headed off to Bangladesh! The South Asian land of natural disasters and.. no smiles? No, that can't be right.

10. The Cuisine of Bangladesh
The first thing you should research when going somewhere new is what you're going to eat. Bangladeshi cuisine is comprised of fish and ground pastes. You may hear a common saying: "Fish and rice make a Bengali", and it's not uncommon for fish to be fried in a spice paste. Most pastes incorporate green chili peppers, but don't be surprised to find garlic, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, and coriander. Other dishes you can expect to find include Begun Bhaja, or fried eggplant, chicken curry, Maach Bhuna, or Fish Bhuna, and Sabzi, a mixed vegetable dish with a chili pepper paste.

9. Famous Bangladeshis
When it comes to notable Bangladeshis, there are many areas you may find them in, such as writer and filmmaker Humayun Ahmed, and author Muhammed Zafar Iqbal. You may also recognize magician Jewel Aich, poet Shahabuddin Nagari, actor Manna, a jack-of-all-trades wordsmith Taslima Nasrin, and cricketers like Mustafizur Rahman, Tamim Iqbal, and Mushifiqur Rahim. As for the nation's YouTube presence, search for channels such as Eagle Music Video Station, Sangeeta Music, Prank King Entertainment, and BongoBD.

8. A Nation of No Smiles
Okay, so it's not like nobody smiles in Bangladesh, but according to some locals, it's not uncommon for constant smiling to be considered immature. As is laughing out loud frequently. That's not to say they're unfriendly people, however. Bangladeshis, despite their aversion to smiling, are still a joy to be around.

7. The Sites of Bangladesh
One of the most impressive natural sites in Bangladesh is the Sundarbans, a mangrove forest that is split between India and Bangladesh. It's a fascinating ecosystem home to majestic wildlife on the verge of extinction. For more man-made attractions, you'll want to check out Lalbagh Fort, the Historic Mosque City of Bagerhat, and the Ruins of the Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur. Locals also suggest visiting sites like Rangamati, St. Martin's Island, and Sylhet.

6. Inventions of Bangladesh
Are you from Bangladesh and are wondering what inventive creations your nation has provided the world with? Don't worry, there are a few, like petrol bomb proof glass, invented by Faruk Bin Hossain Yamin; a jet engine and fuel efficient bike, invented by Monowarul Islam Munna; nano-scale electronic and spintronic devices, by Sayeef Salahuddin; and the ability to turn algae into biofuel, discovered by Dr. Tamjidul Hoque. Dr. Miratul Mohamid Khan Muqit also earned praise by the European Molecular Biology Organisation Young Investigator Programme for his work in the genetic mutations that cause Parkinson's.

5. The Playground of Seasons
That's an odd nickname for a nation, but when you have six seasons rather than the standard four, it's one you earn. Unlike, say, the United States which recognizes autumn, spring, summer, and winter, Bangladeshis have grismo, or summer; barsha, or rainy; sharat, or autumn; hemanto, or cool; sheet, or winter; and bashonto, or spring. It doesn't take a genius to understand the difference in the seasons, which last two months and can completely change the social and agricultural climate of the nation.

4. National Disasters Galore
Here's something you wouldn't want your country to be able to tout - Bangladesh is the fifth most disaster-prone country in the world. This information comes based on the World Risk Report of 2012, which assesses the risk of natural disasters, what contributes to it, and if anything can be done about it. Among the disasters Bangladeshis need to be concerned about are floods, drought, river bank erosion, earthquakes, fires, tsunami, cyclones, and storm surges, with floods and cyclones causing the deaths of more than 500,000 people since the 1970s.

3. World Records of Bangladesh
Bangladeshis keep themselves busy with their agriculture, but they've still left enough time to try and break some world records. According to Guinness, the nation holds or has held the following records: the Most Densely Populated Country (over 50 million people), the Thinnest Nation, the Heaviest Hailstones, the Largest Human Image of a Hand, the Longest Human Chain, the Greatest Distance Travelled on a Bicycle While Balancing a Football on the Head, and the Most Siblings to Marry the Siblings of Another Family. Which, by the way, were the five daughters of Narandra Nath and Taramoni Roy, who married the five sons of Trarpoda Karmaker and Khana Rani Roy between 1977 and 1996.

2. Bangladesh of Sports
You'll find people enjoying games of golf, volleyball, basketball, rugby, tennis, and more, but there are four that are considered the most popular: kabaddi, cricket, football, and hockey. Kabaddi, a full-contact team sport, is considered the national sport, but cricket tends to get the most attention across the country. Cricket didn't really gain popularity until 1997, when the national team won the ICC Trophy and qualified for the Cricket World Cup two years later. By 2000, Bangladesh joined the International Cricket Council and has since hosted many international One Day matches.

1.Bangladesh Liberation War
On March 26th, 1971, the Provisional Government of Bangladesh entered into a nine-month conflict with Pakistan, specifically the Government of East Pakistan, that sparked with the rise of Bangali nationalists who wanted to be free of Pakistani rule. After the Pakistani military in West Pakistan launched Operation Searchlight, the Bangladesh Liberation War broke out and ultimately ended in a victory for Indo-Bangladesh. The Eastern Command of Pakistan collapsed in the Eastern Front and the people of Bangladesh were awarded their sovereignty. On November 4th, 1972, the Constitution of Bangladesh was ratified and made effective on December 16th, 1972.

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