Simple Facts About Canada

Canada Is the second largest country in the world.

Facts About Canada

Animals of Canada
Canada is known for Beavers, Bobcats, Lynx, Lemmings Polar Bears, Wolverine, Arctic Fox, Badger, Black Bear, Coyote, Moose and Porcupine.

Plants of Canada
Canada is famous for its maple trees and maple syrup. Their flag is recognizable due to the large red maple leaf in the center.

Climate of Canada
Cenerally, Canada has four distinct seasons, parțicularly in the more populated regions along the US border Winters can be very cold with plenty of snow.

Sports & Recreation of Canada
Winter sparts are very popular especially ice hockey, skiing and skating. Lacrosse and soccer are also popular.

Native Crafts of Canada
Native Canadians are knoun for their Jewelry, beaded moccasins, baskets, and leather goods. The Inuits known for their are soapstone, ivory, and carvings.

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