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Simple Facts About Russia

Hall of Russia is in Furope and half s in Asia. Russia is by far the largest country in the world.

Facts About Russia

Climate of Russia
Because Russia is so large, the cimate varies greatiy, There are deserts, frozen coasts, marshes and plains.

Plants & Animals of Russia
Russia S home to many rare animals Such as polar bears snow leopards and but tis est know for e siberien tiger.

Sports& Recreation of Russia
Russians enjov playing soccer and hockey. Individual Olympic Sports are a'so very mportant especially gymnastics, skiing and skating.

Culture of Russia
Chess is important part of the Russian culture. Chidren begin learning in Kindergarten and begin competing by age ten. Russíans ove ballet and are known for elaborate choreography and stages.

Arts & Crafts of Russia Russia is famous for its nesting dols which are paint wooden figures that fit one inside the other.

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