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Simple Facts About Scotland

Scotland shares the same large island as Great Britain.

Facts About Scotland

Animals of Scotland
The Pine Marten is a nocturnal mammal that is al over Scotland It looks like a darker ferret and is nocturnal They were once hunted for their furs but now they are being brought back with the ald of new forests.

Food of Scotland
Even though Scotland's dishes include game, fish, fruit, and vegetables a lot of the foodis very high in fat. The country is working to improve the diet of all their citizens though.

Climate of Scotland
Temperatures can vary greatly from warm to-31° F. Icebergs can be seen from Scotland during the winter months.

Culiure of Scotland
In Scotland men wear kilts in the colors of their clan which is like an extended family. Many also play a musical instrument that started in Scotland called the bagpipes. This is a set of pipes that is controlled with a bag of air.

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