Simple Facts About Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country in South Asia. It is almost completely Surrounded by India.

Facts About Bangladesh

Climate of Bangladesh
Bangladesh has a subtropical monsoon climate which means it has a hot, humid summer and generally mild to cool winters. Heavy rainfall during the wet season from May till October causes large areas of Bangladesh to flood.

Food of Bangladesh
Rice is the main food. Spicy food is preferred and often marinated chopped onions and spices.

Sports of Bangladesh
Kabaddi is the national sport of Bangladesh which is a team tag game.

Outstanding events in Bangladesh
1971: December 21
Bangladesh proclaims its independence after the surrender of the occupying Pakistani army. (49 years ago)

1971: March 26Following the slaughter carried out by the Pakistani army on innocent Bengali civilians the day before, Bangladesh, known as "East Pakistan", declares independence from the state of Pakistan after being dominated and neglected by West Pakistan. The frequent exploitation of the Bengali majority by the non-Bengali minority is not understood by many people on both sides of Pakistan. Tensions have reached their limit, in this year of 1971, when Pakistani President Yahiya Khan, a military ruler, denied the electoral results that give the Awami League an overwhelming majority in parliament, which gives rise to the Sheikh Mujibur Rah begin his fight for independence. (50 years ago)

1970: November 13
A spectacular typhoon, with gusts of wind exceeding 200 km per hour, devastates the area of Bangladesh in eastern Pakistan, causing giant waves that devastate the coasts and cause more than 200,000 deaths, making it the largest natural disaster in the world. century until then. The mismanagement of the East Pakistani government, to respond quickly to the crisis, will contribute decisively to achieve the independence of Bangladesh the following year. (51 years ago)

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