Simple Facts About Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in the middle of Europe.

Facts About Czech Republic

Sports of The Czech Republic
The most popular sport are soccer, ice hockey volleyball, tennis and kickbal an original Czech sport similar to volleyball in which the players kick the bail over a low net.)

Food of The Czech Republic
The Czech people like fried food, Soup and dessert especially pastries and dougnuts.

Climate of The Czech Republic
Continental climate, with cold winters and hot summers. October and November are the rainiest months. The ideal season is springtime with mild temperatures, blooming gardens and the first outdoor concerts.

Arts & Crafts of The Czech Republic
The Czech are known for their stained glass, wood carving, crystal beadwork, ceramics and cornhusk crafts Painting Easter eggs with intricate handmade designs has been also long tradition as well as hand-dipped candles.

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